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Yes we do. Trapped at home isolating with the kids has made this adorable book extra relevant. I love the illustrations too. This is definitely a book for the work from home moms too.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley.

First off, I LOVE that the mom on the cover is tattooed.   Let's be honest, us tattooed mamas aren't represented enough in any parenting or children's books.     

This book is amazing and so realistic and true.   I cannot wait to buy this!
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This book definitely represents the modern mama. From the pictures of the tattooed arms to the coffee cup in hand and a break with a computer, it is really a glimpse at the new generation of moms. And this generation is also one that is really embracing the idea of self-care for Mom that was just getting started in my generation. And I think it is a good idea to let children know that mommies need a break just as much as they do. It is a sweet story and I hope it helps kids eventually understand its message, which is more difficult when they are younger and more demanding of attention.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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'Mama Needs a Minute' with story and art by Nicole Sloan is a picture book about a busy mom who just wants to catch a break.

In the busy world of mothering, there are many busy days with not a lot of chances for breaks.  This book is written as a sort of plea to young children to let mother have a chance to breathe.

I feel like this book is mainly written for mothers, but it's a good message for kids to hear.  The text has a sort of rhyme scheme and simple colorful pictures.
I received a review copy of this ebook issue from Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This book is sweet. Every mama needs a minute and this is a nice resource to explain that a mother can take time for herself and still be hopelessly in love with her little one. I’m excited to read it with my son. 

I’m happy I read it and I’m sure we’ll come back to it every now and then. The illustrations aren’t my cup of tea, and the rhyming isn’t my personal favorite but overall, it’s worth the time!
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What a refreshing book! Many times Mamas feel overwhelmed and overused in their own homes, but it is never talked about. This book brings up a subject by showcasing the importance for Mama to just have some time to herself. It is touching and real with illustrations that are much more realistic than what is shown in children's books. I would share this book with my children and friends. I enjoyed how it reveals a mother's love while also sharing how it feels to have some time to refresh,
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Mama Needs a Minute is a revolutionary board book, offering moms permission to take time for themselves. Though the book is written in the voice of a mama to her child, it seems the author, Nicole Sloan, is expressly writing to moms all around who ache for this kind of message. I think it’s a helpful way to show kids they aren’t the only ones with needs to be met. If the book was written solely for children, I would’ve liked to see the language simplified. But in this case, I think it works.
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When a female is mother she has not much time for herself (at least when child(ren) are little. Kids want mum s attention all the time, but sometimes mum wants to be left alone. Unfortunately, kids aren't considerate yet to understand mums needs and wishes.
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Mama Needs a Minute is a unique book that points out a very different perspective for kids.

I think the thought behind this book is really good: sometimes parents just need a minute to themselves. But... yes, there's a but... this story didn't feel like it was directed at kids. Showing a picture of Mom in the shower for her minute doesn't exactly explain to kids why their parents need a minute. Parents have needs, but children don't always have the mental capacity to understand that (at least at some of the young ages that frequent picture books). Some minor explanations could have really upped this novel into a higher rating.

I also don't totally agree with all of the parenting choices in this book, but that's just my personal opinion. Kids would understand Mom and them playing on their own computers. Parents... not so much. But, as a reviewer I remember that this book was most likely aimed towards kids. It doesn't necessarily need to make perfect sense.

My biggest positives are that this is definitely the type of moral that should be taught to kids, just in a better way. I also love the art style and find it very engaging and colourful. A few more edits and this book would be really great!
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I loved this book so much! The illustrations showed diversity, and I love that  It shows kids that not everyone looks the same. It will get the message across that moms need alone time, but they still love you!
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This is a delightful little book.  It is written and illustrated in a warm, loving way.  The book is a terrific way to teach young children of the caregiver’s need for just a break.  Importantly, it also teaches the child to use the same words when they need a break!  Highly recommended.
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Adorable book! I absolutely love the artwork, and the idea behind it. It is a great way to explain to children that, for lack of better words, "Mama needs a minute!" I think this is also great for the mom's out there to read this with their children and know that there is no shame in taking a moment for themselves.
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This board book was absolutely adorable. I loved the illustrations and rhyming throughout. It also held the important message for children that even though their Mama loves them very much, sometimes they need a break too. Not only to catch their own breath, but to allow the child to grow as an individual as well. It's refreshing to see this kind of book on the market, especially as a single mom who - at times - just needs a minute. I will be looking into the author's other works.

*I was given an eARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Having children is exhausting in so many ways you were never warned about. Like, sure, running after an active child is tiring and yeah, lots of tv has prepared you for kids refusing to eat dinner, but I don't think you can truly understand how you are both lonely and never alone until you've done it. My husband works outside the home and while he's an active involved parent when home, he truly didn't understand what I do all day until he stayed home to watch them while I was ill. How you can be busy for every second of the day, but also kind of bored?

This is all to say that there's a definite need for a book that explains to toddler/preschool age kids that sometimes Mama needs to stop playing for a moment and do one second of self care oh god I haven't showered in days

The art is cute, but my preschooler wasn't into some of the color choices. She kept pointing out when people's hair or skin was green, and it's not green like someone dying their hair green (there are plenty of other design choices to show these are alternative mamas, like tattoos, but it was the overall tint of the page that bothered her). I liked the realistic touches like tired faces and hairy legs. It showed some of the dirty truth about motherhood while remaining cute throughout. The reassurance that Mama loves her kids and loves playing with them and cuddling and reading stays even as she asks for a minute to get dressed. It's definitely a need, so I think I bumped up my rating because I want a book that helps my kids understand my need for time to myself makes me a better mom and has nothing to do with not loving them enough.

The text had an odd rhythym to it, that didn't feel consistent as I read it aloud. Perhaps after a few reads I would be able to get into the feel of it, but on the first go out loud to my kids I had real trouble. It just didn't flow in a way I liked the sound of. That's the sort of thing that, for me, separates out a book that parents like but isn't actually for kids, and a good book for kids. I think I want to like this a little more than I really did, want to recommend it a little more.
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This title and cover CAPTURED me. Every mom I know needs this book (or a book like it) to remind themselves, and maybe their children, that Mom needs a minute. With that being said, I think this book's idea is superb, but I think this book's execution was lackluster.

This book started strong with fun illustrations (though not very unique or evocative) and a decent rhyme and rhythm. Then the fourth spread happened, and it all fell apart. It needed a rhyme pattern, it needed cohesion in the rhythm of the story, and it needed to go into more detail of mama's minute.

I would definitely recommend this book as a quick read for parents to have with their children if they have children that just do not understand personal time, but I think that would be the only time I would recommend this book. Everything else about it seems a bit lackluster for me.

I think this book has potential to be more, but I think this book needs more to be more.

Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I love this book for its illustrations and its message but I don't really think I would read it to a baby.
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This book was quite cute. And it's true, sometimes mama needs a break, which is a nice reminder since other books tend to make mom into super-mom. My daughter liked the drawings and we'll probably read it again.
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spoiler alert.. i do not have kids but i am obsessed with seeing REAL moms
but this is a kids book? like for tiny kids?  
This is 100% not in my wheelhouse and also this book doesn't do it.. 
its a baby written book for children who can understand feelings but like for parents? 

i get that this message is -- leave me alone for like 5 minutes because i need to take care of my own mental health and you are not helping.... but it needed a bit more. 
id say the book is enhanced with the illustrator for sure! 

i don't love this but i don't hate it
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Review to come in January 2020 on blog/goodreads.

I received this picture book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I fell in love with the title of the book, and then I saw it was a picture book! Which made it even more interesting. Most books with a title like this are non-fiction and normal books. But this one actually is for parents AND their children.

This one is about a day in the life of various moms. Talking how they at times need a minute, a moment, just for themselves. Because mommies get sore. Mummies need some time alone to recharge. And no, that doesn't mean they love them any less. But mummies are only human.

Most of the pages are split up in two. One with the mummy doing something for the kid and then stating that she needs a moment, or that she wants to hug but is also sore. 

The last two pages just were so lovely and I was smiling from ear to ear (and maybe also dropping a tear, I cry so easily these days). 

The art was very nicely done, I like the style and I do need to check out more of this artist. 

I think this is a perfect book for kids to read, or be read to. Kids just don't see that maybe mommy (and daddy) is tired. That they just need a time off, just a minute. I think this may open some eyes. :) 

I would recommend it.
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I received a copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

I really enjoyed this book. It made a change to the usual type of books to share with children. It shows children that a mother loves them very much and wants to spend time with them helping them grow and achieve things in life, but at the same time a mummy needs afew minutes to relax, compose herself and breath. After all a Mummy is only human too. 
I really enjoyed this and thought ut was a lovely book but the illustrations could have been better.
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