Line of Duty

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This was a fun book to read. I loved how the two main characters first met. It made me laugh out loud, and  I thought it was really original. It could have definetly turned out worse than it did, so Finley was lucky!

This is part of a series, or sister series if you will...but I didn't feel like you needed to read the others to enjoy this one. It did make me want to read them, however, solely based upon the fact that the other two couples seemed really cute. 

I did find that Dylan changed her tune a little quickly from not wanting anything to do with Finley because she's a cop and a "player", but I can understand that she couldn't help being attracted to her. I would have just preferred a little bit more of a chase. 

Side note, the summary also makes is seem (at least to me) that Finley's dad is still alive. I was a little confused since I thought we'd see her actually taking care of him, not just flashing back a tiny bit to when she did. It wasn't that big of a deal, but I did want to point it out in case others read it that way.

Overall, a pretty solid and fun book to read.
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This is the 3rd book of the Fairview Station series, to enjoy this book you don't need to have read the previous two ,but I was glad that I had as its great to catch up with the characters.

This is Dylan and Finley's story, both great character, Dylan the sister that seems always to be 'looked out for' and Finley the risk taking player.

What I really liked about this book was that although you expected Dylan to be the meek, timid type, the further you read the more you see that she is certainly not that type. 

Got to love a woman who likes what she likes and isn't afraid to take it in the bedroom..  

Overall a great book great story and I would highly recommend
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A good read I missed the first two books but this was hard for me to get into not my type of read usually.
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VK Powell has a way of writing good books about first responders uses her own experience to craft a realistic story about the police department. Apparently this book is the 3rd in a series about the Carlyle sisters, which I gathered while reading, but not having read the other two doesn't detract of the enjoyment of this book. (It does however put 2 other books on my "to-read list")

The story about Dylan, the baby sister and ER doctor and Finley, a risk-taking cop, who are both protecting their hearts is a warm, enjoyable read. Nice characters and flushed out secondary characters (probably even better if you did read the first 2 books in the serie), solid, believable plotline and interesting chemistry between the two MC's. If you like a story with 2 strong women wearing uniforms falling in love...go get this one!

***Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review from me***
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This is the 3rd book in Powell's Fairview Station series.  You understand that right away cause there's a bunch of characters you're supposed to already know.  Especially the Carlisle family.  Of which all are women.  Gma, Mother and 3 daughters. And all 3 sisters are lesbians.  Yeah, sure..  The grandfather and father are dead cops
I found this story rather simple and not very original.   The typical player cop and the ER doctor meet abruptly in the on call room when the player cop is getting it on with a nurse.  But somehow this doesn't repulse the doctor. Oh no, quite the contrary it seems to light her fire.  Even though she has sworn never to get involved with a cop cause they end up dead.  And the cop vows not to fall in love to avoid getting hurt like her father did when her mother left him.
Of course they are immediately attracted to each other and fall madly and lustfully in love in one week.  After they experience a few quick and not very scary incidents they decide to cast away all their previous pledges and declare their undying love for each other.  The doctor even states she likes the cops house and would like to spend more time there.  Talk about uhauling.
And then there is the epilogue that tells us where they are in a year.  Yes, a happy ending.
The writing is good but the characters and the story very bland.  Nothing new here.
I was given an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was a wonderful addition to the 'Fairview' series, as I've come to call it. Everything we expect from V.K Powell, and the Carlyle family in particular. Most of the cast is familiar, and even though poor Finley is so hard on herself, the sisters don't give her too hard a time. (I won't say more for fear of spoiling it). But there was action in this, even though I was only expecting a romance.

This, like the others in the series, made for good bedtime reading. Soothing, easy on the heart and no bad dreams later. I enjoyed it, despite my tablet's best efforts to not let me read this!

Many thanks to V.K Powell, NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for the opportunity to share in Powell's world.
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Line of Duty is the story of Dr. Dylan Carlyle and police office Finley Masters. Dylan comes from a long line of police officers and first responders and has sworn off ever dating a police officer, sure she could not deal with the pain of losing someone to the job. Finley has her own wounds from her parents' failed marriage and her father's addiction and early death. Both deal with thee wounds by closing themselves off, Dylan withdraws while Finley is promiscuous but careful to keep emotions and true connection at bay. Through encounters at the hospital, community events, and tragedy the pair's paths continually cross and we see them struggle with their unexpected feelings for each other.

The secondary plot of this story deals with a shooting at a community event at the police stations, in which an officer is injured and one of the shooters is one the run. Both Finley and Dylan are connected to the shooting through proximity and their relationships. 

I really like the way the community and the Carlyle family played a role in this story. The author gave the two main characters a lot of opportunities to interact in ways that gave a lot of insight into them (the shooting, musical, and basketball game to name a few). These were my favorite parts.

This book is the third in a series and the community of the Carlyle clan as well and Bennett and Jazz, Dylan's sisters, play a big role in shaping the story. I haven't read the other novels in the series and sometimes I struggled with the information overload, often delivered through dialogue. While I really enjoyed parts of this book and liked some of the characters I didn't love any of them. The connection between the main characters didn't ring true for me and I found something about their first sexual encounter off-putting. Also, the tension ramps up in a scene where one of the main characters seems to have a complete personality transplant, and that felt very confusing to me as a reader.

Overall this is a solid and enjoyable novel. I think it might be best enjoyed if you read the series in order, which I am planning to go back and do.
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This is the third book in Ms Powell’s ‘Fairview Station’ and if you liked the first two I’m sure you’ll enjoy this new offering just as much.
    Finley Masters grew up in a house that has long ago lost the feeling of being a home. Her mother left when Fin was younger, leaving her with a father who found his life being taken over by the alcohol he can’t or won’t sat aside. After her father's death all she wants to do is sell the house she grew up in and live her life where she won’t constantly feel the pain her memories provide.  Now she has a career in law enforcement as a police officer working out of the Fairview Station, hoping to someday make detective. She doesn’t want anything to do with love, seeing what happened to her parents, so she goes from one woman to another making sure they all knew that was all her lover’s would ever get from her.
    Dylan Carlyle grew up in a close knit family that has had its share of loss. Both her father and grandfather were killed while working a job they both loved, being police officers.  Both of her sisters, Bennett and Jazz chose to continue with family tradition by joining the police while her brother chose instead the life of a firefighter.  Dylan just couldn’t see herself following them so she decides to be an Emergency Doctor. The idea of ever becoming involved with a police officer was never going to happen to Dylan. She just knew there was no way she could deal with a lover who, every time they went to work just  might be the last time she sees them. Definitely not for her. Not that easy for her or Finley seeing as their jobs kept bringing them together.
    But bringing the two women together is what Ms Powell does best. Great story , much like the first two books in the series.  Well paced book that has a few little twists and turns, making this a very enjoyable read.
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I missed the first Carlyle clan story, but Second in Command was spectacular. I love the way VK Powell writes and she is a true subject matter expert on cop stories. This story is opposites attract, enemies to lovers, cops/docs, with a whole lot of family drama and dynamics. This book can easily be read as a standalone. Fantastic story that kept me turning the pages!
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I was given this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review from Bold Strokes Books and NetGalley.

When I first started this book I was frustrated and annoyed, because it was just another very fast insta love story. The overall premise seemed really far fetched. I also didn't think there was any really chemistry between the characters, and its is super far fetched to have three women in the same family all be lesbians. 

The book is based around Dylan the third and final member of the Carlyle clan who is a lesbian. She is dead set against dating any cops, in comes Finley Masters who she catches servicing one of the nurses form the hospital she works at. It was an interesting way for the two of them to meet and Dylan is disgusted by Finley's behavior, but she is also turned on by it. Fast forward to an improbably shooting and the hunt for a criminal which eventually puts Dylan right in his crosshairs, and Finley professing her love. There are some lighter moments such as their date, Jazz and Bennet who I liked way better make very brief appearances,. The book was not the best one I have read of this series, it is the shortest and seemed the most rushed. I thought that Finley and Dylan really had no reason to be together and yet they fall in love literally in a 10 day span. The love scenes were okay, a little underwhelming considering I I have read her other books and she can definitely write hotter love scenes. It was not my favorite Powell book, I find that I often go back and forth with this author, some books are amazing and others are mediocore. This is one of the mediocre ones. I liked all of the other stuff that happened in the book, the kids playing basketball the fundraiser, the seeing of Hamilton, and the ending was incredibly sweet.
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I don’t think you need to read the previous books in the series to get the most out of this but I’d recommend it as the characters are developed better over the three books. Especially the way Bennett and Jazz “interfere” in their younger sister’s life. Dylan is a doctor in an emergency room. Finlay is a cop with a reputation and they both avoid relationships for different reasons. Dylan mixes with uniforms a lot given her two sisters are police officers and her brother is a fireman. She is determined to stay away from emergency responders of all kinds. Finlay is the survivor of a tough childhood and doesn’t want anyone to ever be close enough to hurt her.

But this is a romance as well as a police story so the relationship develops despite their misgivings. Danger for both of them causes some serious rethinking.

Ms Powell has returned to form with this book I think. The character are credible, well drawn and easy to care about. Finlay is three dimensional and her morals are complex behind just the bedding anything female with a pulse. The interplay between Fin and Dylan feels “real” and the way the family get involved is funny and sweet depending on whether they’re warning one or other off or encouraging them.

Lots to like here and recommended if you like a HEA with a bit of bite. I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley in return for an honest review.
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Part of a series, but this story works as a stand alone as plenty of background to the family is given. The book works as a decent romance. I liked the family atmosphere and the interplay between the sisters. The inclusion of a medic, the youngest sister is a doctor, adds another angle to the cop theme of the previous books. The shooting scenes add drama and some tension. Nothing particularly dramatic but it’s a good solid story and the writing and plot is well thought out. I enjoyed it as a nice easy read.
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We're back in the Fairview Station series for this third book set there. This time it's little sister Dylan's turn to try to find romance. She's living out back in the carriage house and is an ER doctor at the hospital. She also has a 'no relationships with cops ever' rule.

Finley is an officer and she and Dylan do not get off to the best start when Dylan finds her in a compromising position with a nurse. They clash, a lot, but, then they also start getting closer, seeing beneath each others exteriors. Still, there is tons of tension throughout this book.

To be honest, I really didn't think that I would like Finley, ever, in this book, and yet, she did actually grow on me quite a bit by the end of the book. There was also a really depressing and intriguing subplot with the young girl from the last book, Shea, that kept me turning the pages too.

The only thing that drove me a little crazy was Dylan's voice in parts of the story. Since she's a Doctor, and apparently not a Resident, I can probably pretty accurately guess her age range, but, on occasion she seemed (with the speech patterns, mannerisms, etc.) so, so, much younger than I think the author wanted her to be seen as. It was disconcerting and pulled me out of the story on occasion.

I received this book via Netgalley thanks to Bold Strokes Books.
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3 Stars. This book is about Dylan Carlyle, a doctor at a hospital who comes from a family of police officers, including two of her sisters, one being the Captain of the local police force. She meets Finley Masters, a police officer, who is actually having sex with a nurse in the on call room when they first meet. They cannot help but be attracted to each other and drawn together. There is a shooting and they both want to help find the shooter responsible and have to spend more time together. They seem to not be able to help their feelings for one another. 

I did not realize when I read this that it was the third in a series, I would probably read the first two first as the two characters in those books, Dylan's sister is in it and I was a little confused at the beginning with the shooting, related to the second novel. I still enjoyed reading it. There were a couple things I did not like about this book. One being the whole book took place in a week, so the two characters got close fast for both swearing off relationships and for Dylan swearing off cops. I usually do not like accelerated romances, as it seems unrealistic and this one is no different. I did enjoy the romance as a whole, which is why it got 3 stars. I could not stop reading at points and wanted to know what was going to happen with Finely and Dylan. It did make me want to maybe grab one of the first two novels related to Dylan's sisters. I would recommend this if you have read the first two novels.
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This is the third book in Fairview Station series - each following a different Carlyle sister. You don't need to read any of the previous in oder to enjoy this one, but they're all solid books that I highly recommend and it's nice to catch up with other couples. I really love reading about this family, they're such a heartwarming bunch! This is Dylan's story. Unlike her sisters who followed in their father and grandfather's footsteps in the police force, she's an emergency room doctor. Her first meeting with police officer Finley Masters is unforgettable and awkward. In spite of their awkward beginnings, Dylan can't seem to shake her attraction. then tragedy strikes and they're pushed together time and again and it is harder to ignore the feelings developing between them no matter how hard Dylan tries.

The chemistry was so good and I loved the ups and downs of their relationship. Finley was a more developed character I felt and very interesting. Dylan was lacking a little in terms of development, so in that way I think it really helped having read the other books.  The whole Carlyle clan is just lovely and I loved scenes with the whole family. 

I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This was the first book I’ve read by this author but I was drawn in by the drama of the doctor vs the police officer. Dr. Dylan Carlyle is determined to watch out for her patient whether he’s innocent or a criminal. Finley Masters is determined to get the answers she needs to avenge her partner’s shooting no matter who she has to steam roll to get them. The chemistry between these two was off the charts from the beginning & seemed to just get more intense. Both characters had emotional issues rooted in their pasts that they had to overcome before they could find happiness. 

I really enjoyed the characters & the way they all intertwined within the plot. The style of writing drew you in from the beginning & kept you intensely reading until the end. I felt this can easily be read as a stand alone. I didn’t feel I missed anything by not reading the books in order.
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I have enjoyed the previous books in the series and this one did not disappoint. Although it is possible to read as a standalone but what I believe will be missing is the reader's understanding of the secondary characters and why they were doing what they were doing. 

The focus is on Dylan Carlyle, the youngest of the sisters (Bennett and Jazz). Dylan is an ER doctor and not interested in dating a person in law enforcement. That is, until she encounters Police Officer want to be Detective, Finley Masters. Finley is in pain and not interested in relationships. What I appreciated the most was the focus on family, family meals, friends, friendship, romance, and support through difficult times. There was also the educational component relating to police procedure which in my opinion is a good thing because it is one of the reasons I read.
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Another in a long line of romances in the same town with the same family. You will enjoy this simple sweet hot story if you have realistic expectations. You will not get  an extremely deep or imaginative story, just another easy breezy story to get through.
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Another engrossing read from V K Powell, this time featuring the Carlyle family with 2 cops, 1 firefighter, 1 Dr and 2 matriarch's. They are loving, close and funny. The story features the youngest Carlyle Dylan the Dr who begins to be attracted to butch cop Finlay, Dylan is scared of loving someone how puts their life on the line especially after the death of her father and grandfather in the line of duty. So the usual will she, won't she has a painful twist and is dealt with sensitively. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Line of Duty is the third book in the Fairview Station series, and is about the youngest daughter of the Carlyle family, Dylan only that instead of continuing with the family tradition she chose to devote herself to medicine and become a doctor.

Finely Masters has had a tough childhood and swears that love is not for her and has a well-known reputation for being a womanie.

The paths of Finley and Dylan intersect almost from the moment they meet, and both are determined to keep their principles, but that damn attraction continues to increase. When a tragic event brings them even closer, those promises are put to the test.

Powell is an expert in writing police procedures and, with this book, she also shows us how talented it is to combine that with a lovely romance, I highly recommend this book and if it is the last of the series it definitely closed it with a gold clasp.
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