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Fresh from Poland is a delicious dive into authentic Polish foods of all kinds written by Harry Potter's cute Polish twin brother. Just try to give me a reasonable argument on how you could possibly resist that.

Ok - wait - stop stuttering, I wasn't serious! There isn't one!

With gorgeous pictures and easy-to-follow recipes, Fresh from Poland is truly unique as well as beautiful with several recipes in many different categories. Personally, my favorite recipe was the "Heaven Cake," which, though a bit time-consuming to make, was unlike any cake I've had before and incredibly delectable with layers of sugar-cookie-esque sheets, lemon apple filling, walnut icing, and dark chocolate ganache.

I would 100% buy this cookbook just for that recipe, and as my father always used to say: "No matter how much money you spend on a cookbook, if you find just ONE recipe you love and will use for the rest of your life, it was worth it." The fact that this book has SEVERAL I already know I want to use again as well many others I eagerly wish to try, proves its worth about a dozen times.

I recommend to just about everybody, though, cookers and bakers with at least a rudimentary knowledge of kitchen techniques may find it easier to follow, as some recipes, though well-explained, are a bit intensive. Again, though, they are well-explained, usually with two or three pictures to follow as guides on top of that!

**I received this book courtesy NetGalley free in exchange for an honest review which did not affect my opinion
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An interesting collection of recipes which should grab the heart of anyone who is or knows people of Polish descent.  This book would make a great gift to anyone interested in Polish cooking.
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This is an exciting book.  Instead of the meat, potato, and sauerkraut dishes one expects to find in a Polish cookbook, this one is filled with many interesting vegetarian recipes for breakfasts, breads and baked goods, soups, main dishes, side dishes, pierogi and dumplings, and desserts.  
     How about sunflower seed spread with dill and parsley?  or:
Pancakes with white cheese and rose (water)
Potato-buckwheat golabki with tomato-vodka sauce
Bigos with smoked prunes and lentils
Tomato salad with horseradish
Blueberry pierogi with honeyed sour cream
Typical  Polish cheesecake
Raspberry preserves with rose petals
     I am truly inspired. This is not the old fashioned Polish cooking I grew up with but a modern progression of Polish cooking through the use of different combinations and spices, but not out in left-field.
     The photography is great, and the instructions are well-written. I loved reading little tidbits about his family traditions.  My one quibble: I really didn't want to know how much the author "hates raisins;" he mentions it at least twice.  I guess he really doesn't like raisins!
     I highly recommend this book and am grateful Netgalley gave me the opportunity to review this book in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Honestly, I never thought that “polish” and “vegetarian” could be a thing. Seriously, you think “polish food” and you think “sausage.” Delicious, delicious sausage. But I do love vegetables, and I'll seize any opportunity to eat a giant mound of veggies.
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Fresh From Poland is full of great recipes and beautiful photos.  It is a great addition to my international school library's collection.   I also purchased a copy for myself, and I plan on giving copies as gifts too.  The layout of the recipes are clean and crisp, and the directions are clear and precise.  The small personal introductions to each recipe make you feel like you are part of the author's family.
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What a great Polish cookbook by such a young and talented author and chef. Fresh from Poland brings together a whole pile of Polish recipes from breakfast to desserts with lots of favourites plus lots of other recipes you've probably never heard of.
I'm especially looking forward to making some of the Pierogi recipes as they are my favourite.
Most (if not all) of the recipes have at least one if not two beautiful photographs of the food. The book has a pantry section at the start so you can get a feel for any special ingredients you might need to get.
Overall a perfect cookbook for anyone who wants to celebrate their Polish heritage or anyone just interested in cooking some new recipes. 
Thanks to and The Experiment for a ARC digital copy for review.
I look forward to checking out his blog for more recipes.
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This cookbook was a delight to read. The recipes were nicely divided into the following sections:

Breads and baked goods
Main dishes
Side dishes
Pierogi and Dumplings (every Polish person knows these demand their own section)
Preserves, jams and pickles 

The book kicks off with a nice intro and a deep dive into a typical pantry. I love when cookbooks have this section so I can easily see what staples I might need. 

The photographs were both beautiful and appetizing. There were photos of a majority of the recipes (maybe all), some showing the finished product, others showing step by step instructions, all mouth-watering. 

As someone with many Polish ancestors, I was taken on a wonderful food journey back into my youth. I am sure my relatives would love these recipes, most especially if I did the cooking for them. Now I will finally be able to! 

Many thanks to The Experiment and Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I was raised by a Polish grandmother who was a fantastic cook. Unfortunately, she never wrote any of her recipes down, and I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to recapture the magic of her Polish kitchen.

Since becoming vegetarian in 2004, I had tried to adapt Polish recipes to be vegetarian-friendly with varying success.

So I was thrilled to see that Fresh from Poland was being written!

Filled with a combination of traditional and modern Polish dishes like borscht, pierogi, Side dishes and baked goods, this will taste just like what you grew up with, with some modern intriguing touches. This is particularly noticeable in the pierogi chapter, with traditional options like cheese and potato alongside lentil with tomatoes, buckwheat with mint, and spinach with goat cheese and almonds.

The step-by-step photos, particularly for more challenging techniques like pierogi and crepes, will ensure that even novice cooks can turn out delicious, Instagram-worthy meals.

I have made several of the recipes so far including the sauerkraut fritters, chilled beet soup, lazy dumplings and poppyseed rolls and everything turned out fantastic.

I look forward to cooking these foods for my family when I visit this summer!
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I’m a lifelong vegetarian, and intrigued by Polish cooking, so I’m excited to preview this new cookbook! It just came out last week. I don’t know much about Polish cooking, and I have (incorrectly, of course) assumed it had mostly to do with pirogi type foods and sausages. Let’s take a look inside.

This is the first international cookbook I've seen in a long time that doesn't immediately launch into a Pantry introduction informing us of all the things we'll need to stock to make these recipes. I wonder, then, if the ingredients needed for this book are things we all, the cookbook's audience, are suspected of already having in our fridges and pantries. 

After a brief Introduction, the cookbook begins with Breakfast recipes - a rye crumble with honeyed fruit, several healthy sounding spreads, and an oatmeal. The cheese curd dumplings are what I sort of expected from this cookbook, and I'm intrigued by the "Crepes with White Cheese and Rose" and by "Brown butter scrambled eggs." Apple fritters are a recipe featured in so many of the cookbooks on my shelves; I'll be curious to see what gives them a Polish spin. I'd wondered if this region of the world shares some influences with Russian and Ukrainian food and sure enough, there's a recipe for "Buckwheat Blini with Sour Cream and Pickled Red Onion." "Creamy Millet Pudding" doesn't sound very delicious to me personally; instead I'll try making "Polish Farmer Cheese."

I give two thumbs up (and five stars) to this ethnic vegetarian cookbook. The ingredients aren't far-fetched, the recipes are healthy most of the time (don't look at how much sour cream I'll be dumping on my creations!) and other than my personal distaste for horseradish and sauerkraut, everything seems approchable and tasty. This book presents a fabulous opportunity for vegetarians and people eating less meat to learn to cook Polish food.

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TITLE:  Great Polish cook book! Great vegetarian cook book!

This is a book for lovers of Polish food. If you are of Polish descent, and looking for a jumping off place for a more exciting take on traditional Polish foods, I suggest this one. It is outstanding as a vegetarian interpretation of the best of Polish and PolAm (Polish American) cooking. This is not an all-encompassing Polish cook book that covers all the basics and traditional Polish foods. And because it does not attempt to be that kind of book, Fresh From Poland turns out to be quite exciting and extraordinarily refreshing.

This is also a book for vegetarians! No matter your heritage, there are exciting new ideas for you in this book!

Somehow, I can just about taste and smell the freshness of the recipe ingredients popping off the pages. This excitement is unusual in a more traditional Polish cook book, but--thinking about it--it shouldn't be that way. Because the best-loved ingredients in Polish are vibrant and fresh, and smack of tang and sweetness, earthiness and greenness, crunch and creaminess, and all good things.

These recipes do that, and most of them are not hard to accomplish. Stand-outs (for me) include Creamy Millet Pudding with Blueberries and Lemon-Vanilla Honey, Tomato-Apple Soup with Poured Noodles (which are a LOT of fun), Dill Pickle Soup, Bigos with Smoked Prunes, Sauerkraut Apple and Carrot Slaw, Creamy (almost pureed) Hot Beets, a mushroom-mustard sauce for Kopytka (kind of like gnocchi), a simple plum jam, and strawberry-lime preserves.

There are pictures of just about all the recipes, and page layout is easy to follow and type style is easy on the eyes. The author offers us pleasant introductions to all the recipes, too.

I find this book is sbe pecial and very worthy of your attention, as Michael Korkosz takes what you've probably already gleaned from the recipes in older Polish cook books and re-presents them with quite a lot of flair and vitality.

Not to diminish this wonderful book by Michael Korkosz in any way, but: If you are looking for an all-encompassing Polish cook book, this would not be your first choice. There are plenty worthy, old-time-y, traditional Polish cook books out there, and they do cover all the basics and all the special Holiday recipes and traditions. And to get a true understanding of the country's cuisine, and an over-all look at it, you should consider one of those books. And fair warning, what I mean by "old time-y" is poor indexes and no pictures. I recommend Polish Heritage Cookery, it's a large volume, a bit dull, but it's got it all, and it is available here on Amazon.
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Very interesting cookbook. Vegan and polish relcipes. If you are interested in either of them, this is your book. Easy to follow, yummy recipes that you can asily try athome. Totally recommended
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Fresh from Poland by Michal Korkosz is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late February.

This is all definitely different from what I know of Polish food with sunny, fresh, herby items versus boiled, braised, rib-sticking dishes, so it's a great way to knock down assumptions, Korkosz! With its recipes for breakfast, breads, soups, mains, sides, dumplings, and desserts, I was especially fond of those for dips/spreads, blini, zurek, pierogi, and cheesecakes.
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Love this cookbook!  The recipes are accessible.  I would say they are not super quick, but they are not complicated.  You have to do some shopping first and then set aside some time to try the recipes.  Perfect for weekends.   I'm am always on the lookout for vegetarian eastern european cooking.  My family is Slovak, so I know the meat and potatoes lifestyle.  And cooking with lard.  Very similar to Polish food.  I'm sad that most of the delicious sauerkraut and pickle dishes are very meat heavy....until this cookbook!!!  Yummy.  I have not tried them all, but a few and I am really enjoying the dishes.  If you like Polish food but want to be a bit more health conscious, this cookbook is for you. A total win for vegetarians.
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Fresh from Poland is a cookbook and recipe collection by Michal Korkosz. Due out 17th March 2020 from The Experiment, it's 240 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats.

My paternal grandfather was Polish and some of these recipes take me back to my childhood. I think most people conjure up heavy meaty dishes full of starch when they think about Polish traditional food, but this collection is full of delicate and beautifully presented plant based recipes absolutely bursting with fresh flavor.

The recipes are grouped thematically: breakfast, soups, breads and baked goods, mains, sides, pierogies and dumplings (I *love* these), desserts, and preserves jams and pickles. Each of the recipes includes a description (including the name in Polish), yields and prep/cooking time, ingredients (both American standard and metric measurements included - yay!) listed bullet style in a sidebar, and step by step directions. Special tips, alternatives, and usage info are included, highlighted with a sidebar. Nutritional information and dietary restrictions (allergens, nuts, etc) are not included.

Many (most) of the recipes are pictured and the photography is clear and appealing. The selected recipes as far as I can tell are authentic and all we've tried were delicious. The lacto-fermented brined dill pickles (Ogórki kiszone) are wonderful and honestly worth the price of admission on their own. My family are huge pickle eaters and the next round, I'm going to triple or quadruple the recipe (original recipe yield is 3 litres).

Five enthusiastic stars. Beautifully presented, well written, and as far as I can see, error free.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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When I think of Polish foods, I think of sausages and perhaps bread. This book has changed my opinion of Polish cooking, with fresh, seasonal, vegetarian recipes that all look delicious. Vegetarians and omnivores alike will find something to try here, from cheese curd dumplings to tomato-apple soup. Lots of beautiful photography. All recipes include American and European measurements.
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My latest favorite vegetarian cookbook!  Although I am adventurous when it comes to cooking I have to admit I was not familiar with Polish cuisine.  I was very pleased when browsing the pages and found that I wanted to make lots of dishes from this book. 
Ingredients are super easy to find, nothing that requires a trip to a specialty shop, 
What impressed me the most was the bakery section, OH MY GOD! The almond streusel Challah is to die for!  Worth the price of the book. This and many other recipes have pictures of the procedures and the final product.  In the case of the Challah the autor shows how to to do a 4 strand braid step by step for those who are not familiar with the process.
There is even a recipe for butter , many jams and different pierogis.  
This book is amazing.  I started with a yeasted bread but there are a bunch of recipes that I will be making in the next few days, like the oat bread. 
The instructions are clear and concise and pictures are beautiful.
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A lovely introduction to the vegetarian side of Polish cuisine, which often gets lost amongst all the kielbasa. There is a good mix of traditional and modernized dishes, and the pictures are gorgeous. The only drawback for American readers might be the trek to the Polish deli to buy some of the essentials (honestly, it's so much easier to just buy farmer's cheese).
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This books is a really great overview of polish cooking, there are common and expected recipies as well as unusual and lesser known recipes. I love making polish food and have had trouble locating specialty ingredients like polish farmer's cheese, this book has a recipe so you can make it yourself! The weights and volume measurements are also very useful. 

I really enjoyed the thoughtful tips and history of each dish. The background info is informative and concise at the same time which takes a lot of skill to pull off.

Overall this was thorough, thoughtful and well written. I haven't had a chance to try making any of the recipes yet, but I'm inspired and can't wait.
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This cookbook is an amazing collection of recipes from Poland. The photographs that accompany the recipes are amazing and mouthwatering.
Although these recipes are quite serious and are not fast and easy meals, I would recommend this book to anyone looking to try new things or challenges in the cooking world.
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This book is beautifully photographed, and the recipes are mouthwatering. I was very excited to see a cookbook featuring vegetarian Polish food. I will definitely be putting this book on display in my library, as we're in a neighborhood with a large Polish population.
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