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The book is aimed at middle school children and it might very well be fine for that age. It's simple, easy to read and the storyline no doubt what children could identify with, concerns of the age. I wasn't sure, however, of the time period, as it spoke of (telephone) receivers being placed back in the cradle. The mothers harken back to 50s sitcoms with aprons, fresh baked cookies, and lots of dinners.

Pre-teens, one from the UK, a US cousin and friends, one with Asperger's Syndrome, part of the reason I picked it up. (Different levels of the problem, different symptoms. This child seemed capable of tolerating overly bright lights and sirens.)

The writing style is geared for that age, so is not on a par with an adult thriller, but it is well-plotted and well-paced except for a couple hiccups. The kids plot out how they will tackle the problem because the adults won't believe their theory and there are the prescribed inept police. The children are not well-fleshed--they are kids. Kids are kids. The conclusion took some heroic efforts by the kids, I'm sure every child's fantasy, so a youngster will appreciate.

I received this digital download by the publisher and NetGalley and appreciated the opportunity to read in return for a review. This novel could use an additional edit or two and another look at the epilogue. Recommended for school children but adults will chafe at the errors.
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Earc from netgalley.

I picked this one up because I noticed that it said one of the characters had autism. I was not super happy with it because in my opinion, the author could have wrote the character way better. yes, everyone on the spectrum is different, but this character just seemed to only be there so that the ''friends'' could solve the mystery. Also, the writing seemed really clunky in parts, so maybe that could have been fixed a little more.
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