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Sophie is a super flawed character, but a very relatable one.  She has a control problem, and after a fire, something she had no control over she needs to learn how to let go a bit.  I love her relationship with her cousin Kristine, who is learning how to fly on her own as well.  She wants to open a bakery, and needs to fight her husband to find her dream.  It's such a real and honest story, and one that touches people in a personal way.  I loved this book, and the way it was written made it a pure joy to read.
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I've read Susan Mallery's books before, so when I started reading, I couldn't believe that she wrote these characters. Almost everyone was whiny, reading was exhausting. I couldn't get into the story for a while. Unfortunately that was not a good one.
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I completely fell in love with these characters and this author. truth - friendship - family -trust - love does not always go together but for the four women in this story, they will fight to bring these things together.
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Family turmoil, romantic connections and happily ever afters! With the fourth book in her Blackberry Island series Susan Mallery brings her readers a delightful family saga in SISTERS BY CHOICE. Three cousins reconnect as each finds their way toward the future they always dreamed of. Each main character is easy to like and has a compelling story line. I really enjoyed their journey.

Sophie Lane is accomplished and kind-hearted, but it turns out she has a lot to learn in how to successfully rebuild her cat product empire that fell apart around her. She returns home to Blackberry Island and sets out to make it bigger and better. Along the way she realizes her way isn't always the right way.

Kristine Fielding is complex. She's happy with her husband and kids, but she yearns for more than just doing the same routine day in and day out. When the parts fall into place to allow her the opportunity to open the bakery she always dreamed of, she doesn't expect it to put the future she always expected to be there in jeopardy.

Heather Sitterly nabs our sympathy from the first moment we meet her ... and her mother! She's worked hard to support herself and her mother for more years than she wishes to remember and it never seems to be enough. Her mother is a real piece of work but this time she might have gone just far enough to make Heather wake up and live for herself for a change.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a family connected story line. Each cousin gets a fulfilling ending filled with accomplishment and love.
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Sisters by Choice is such an empowering book to read with not one, not two but three women from different walks of life and trying to find way to happiness and success. 

When K.C. Industries go up in the flames, Sophie Lane the owner, moves back to Blackberry Island (her hometown) to rebuild her company from scratch. Her cousin Kristine is a wife and a mother of three boys. She is a housewife and adores her family but looking for an opportunity where she can have something for herself a small bakery just off the waterfront, where she can bake cookies and brownies. She know this will not be easy but she is determined. She never thought she will have to choose between her marriage and her dreams. Then there is Heather who is Sophie and Kristine’s niece. Her mother Amber doesn't want make an effort and wants everything in life free. Heather wants to go to college but her mother is broken and comes up with crisis everytime she has some savings. Her dreams seem to be slipping from her grasp. She has leave her manipulative mother to make a life of her own. 

I love to read books about woman accomplishing there dreams, living a life they dream about, and Suan Mallery is an amazing author who has crafted this story. The characters were quite relatable and realistic to an extend.
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Sister’s By Choice was a good book and it’s part of a series but I read it as a stand alone. Three women who are cousins but are more like sisters all have come to a point in their life that they are going to make decisions that will have big impacts. I found this book to be well written and I liked that each of the characters were so strong in their own lives and choices that they made. I found myself laughing and crying with them and completely relating to them in some areas.
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Sophie's business, CK Industries, Clandestine Kitty an upscale cat supply business, burns to the ground. She decides that she needs to both rebuild her life and her business and moves back to Blackberry Island. But she's a Type-A++ personality, and has to have total control over _everything_, both business-wise and personally.
Her cousin Kristine is a mother of 3 boys and has a loving husband, but really wants to open a bakery, something of her own. Her husband, however, can't see that and thinks she should be happy staying home and taking care of her family. Somehow she has to convince him that she can do both, and does -- with a little unexpected help from her mother-in-law.
Heather is only 20 and wants desperately to get off the island and live her life, but her mother Amber is so needy and selfish and believes everyone should take care of her, and guilts everyone into seeing things her way, Including Sophie, her cousin.  Heather's interactions with Sophie and one of Sophie's employees help her find her way out.

The story is about these three women, "sisters", who all grew up together and whose lives have changed since they were girls.  They all struggle and dream and interact with each other, yet they have their own individual stories as well..

 Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy of the book to read and review.
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Susan is one of my favorite authors and this book was fantastic... So many feelings and family dynamics ...I couldn't put it down.
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Sophie is returning to Blackberry Island to think about what she wants in her future.  This is book 4 in the Blackberry Island series and it's fun to have the girls back together helping each other through bad times and celebrating good times.  Sophie's warehouse has burned to the ground and she is going to rebuild her profitable cat business on the island.  It's good for her and the community.  Kristine has dreamed of opening her bakery for years and decides how is the time.  Her husband and sons aren't real supportive and she has to decide what is most important. Heather wants to leave Blackberry so bad she can taste it but she's stuck caring for her emotionally ill mother.  Wonderful story and a great addition to the series.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Sisters By Choice is a wonderful book.  It's about cousins who are as close as sisters.  The story is charming and I was hooked from the first page to the last.  Grab this wonderful book and prepare to read it in one sitting.
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Susan Mallery manages to give her readers another sensitive, heartwarming story about three cousins that are as close as sisters. They’ve always supported & been there for each other. Each character is well written & defined as strong & confident. As this time of their lives moves along, they all have to learn to change with the circumstances & adapt to new lives.

Just like Ms. Mallery’s other stories, the storyline draws you in from the first page. As you read, the characters become family or friends & her dialogue has you feeling the same emotions they do. Be prepared to spend several hours reading because you won’t want to put it down until you’re done!
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I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a gem!  I was drawn in almost immediately and I loved the characters from page one. This is a page turner! Even when I would put the book down, I would think about where the story was going. It is one of those that just stick with you. The pacing was good and the writing was phenomenal. 

Thank you kindly to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for this review copy.
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This is the first book I have read by Susan Mallory and I’m really looking forward to reading more of her humorous and heartfelt storytelling. I really sympathized with Sophie who is a quirky divorced workaholic with no desire to marry again. She’s happy to be back home with her cousin Kristine  who loves her busy life as a wife and mother while she dreams of opening her own business some day. They do their best to deal with their difficult and entitled cousin Amber while they sympathize with Amber’s daughter Heather and her problems with her mother. The one thing that keeps these women afloat is their love and support for each other, even when the going gets tough and it does. Fallible characters and wonderful storytelling are the marks of a truly talented author and Susan Mallory is one of the very best. I read a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
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I've always told my children and grandchildren that everyone we come in contact with is someone whose life we impact, whether that be in a positive or negative way. Hopefully, we take care of what we say and how we behave and interact so that we have a positive impact on others. This book exemplifies that to me. The relationships are complex, heartfelt, and raw emotions are exuded.

When I requested this book from NetGalley I did so mainly because of the title since I am a trio of sisters so it caught my eye. I had no idea that it was #4 in the Blackberry Island series, so I was questioning a few things. I like knowing the backdrop of everyone's story to help me connect the dots and better understand characters. For example, why on earth was Amber so awful? What I liked though is that the characters were believable, real, and flawed like we all are.

And then there was Jaxsen whose name (and spelling) I love, but the "attraction" ends there. He couldn't capture my heart and kept me frustrated and angry with him, but that's also life. We all have those people in our life who, no matter what we say or do, we just can't connect with them the way we'd like. Some people negatively impact us and that's just how it is.

Don't let these two characters who grabbed my attention the way they did make you think I didn't like the book or hated all of the characters (see my rating). I loved this book and it surprised me in several ways. I am definitely going back and reading the first three books now as soon as I am able.

*Thank you to NetGalley and HARLEQUIN - MIRA (U.S. and Canada) for giving me a free copy to read in exchange for my honest opinion/review.
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This thought provoking Women’s Fiction book is a gem! Susan Mallery is one of my favorite authors and Sisters By Choice is a prime example why she is placed on highly on favorite list. Sisters By Choice explores the lives of three women, their interaction, and the relationships they have with other people. Being a Women’s Fiction’s book, the plot is not a lightheaded story staying on the surface. The reader is invited into the true life of these women and witness all the issues they deal with.
Sophie had learned early in life that nothing is guaranteed and that hard work, determination and independence will get her to her goals. She is now discovering that there is more to life than success, and that the brick wall to her emotions needs to be torn down to have a fulfilled life.
Heather is super loyal to a fault. Always placing the needs of her mother before herself and dreams of being able to escape, yet cannot find a way to actually leave.
Kristine is the closest thing to a “perfect” wife and mother, yet she wants something for herself and is torn between going for her dream or just going along with the life that seems to be taking control over her.
I was drawn into the story immediately and this book definitely is a page-turner. While was I was not reading, the story remained with me. I kept thinking of what happened and where the story might go.
Susan Mallery is a master of character development. I was so annoyed with a couple characters and my heart went out to most of the others. These characters were not just on paper to me; I knew them and cared about them. That is a sign of a great book!
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This book was so wonderful, I loved it so much!

I loved the relationship between the cousins and how each of them struggled and how they were able to lean on each other in times of need. I made me wish I had sisters of female cousins of my own.

Something that happened at the end I didn't completely agree with, I understood why but didn't agree with so I had to drop the rating a little bit for that.

What I would love to see would be a follow up novel with Heather (the youngest cousin) and her two friends as I want to see more of Heather and how her life turns out.
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The 4th book in the series is sadly the least enjoyable, for me at least. I'm having a hard time believing Susan wrote this, to be blatantly honest. It's not terrible by any means, but the characters are somewhat... lacking, for a better term. Especially Amber, I cannot stand Amber, and the fact that she gets away with treating her daughter in such a manner is beyond me. Idk, I know it's getting raving 5 star reviews, and I agree, the series as a whole is definitely a 5 starrer. But this one fell a bit flat for me. Y'all want my honest opinion, there ya go! 3.75 is my star rating :)

Thanks netgalley for giving me the advanced PDF so that I can share my opinions with y'all
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Sophie , Kristine, Amber and Heather each have issues and are family.  Sophie loses her warehouse to a fire and has relocated back to Blackberry Island.  Her  cousins are happy to see her and help rebuild.  Kristine  is married and looking for more in her life than being a wife and mother.  She runs a baking business from her kitchen and hopes her stubborn husband will be agreeable to obtaining a lease on the old bakery in town.  Heather is stuck with caring for her unappreciative mother Amber.  Amber is very manipulating and very harsh.   Heather and Amber go to work for Sophie at the warehouse . Heather is wanting to leave Blackberry Island and live a life of her own.   Even though they are family some are more supportive than others.  I enjoyed seeing Sophie and Kristine support Heathers dreams and keep Amber satisfied so she can make her way in the world.
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I could not get enough of this book!! I loved how the characters where going through their own hardships, they were always there for each other!
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I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
You can get your copy here :

You cannot imagine my excitement when I got the email that said that I was approved for this book. I have been trying to get on Susan Mallery’s review list for quite a long time. I am an enormous fan and have read and loved EVERY ONE of her books! I missed her at Book Con a few years ago and since then, I feel like I have been trying to get on her radar and get ARCs of her books, to no avail. FINALLY, I got my chance to read and review one of her books. 
This is the 4th book in the Blackberry Island series. There is a slight arc to the story, but if you read this independently of the others, you can catch up for the most part, but you are missing 3 other AMAZING books, so just start at the beginning! Her other books are also available on AMAZON as well. 
This book was amazing in the sense that it really caused emotions! I was so mad at this book and wanted to punch certain characters in the face and yell at some of the others to wake up and stop letting people walk all over you.
We start out with a bang with this book. Sophie is out at dinner on a date and receives a call from her alarm company. The alarm company is calling to let her know that her business, CK Industries is on fire. After she gets the call, she immediately leaves the restaurant to head to her business, completely forgetting that she was on the date. She arrives on the scene to be told that the building is a total loss, so after an unsuccessful date, she is also faced with losing everything on her business side. The first person that Sophie turns to is her cousin, Kristine who was 1130 miles away in Blackberry Island. Sophie decides to close down operations in Valencia, California and head home to Blackberry Island for a while. Kristine is more than happy to have her, as she has her hands full with her 3 boys; Tommy, JJ and Jaxsen who is just a baby. 
Sophie is nervous about moving back to small town life until she is pleasantly met by Bear Gleason, eager to help with her warehouse operations in any way possible when he shows up not only with a resume in hand, but also references. Could she honestly have gotten a warmer welcome? He quickly sets off to work without being instructed to when the eighteen-wheeler filled with inventory pulls up.
We then meet Heather Sitterly, a waitress going to community college. Heather’s mother Amber is pretty demanding to her. Amber was rear-ended three weeks prior and her car was totaled, and she sustained soft tissue injuries. Poor Heather is only twenty years old, but has she has been supporting her mom and the household since she was sixteen years old. Her mother pulls the guilt trip about becoming pregnant instead of going to college. Sophie, Amber and Kristine were all cousins who had grown up together, so they have been through a lot. We are taken on many family drama adventures throughout this book.
It did not disappoint in any way. I cannot wait to read the newest book that will be coming out shortly.
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