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Mia awakes from a coma with no idea who she is or where she lives.  With the help of Siri, her iPhone and Instagram, and Uber, she arrives at what she thinks is her home, where she finds Max, a postdoc house sitting for the owner.  With Max's help, Mia has memory flashes and slowly discovers who she was.  Not happy with what she learns, she is determined to reshape her life.  I couldn't stop reading 'til I got to the end.  Loved it!
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Siri Who Am I is the story of a woman who wakes up in the hospital with no recollection of her life before. She holds the question of what her identity before would have been and utilizes every resource that she has available to her to figure this out. I appreciated a more modern twist on the amnesia trope. I enjoyed all the pop culture references in the book.

However I felt like the romance that developed in the story merged from the subplot to the main plot of the story. The mystery in the story line was quite weak. This was surprising to me because I felt like with the question of a previous identity should have been more pressing than it actually was. This is often is my biggest critique of mysteries geared towards a female audience where the romance takes over the mystery and suspense.

Stylistically the writing seemed to have a very gossipy tone to it. This was perfect as a light read for a short airplane ride. I found it enjoyable enough to keep reading. However it was not a memorable book...which is pretty ironic for a story about a character with amnesia.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me a copy of this ARC.
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This was a fun piece of fluff. Not very well written but not a bad story. Interesting characters
 but somewhat predictable.
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I am all for girly books. The concept of Siri, Who Am I? really stood out to me. The story revolves around Mia after she clearly got knocked over the head by someone. She wakes up in the hospital from a coma not even knowing her own name... let alone who did this to her. Mysteries are always fun to read. Mia progresses throughout the book trying to put the pieces together to learn who she is and why someone would want to kill her. Nothing is what it seems in this book.

The first half of the book was very strong. About halfway through the book, I honestly became a little bored. It started to become predictable. Mia's voice became a little annoying to me. Instead of caring about the outcome of her fate, I didn't really care what would end up happening. The romance in the book fell very flat to me. The book became kind of predictable. I was hoping for a surprising ending and outcome but it wasn't. 

I did adore the author's writing style. Tschida did have a beautiful way of describing her characters and story. The plot just didn't do it for me. I think with more experience her other books will continue to get better. Why did there have to be so many hashtags in this book? They were dumb and some of them were totally unnecessary. 

I did like the idea of a social media-based mystery. How Mia could essentially come across as anyone she wanted to be. That anyone can have a fresh start. Using an iPhone to uncover who you are is a unique concept. More mysteries should use social media tactics. The pacing of the story was very well executed. However, there needed to be more plot twists to keep me intrigued. The beginning was better. Siri, Who Am I? was an easy fast read. I am excited to see what Tschida decides to write next. 

Anyone who likes an easy read should pick this one up. It turned out to pretty average for me. However, I can see some people really loving this book. Parts were cute and lighthearted. The characters needed more depth but all in all, this was a relatable book to this generation. Some things were a little unrealistic but still a good story and concept.
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Siri Who Am I is a whirling ride through LA and our own fantasies of what glam life should be that any fan of Veronica Mars would absolutely love. Mia's voice is a satisfying blend of pop culture savvy and and scrappy righteousness, making her flawed, redeemable and utterly charming. Even while on this edible-glitter binge of a story, the stakes had me legit clutching my chair in earnest concern for our heroine. 

P.s. Bless up for Roberta.
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I felt like this book wanted to say something profound about love and relationships and knowing ourselves but I think the execution fell a little flat. That said, it was a really fun read and I read it pretty quickly because I wanted to know what had happened to Mia (and I wasn’t disappointed with the “reveal”). 

Mia was immature and annoying and had startlingly true and honest epiphanies almost ~too~ often but she somehow managed to still be relatively likeable. 

This is definitely one of those books you have to suspend your belief in order to really enjoy.
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Siri, Who am I was a delight to read!  It was part mystery and part drama with a slew of entertaining, hilarious and enlightening characters.  Mia wakes up post head injury in the hospital with only her cracked phone to give her clues about her identity.  With no lasting physical trauma, she is thrust back into the real-world and forced to use technology to piece together what she is sure is a fabulous life.  I enjoyed following along with Mia, in her party dress that she recycles as she discovers the world she as living in and how she got to be there.  Sometimes all that glitters isn’t gold and Instagram pictures don’t display overdrawn accounts, angry relationships and business woes.  Siri,Who am I will be favorite for woman’s fiction in 2020 and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to read it ahead of the release date.

A sincere thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Fun idea for a plot! Enjoyed the California setting and it was fun trying to guess where the plot was going. Great fluffy read!
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I sadly had to DNF this book. I wanted to like the mystery element of it, but I just could not get into it. I wanted to feel invested in the main character’s journey. However, the more I read the less and less I wanted to continue. Maybe I’ll give this book another chance someday. But for now I have to salty DNF.
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I hate to leave a bad review for a book I was certain I would not like after a few pages. I was granted the opportunity to read this book in advance of it's publishing date through Quirk Book's referral program and unfortunately my choices were this or a children's book. I accepted the title (before realizing it was a NetGalley edition [Although Quirk Books was VERY clear about that fact] or I would opt out of leaving a bad review) hoping, from the sypnosis, that i would find some enjoyment from reading this. It is unfortunate but i did not enjoy this book so i will leave my review here and no where else, it wouldn't be fair knowing, in advance, that this book was far from my normal read and I should have respectively passed. The protagonist was far from relatable and overdone, in my opinion, and made the story very difficult to connect with. I just couldn't and wouldn't feel empathy for her or her condition. Although funny, at times, I was very disconnected from this book as I read it. I believe others will feel different and should give it a chance
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