Thieves of Weirdwood

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 06 Apr 2020

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This is a fun and scary action filled adventure book about two boys named Arthur and Willy who are thieves.  They live in a world that is part Victorian slum and part twisted terrifyingly magic world.  They each have family members who are confined to a completely horrifying hospital and they are trying to get them out.  Willy and Arthur go on a mission to Weirdwood manor (an old scary house) to try to steal a fortune and get caught up in something a LOT bigger.  This one is scary enough to make it better for middle school kids, but it's a very compelling story.
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Overall, I found Thieves of Weirdwood a bit confusing but an enjoyable fantasy novel. I think that I might like it better as an audiobook.
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Entertaining story about two young thieves who get more than they bargained for when they break into a "deserted" mansion and find their way into an imaginary realm where the world they knew is duplicated - but with strange and even horrifying differences.

The story was engrossing, and I especially liked Arthur trying to pattern himself as a "Gentleman Thief" after the hero of his favorite adventure series.

I was concerned by some murders that take place off-stage, but about which Wally learns details afterward because he is able to talk to spirits.

Would young readers be upset by the detail, for example, of a woman who was torn apart by a monster? Or a girl who was killed by a man who was trying to resurrect his dead wife? These seem like morbid details in a story that is otherwise billed as having "lots of laughs."
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If you are a Rock Riordan fan and a fan of mystery, fantasy and love character background development and imagery this book is for you. If you are not you may stuggle with reading it. I enjoyed this book it. I did not read it in one sitting but rather over a long weekend. It can be daunting at times and it can seem like there are multiple stories rolled up into one but the method of writing is similar to Rick Riordan and I am a fan.
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Recived this ARC in exchange for an honest review.  

This book had a lot of potential. The idea of the real world and imaginary worlds, the order keeping them safe, even the cover was eye catching. 

The only problem was that there was so much going on that it was so chaotic and difficult to read and keep track of. The characters where okay but got lost in all the things happening that they where really over shadowed. This is definitely not a sad one for me because the premise and description sounded so fun and unique but it was just a maze of chaos that I just got lost and couldn't keep track of thing and I'm an adult reader I feel kids would loose interest and not even try to finish this book.
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Really wanted to like this one, but found I could never really get into it. So much was mashed together in the world building I quickly lost interest.
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