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Siri, Who Am I? is a rom-com starring a 20-something woman with a case of amnesia.  

After waking up from a coma, Mia doesn't remember anything about her own life except what she can learn from her phone.  She learns her own name after asking Siri who she is.  Her wallet is missing, she's wearing a yellow Prada dress and has a cool haircut.  She assumes she is rich because of all of this evidence.  She is seemingly all alone.  No one has shown up at the hospital to visit or release her.  The hospital just lets her out and she uses her instagram feed to figure out where she lives.  She winds up at a nice duplex on Ocean Boulevard in Laguna Beach.  There is a house sitter, Max,  there and he tells her the house belongs to a rich chocolatier.   Max and Mia work together to try to figure out exactly who Mia is.  

Okay, this was kind of fun.  It was definitely a quick and easy read.  I had to really suspend disbelief that the hospital would release a patient who didn't remember who they were out into the wild and that they wouldn't get the police or social workers or someone involved.    Also, based on WHERE she received her head injury, you would think someone from there would've supplied her identifying information when they brought her to the hospital.  OK, i need to stop overanalyzing this.  If you suspend disbelief about all that stuff, it is an entertaining read as you follow Mia along on all her foibles and her resolution to make herself a better person when she uncovers things she doesn't like about her previous life.
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Siri, Who Am I missed the mark for me.  The book is about a young woman who wakes up in the hospital with memory loss. She doesn't even know her name. So she has to use clues (some from her phone) to try to put the pieces of her life back together. Many of the plot point were so far fetched, like being released from the hospital with a traumatic brain injury, that it was difficult to get into the story. 
Overall this was a fun idea that just didn't pan out .For a debut author I have hope that she can refine her ideas in the future.
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Siri, Who Am I? by Sam Tschida is an interesting story of a twenty-something year old that wakes up in a hospital with amnesia. Mia has no recollection of who she is, how she arrived at the hospital, or how she ended up with a terrible blow to her head. The story follows her as she tries to unravel all of this and the many adventures that happen along the way. The story was pretty crazy, I highly doubt this could ever happen as written. This is one book that you will have to set reality aside and just go along for the ride.
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Actual rating: 3.5 stars

This book has such a fun premise, and I did find it enjoyable overall. I liked the humor throughout the book, though I do think the beginning was stronger in terms of this as Mia is first trying to figure out who she is. I found the footnotes also humorous (the formatting in the ARC I read was a little off in terms of placement, but I'm assuming this will not be the case in the final edition). I really liked the exploration of social media, in particular Instagram and influencer culture.

In terms of the pacing, I did find myself consistently wanting to keep reading. However, I will say that I didn't like the second part of this nearly as much (after Mia has discovered more about herself). Mia's journey was generally enjoyable, though she's definitely full of herself. I would have preferred to see more change from her.

In terms of the characters, my favorite was Max by far. He's a postdoc in a neuroscience lab studying lying which is definitely interesting! He's such a sweet guy, and I really like his personality and fondness for silly, nerdy shirts. Mia is a very snarky character (which I mostly enjoyed). I do think I liked her more at the beginning of the book though, as mentioned above.

Overall, I had a fun time with this! I would recommend it if you're looking for a lighter read.

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The concept of Siri, Who Am I is fascinating - Mia has had a blow to her head, has lost her memory and needs to use her social media to retrace her steps and try and work out who she is - but unfortunately, for me it didn't live up to expectations. I just didn't think the story made sense, and Mia should definitely be sueing the hospital who let her leave with no idea of even her surname, never mind where she lived. I don't think it ever recovered from that point to be honest. Even taking into account Mia's amnesia, I found her very annoying, although I liked her better by the end of the book.

I actually ended up enjoying Siri, Who Am I?, but it did feel like a struggle to get there. It's not a bad book, but it was a disappointment for me, as I was expecting such great things from it.
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This mystery/romance novel is riveting, while maintaining a light-hearted air. You never guess who did it, or what happened until the end, and yet, you are not made to feel dumb. Pick it up if you want a feel-good mystery.
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Super cute and fun to read. I am intrigued by the idea of someone trying to piece their life together using only clues from the technology and social media we have available to us. Will recommend to people who enjoy comedy-drama with a female main character...with an underlying lesson/moral message.
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4.5/5 Stars! 

Hello my loves! I’m finally posting my review for this fun and unique book. I thought that the concept was intriguing as soon as I read the synopsis and boy did it not disappoint. It was actually even better than I had imagined: funny, with a vibrant voice, and many surprising twists. It was easy to immediately empathise with the character, since we were in her amnesic situation right along with her. I loved the development we got to see her go through as she figured out who she was. The romance was also quite cute, though I’m glad that it didn’t take over the plot. Mia managed to fall in love as well as being a fierce feminist, which endeared her to me even further. At one point I actually thought I knew what was going to happen next, but then the author blew me away and went in a totally different direction. This book was a seriously fun-filled romp that I couldn’t put down until I had it completed!

Siri, Who Am I? Came out last week, so you can go read it yourself now. I would really recommend this to any mystery or comedy fans. Thank you so much to the publisher for the arc copy! I’m so glad I got to read this book!
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I was needing some escapism and this book filled that need perfectly!  Mia is being released from the hospital after she has after a head injury. The only issue is that she has no idea who she is, where she lives or anything else about her life. Having been admitted wearing a Prada dress gives her an idea that she might have a rather pleasant life, she uses her phone to go through her Instagram to get a clue about her life. Between Instagram and Uber she slowly starts to put the puzzle together. She goes to a lovely pink house where the key in her purse opens the lock. She is met by Max who doesn’t know her but claims to be housesitting for the owner, JP. Mia looks for evidence she lives there but it seems that while she does stay there it is not her home.  Some of the story is very light hearted, there is mystery involved and I found it very captivating. 

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From 12th January you can get Siri, who am I? and you can find out who is the real Mia. She wakes up in a hospital with amnesia, so, with a little help from Max, her Instagram and of course Siri, she tries to discover who she is. She starts believing that her life is a fairytale, but it is really what she wants?

It is a fun quick read and even if I personally don't like the main character, the book was interesting. The author captured perfectly the millennian girls who see the Kardashians as role-models and their only dreams are to get a rich guy. Siri, who am I? is perfect for fans of The high moments by Sara-Ella Ozbek and Far from perfect by Holly Smale. I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an ARC from Quirk Books through NetGalley for an honest review. I was intrigued when I read this book because I am far from a millennial, I passed it by at first but I kept thinking about it so I went and downloaded it.  It was exciting reading the book because you could never guess if it was actually who Mia was or if she was just guessing.  
The author made the story exciting and even though the story was about a Millennial and using social media to find herself, I could follow along too.  I think that was another reason I liked it so much because it was nice reading about the younger generation.l  Getting amnesia could surely happen and yes, they would probably use social media to find out who they were.  It seemed like using Instagram, Mia didn't tell the whole story so it made it harder to figure out who she was.  
Whether you're millennial or old like me, the book is going to make you stop and think about things.  It had wonderful characters and took you all over the world.  From the very rich to the poorer places.  We were on yachts to visiting stripping clubs.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  Millennials do live a different lifestyle and it was nice being a part of that generation in this book. I received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review. I loved where this book took me and all that I learned so I would recommend it to anyone.
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I thought the premise of the book sounded so interesting and was exciting to read it. Unfortunately, the writing in this is incredibly problematic. Caitlyn Jenner is deadnamed right at the beginning of the book. Not long after that the term OCD is used not in a way to identify a mental health disorder, but rather in a flippant offensive way. The more I read, the more problematic things I found in the writing. I am incredibly disappointed by the language used in this book and believe it could be very triggering.
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Today I am sharing Siri, Who Am I? It is available now! This book was a rip roaring good time. I laughed so much and it was just what I needed after these past two weeks, ya know? The book really focuses on the reality of influencer culture. What we see on these feeds is often not reality folks!!! 

I loved this book. I rated it 4 1/2 stars for making me laugh til my sides hurt, characters that were bazaar yet likeable, and touching on a very timely topic with a whole lotta panache. A very bingeable book that will pull you in from page one!! 
Go grab it now, I promise you’ll love  it!
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Mia has just woken up in the hospital with no knowledge of who she is. It’s not until she looks at her phone that she even knows her name is Mia. The nurses tell her about her head injury and the staples that she got to repair it, but they can’t tell her how she got the injury. They can’t tell her what her last name is, or her birthday, or her address. They can’t tell her why she was wearing a yellow Prada cocktail dress with a cape. All she has is her phone, and that can only tell her so much. She apparently deletes her texts after she reads them. But she still has Instagram, and there she can see that she is #Mia4Realz and has recently spent time on a yacht called The Good Life. 

She gets out of the hospital, and the only thing she can think to do to try to remember who she may be is to go to the places where her last few photos were taken. A trip to the yacht, to the beach, to her boyfriend’s house leaves her with more questions than answers, especially about that boyfriend. She has a key to his front door, but is met inside by Max, a neuroscientist who moonlights as a house sitter. Because her boyfriend JP clearly has a lot of money and has jetted off to Switzerland for a few days. As disappointed as Mia is that JP isn’t home, she is happy that Max is concerned about her and is willing to try to help her figure out who she is. 

A decent night’s sleep and a good cup of coffee the next morning, and Mia is ready to set off to find out more about herself She thinks she may be the owner of a high-end dating app, matching millionaire men with smart, beautiful women. She doesn’t know why she doesn’t have any emergency contacts listed in her phone or why the last person she’d called, Crystal, just yelled at her and hung up. But she does find small clues that help to piece together a little bit of who she was. 

Although, she is starting to wonder how much she really wants to know. When she tries to access her bank account, she just gets a message that she needs to go to a physical location and speak to someone. And when she does, she finds out that she’s written checks for more money than she has in her account. She doesn’t let Max know about that part, as she’s promised to pay him for his help after an incident at his research lab has left him without a job or a girlfriend. 

The more Mia finds out about herself, the more she wonders at the person she had been before her head injury. And the more she thinks she might like this new Mia better. But will her past be able to stay behind her, or will it catch up in dangerous or punitive ways? 

Siri, Who Am I? is the new comic novel from debut author Sam Tschida, and she manages to breathe new life into the amnesia story trope. Playful and light-hearted, this novel is a look at who we have become in this era of Insta-everything and filtered photos that we pretend is real life. It takes a look at the darkness we all hide behind our hashtags and asks what the truth really is. The question is: do we have enough courage to see ourselves for who we really are? 

I liked Siri, Who Am I?, but I also had to work to suspend my disbelief that she would have been allowed to just leave the hospital without knowing her name or address, having someone come pick her up, or reporting her injury to the police. If you can set that aside, then it’s such a fun journey to go on. The more you meet Mia (and the more she meets herself), you find out she is smart, resourceful, determined, and fearless, and it’s great to see her find the happy ending she deserves. 

Egalleys for Siri, Who Am I? were provided by Quirk Books through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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DNF @ 30%

I had absolutely no connection to the plot or characters at all, and the hour I spent reading was one of the more distracted of my life. I found Mia’s narrative voice and personality grating, and the few tidbits I got of Mia’s backstory to be underwhelming and annoying. I have no idea how this plot could happen in real life, and I don’t care about finding out how it’s resolved, either.
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This book was a fun ride! I enjoy any book with a memory loss trope at the center, and this one was no different. It got 3.5/5 stars from me!

Here's what I enjoyed about this book:
1. I loved the slow uncovering of who our MC was. We had some level of suspense right up until the very end!
2. I really enjoyed our main supporting character, Max. He was compassionate, supportive, and genuine.
3. I loved that it turned into a "self discovery" of sorts, as Mia learns who she was and who she wants to be. It had a very hopeful tone to it by the end, and I appreciated that!

Here's what I didn't love so much about this book:
1. Mia herself was frustrating at times. While she wanted to change the trajectory of her life, she continued to lie and manipulate people.
2. The ending lacked luster for me while also being completely unbelievable. After basically nothing going right for her for the entire book, it's as though everything was wrapped up in a pretty bow by the end.

In conclusion, I will absolutely read more by Tschida - but I don't think I would read another book featuring Mia!
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What a great idea for a book. Following your Instagram account to figure out who you are after being in the hospital with  amnesia and to top that off to solve the mystery of why and who did it. Yep great idea but the story line was so boring and slow and #waytoomanyhashtags . I DNF'd this on chapter 9 we were just getting on where fast with this book.,
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Siri, Who Am I? would be the perfect beach read if you can get to a beach these days! Mia wakes up from a coma with no memory of who she is and how she ended up in the hospital. She even relies on her phone to tell her her own name!

The only negative for me is that this is one novel where you MUST suspend your belief in reality, as someone with no memory/ knowledge of who she is or who she knows with no wallet/ID/medical insurance cards would never be let go on her own accord from the hospital. Mia doesn’t even know where she lives so where is she going to go? There is 1000% no way a hospital would release her! Ok, now that is over…

This is an entertaining read and I enjoyed going on the ride with Mia as she slowly discovers who she is and what her life is like (including her job!). But things are not quite what they seem as Mia beings to discover reality via Instagram and more. There are many popular culture references from recent years and not so recent years that just about everyone reading can catch and add enjoyment to while reading. The character of Mia actually has a real Instagram handle: @mia4realz. There are not many posts on this account but it was still fun to see. Of course the author has her own Instagram account: @therealsamtschida

Siri, Who Am I? has the ending I was rooting for, but was not sure would happen. This novel is a very light read, and is pure escapist fantasy that will definitely bring enjoyment to the reader. While far from perfect, this novel is definitely one for fans of chick lit. I could also see this book becoming an entertaining film, one that I would definitely watch.

Many thanks to the publisher for granting me an arc copy to read and review.
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I'm still really struggling to figure this book out. At first I thought it was a contemporary YA novel, then a romance, then a mystery and then back to a romance again. I found the storyline very compelling even if I ddi think there were scenes that I fear might have been cut or cut short that should have stayed in the book. I think were some of the chapters, or days in this book just a touch longer I wouldn't still be sitting here trying to figure out what this book was in terms of its own identity. 

Mia was a really intriguing character to spend this book with because she is in the same position as us in that she doesn't know anything about herself. She doesn't know about her past or what makes her tick. The assumptions she can make about herself are based on what is contained in her phone and there we have one of my favourite themes of a novel over the past couple of years, you can't tell everything about a person by what they put out about themselves online-I love it!

Mia is funny and caring and really does think she is a good person. When she starts to find out more about herself once she makes contact with some of the people from her former life though that kind of starts to unravel. I do still think she is a funny and intelligent person but boy has she made some really rubbish choices in her life. This book definitely takes a sinister turn at one point and so be warned the light-hearted start is not the direction that this book heads. 

Although I definitely warmed to Mia some of the things that she finds out about herself really are quite concerning and I think really conform to the stereotype of 'influencers' that people have. There are a couple of moments in the book that made me really uncomfortable including a scene where she compares two men using safe/vanilla and chocolate and the men in question happen to be white and black, that made me really uncomfortable. I think some of my issues with the book definitely have to do with the editing. I think had this one had a better job done when it came to editing it could have been a really fun read but as it is it just falls short of 'good' for me and even branches into 'racist' in other parts. 

I can't honestly say that I would recommend this book. The main character is really interesting to read about and the premise and setting are great but the execution just got it wrong in too many places for me to honestly say I enjoyed it and you should read it.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Quirk Books for the opportunity to read and review this book. Amnesia plot-lines are hit or miss for me. On one hand, if there's no suspense or nothing changed with the person, it kinda stinks. On the other hand, when things are too tidy and not exciting enough, it's boring. This book has a lot of good and a lot of bad (there are some moments of elitism, racist comments etc.) Also the footnotes although funny at times, very unnecessary. However, it is entertaining enough to be able to be inhaled in one day (yes I did that), plus it gives a lesson about how social media can be helpful but also not at the same time. 
Overall, I thought this was an interesting concept and entertaining but not my favorite thing of all time. Because of these points, I have to give this a 3 out of 5 stars.
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