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Super cute book. Loved the story and the plot line. You didn’t want to put it down till the end. Definitely one to add to your to be read list if you enjoy chick lit.
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I LOVED THIS BOOK! Katrina and Jas were lovely together. The plot definitely took a back seat to the characters in this one, but I enjoyed spending time with the characters so much that I did not mind at all. As soon as I finished this one, I went out and bought the next in the series!
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❧ I had put off reading the second book in the Modern Love series after not being too impressed with the first book. Diving into the sequel, I hoped that this book would be less women's fiction-y and more romance-y.

❧ Inspired by the #PlaneBae fiasco that occurred on Twitter, Alisha Rai's Girl Gone Viral starts off in a similar manner, where a nosy Nancy eavesdrop on a conversation between Katrina and another patron at a café and tweets their conversation online which ends up going viral, dubbing the pair as #CaféBae.

❧ I adored Katrina from the start. She is the sweetest thing ever and she loves taking care of everyone around her. She's literally like the mom of her friend group.

❧ Speaking of friend group, the bond between Katrina, Rhiannon and Jia is goals and I was cackling at their conversations. I'm excited to read Jia's book to see what's in store for her.

❧ Girl Gone Viral has made me realized that I need more bodyguard romances in my life. My man Jas was sweeping both Katrina and I off our feets.

❧ The romance was so angsty because Katrina and Jas have been dancing around their feelings for one another for years now and I pretty much yelled when their first kiss happened. You can tell these two really care about one another because they both get satisfaction from doing something nice for one another.

❧ I thought Rai handled Katrina's panic disorder and Jas' PTSD well and I was really happy to see Jas open up and take the steps to help him better manage his symptoms.
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I never knew I was the type to be into a bodyguard romance, but here we are. I think it's my new favorite trope and I am in search of more. I think I liked this a little better than book one. I felt like the tropes felt less forced and the writing flowed for this couple more for me. Rai is funny with fresh dialogue and I look forward to the next book in the series to see if it's even better.
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It saddens me to only give this three stars. I love Alisha Rai with all my heart, but I think my expectations tripped me up here more than anything. I liked her earlier, darker romances, and this was much nicer than I expected. The story was just a tad bit slow for me, and I didn't feel the chemistry between the male and female leads.
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Excellent friends-to-lovers romance with a sweet as opposed to steamy vibe and side of forced proximity!
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Every Alisha Rai book I read is better than the last. I love this story about Katrina and Jas. These twpo characters both have emotional issues that they need to deal with but haven't been able to open up to the people closest to them for help.
While Jas has been her bodyguard/ security manager for years, neither he nor Kat would admit that they had feelings for each other. Kat is a private person and when a picture of her accidentally goes viral on Twitter she feels all the old anxieties coming back. Jas takes her to his family frm to get away but that brings up some of his own anxieties.
What I love most about Ms Rai's writing is that in addition to a wonderfully heartwarming romance, she includes some insights into another culture.
I received an advanced copy of this book.
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This book was okay for me.
I wanted to read this because of the blurb had caught my interest.
Overall it was a little slow of a read for me.  It was hard to get into the characters and where the story was going.
I liked Swiped Up story better.
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I enjoyed this book but didn’t love it. It was fairly predictable. However, the story was good and I enjoyed the characters. It’s also a reminder that we shouldn’t buy into everything we read online. If you need a light and easy read, this is a good choice.
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Girl Gone Viral is the second book in the Modern Love trilogy by Alisha Rai.  Alisha first came to my attention through the Heaving Bosoms podcast.  The ladies had so much fun reading one of her erotic novels.  They began reading all of them.  
This is my first Rai novel and I loved it.  The cast of characters are a breath of fresh air in the romance industry that is full of cookie  cutter heroes and heroines.  These characters are real, they have real problems and need hard work to overcome their difficulties.  It has been awhile since I fell so hard for a series but this one gave me all the feels.  
Kat has hard some harsh times, anxiety disorder, a brutish father, being kidnapped, etc.  She has a lot to overcome.  She has a plan, lots of plans actually, a great therapist, and a great set of people who support her.  Once of them is Jas Singh, her bodyguard, of the most amazing eyebrows.  Jas is a vet who has seen too much and has the scars inside and out.  He keeps an emotional distance from everyone since being discharged but Kat really wants to get inside his barriers.  When Kat is threatened, Jas whisks her away to a safe house on his family farm.  
Staying alone together in the smaller home is just what they needed to get the kettle boiling but will Jas' nosy family get in the way? Yes they do but in an adorable way.  BTW I love his grandfather, the Peach King, he is such a character.  
I highly recommend this series.
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Girl Gone Viral is a great example of a diverse romance, with diverse characters and mental health representation. The depictions of anxiety and ptsd felt very true to life and were well written. Though the romance was a slow burn, it was very cute. If you’re a fan of the 90s movie The Bodyguard, you’ll love this book!
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This is such a cute series and I really enjoyed Girl Gone Viral. I love seeing that this has diverse characters too. I loved the premise of this and really liked Katrina and Jas. The main character was dealing with mental health problems and that is just so real and I loved that. I can't wait for the rest of the series.
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I adore everything about this book! The modern, bright cover make it incredibly appealing to readers. The story itself is a really interesting and funny romance. I will be buying multiple copies for my library!
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Great story!! 1st book I have read by this author will read more of her books!! It was a cute story!! Hope she writes more books to this series!! I need to read the 1st book in the series!!
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3.5/5 RTC

I'm so glad I finally continued with this series and be back in this world! I love all of the characters, and was so excited to see Katrina get her own story. I read this book pretty quickly and really, really enjoyed it!

Both Katrina and Jas were AMAZING characters, and I loved seeing them together, and seeing their relationship progress. There were definitely times I wanted to shake one or both of them and tell them to just talk to the other.

Overall a great addition to the series, which I cannot wait to continue on with!
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I really enjoyed Girl Gone Viral, and I don't know why I'm saying that in my head as a question, because it was really sweet!

First off, I think since it is the year 2020, content warnings should become normal to have at the start of stories (even/especially romance) and this one absolutely could have used some. There are on-page panic attacks and descriptions of panic disorder (it's basically a plot point and I'm actually really surprised that anxiety isn't even mentioned in the blurb at all!), PTSD, and abusive parent, to name a few. There's nothing wrong with including content warnings, and this would have been a great opportunity to have some and normalize it! Also, this book falls into the category of cute cover/title and the story isn't as rom-com-y as you would think just picking it up! But that's a larger conversation for another time! These are just some of the things that really struck me as important to know for future readers going into this book!

All of that being said, I did enjoy this story! I'm a sucker for bodyguard romances and this one was incredibly sweet. I loved how close the characters were and how well they knew each other before starting their romantic relationship. There was a lot going on in this story though, and while I question if it was all maybe too much and wonder if things could be a bit more focused, I genuinely did really enjoy it and I had a hard time putting it down anytime I needed to stop! The final scene with her father was just beautifully done and I was so excited she finally stood up for herself!

This book definitely makes me want to read the others now that I know the characters. I'm especially excited to go back and read Rhiannon and Samson's story in The Right Swipe and I'm interested to see how Jia's story plays out in First Comes Like. I think this is shaping up to be a series of "don't judge a book by its cover" and not in a good or bad way!
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Cute cover, likeable characters, but graphic and open door romance that I do not care to read.  I'm sure Alisha Rai is a talented author.  I do wish she didn't include such graphic details on intimacy in her books.
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I read this book in a day and really enjoyed it. The reluctant romance, quest to maintain ones self and privacy and strong friendships made the story relatable and really rooting for the main character.
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Did not finish. This novel was not for me. I had a hard time connecting to the story and the characters.
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This was such a fun quick read! I loved the main character and that we learn more about her after meeting her in the first book! I cannot wait for the 3rd book to come out!
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