The Girl and the Witch's Garden

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 26 May 2020

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This was a fun book to read, with some of the best elements of fantasy and relationship development.  Piper is a lonely child; her best friend has pulled away and made new friends, her mother left when she was 4, (she's 12 now), and her father has cancer.  When her father enters the hospital for yet another round of treatment, Piper is sent to to the enigmatic Mallory Estate, to live with the  mother she hasn't seen in 8 years.  Piper's grandmother,  Melena M. Mallory, who has taken Piper out to lunch every year on her birthday (much more than her mother has ever done), is mysteriously missing - something Piper finds out from Julius, one of several foster children Piper's mother has recently taken in.  All the foster children agree that Sophia Peavey, Piper's mother, is wonderful, and her grandmother a bit off - but Piper's experiences are the opposite.  Which one is good, and which evil?  Both?  Neither?  As Piper spends more time on the Mallory Estate, she will discover that all the foster children have magic - but does she?  Journey along with Piper as she discover the truth about her family, and about herself.
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This is an engaging, sometimes dark novel about magic, grief, abandonment, and adventure that will likely appeal to middle grade fans of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Adult readers or slightly savvy child readers are likely to figure out the central "mystery" long before it is revealed due to heavy telegraphing, but given much of the joy of the novel is in the development of the characters rather than the mystery of the garden this does not detract much. Sensitive readers may struggle with the bittersweet conclusion and plot elements focused on parental death and related health decline
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