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There are some flat out crepy parts of this. The under the bed thing, gave me the shivers it's first go around. I was thinking the clown from Poltergeist that whole time reading that part! There is a lot of potential to this story, once you get past the typos in the copy. It weaves and bobs, as one would predict with a story such as this. It's not too scary or inappropriate, that I wouldn't let my teenage kid read it. I think actually they would get a kick out of the trill of it. There are some twists you don't expect. So for that reason I'll give it 4*
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The ghost in the graveyard by Charlie Comparetto.
 A little girl, who dies playing "Ghost in the Graveyard" comes back from death to haunt her friends. But why?
A brilliant  read.  I loved the story and some of the characters.  I hope there is more to come as it feels like there is more to come.  5*.
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Absolutely loved this book. Wasn't what I expected but it was so good ! Wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into when I opened this book but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read it !  5/5 would recommend
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This book unfortunately wasn't my cup of tea so I did end up DNF'ing the book. I was attracted to the plot of this book but unfortunately did not meet my expectations.
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This book is a hit or miss for me. If you like creepy and haunting stories, this is it. If you're looking for that with developed characters and a great story to tell? Not so much. I liked the creepiness to the story but I couldn't finish it. It was just not engaging.

Thank you Netgalley, the author and publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is not worth a review as I could not get even half way through the book. From the writing style being all over the place to the story line not making a single bit of sense this book should never have been approved to be published in the first place.
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I love the idea behind this story. Sally and her friends play Ghosts in the Graveyard in the cemetery behind her house. She witnessed the death of her best friend and starts seeing her ghost. Satanic rituals, sacrifices, and witches all play an integral part in this story. Other than a few grammatical errors and the overall feeling of a rushed story, I really liked it.
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A different, unique thriller that reads as if someone is describing their nightmares.  The story builds from the first as Charlie Comparetto builds the back story, describing the town history and showing us how the people, both good and bad, make it impossible to solve the first crime.  Then jump forward where our main characters must now face the consequences of that long ago act.  a spooky, unsettling read that will keep your attention.
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A group of children are getting ready to play in a cemetery.  They decide to play “ghost in the graveyard.”  It’s a blend of two games, one known as hide and seek and tag.  However there is an accident with one of the children.  A little girl named Martha falls into a grave and is killed.  Ten years later, Sally was on her way home when she thought she saw Martha.  All those children are grown up now and in their final year of high school.  A different group of children want to take a shortcut through the cemetery, even though legend says the ghost of Martha haunts the cemetery.  The bicyclist crashes his bike due to seeing Martha.  He is killed.  His death is investigated.  While the police investigates the death of the boy,  someone with bare feet dragged the boy’s body to a mausoleum  and violate it.  An arm comes out from under the bed with a box and gives it to Sally.  What’s in the box?  The community suspects that it’s her fault the boy died as she had just came home after being gone 10 years.    People are being weird toward Sally.  Why?  Sally is seeing Martha’s ghost which tries to communicate with Sally but Sally can’t hear her.  What will Sally do?

This is a fast reading book.    It’s a horror, paranormal mystery book that held my attention.  Some of the questions I had about Sally weren’t answered.  I enjoyed the plot.  It appears to be the first book of a trilogy.  Hopefully I will get to read the other two books and get my answers.
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A brilliant spooky read, with lots of twists and turns in the
book to keep turning that page.
I loved the witches and the demons and the how the story deepened with Zoe and her mother......It would of been nice to find out more of that but maybe that will be in the next books?!
This was a curled up on the sofa read some in a complete day, and which I thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe it could of been a bit scarier, but it was a fantastic book and I’m really looking forward to the next books!
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Ghost in the Graveyard is one of those books you don’t want to read in the dark of night. Intense and definitely scary this is one of those books best read with all the lights on.

As I received this ARC I have come to realize there is also a movie on Amazon about this book. Wow, definitely an added bonus for those people that need that visual aspect of the storyline. 

Highly recommend this book for anyone who likes a good scary ghost story.
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It's creepy and mysterious so there is definitely an audience for it but I find it very hard to believe this is the finished product.
I think with editing it could probably be quite good but at the moment the writing just isn't up to parr. For example on the first few pages there are already grammatical errors (then instead of than), which has more to do with the publisher then the author themselves I suppose.
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This is an....interesting book. 

I’m really not sure how I feel about it. I’m leaning more towards it not being my cup of tea, but I can’t necessarily put my finger on why. 

The writing seems a little juvenile, which I’m not sure is purposeful or not, as the style from when Sally is 8 is even more immature, so perhaps it’s meant to represent the narrator through her life stages. It’s also very short, which isn’t a bad thing because I’m not sure I’d want a longer book with this writing style. A lot of it is extremely jumbled. This may be partly due to my copy having wonky editing - certain letters missing in words, odd spacing etc - but I genuinely can’t tell if it’s all down to messed up formatting and editing or if the writing is just terrible. I got so lost at about 83%, my head ending up pounding trying to unravel everything. The issue isn’t that the storyline is complex either, it’s just so muddled and unclear. I’m honestly amazed it was ever published, never mind adapted into a film, but here we are. 

The characters are, well, THERE. Can’t say I became too emotionally invested in any of them. As I’m not religious I don’t really get on with heavy religious overtones as storylines, so it COULD simply be a case of the wrong audience for the book, rather than a straightforwardly bad book (it’s not. The book is just bad.). There also seems to be a lot of confusing witches, Wicca and Christianity/Catholicism. The ‘witches’ are implied to be devil worshippers basically, and that couldn’t be further from what witches and Wicca is all about. Just old stereotypes and cliches that really shouldn’t be a plot point in 2019. 

I can’t really tell you much on the storyline. There isn’t much of one. When she was 8 Sally stumbled upon a ritual (again, witches and Beelzebub, nope) and runs for her life. One of her friends, Martha, is injured and killed in the ensuing commotion, and Sally is sent away after she starts to see Martha’s spirit. She’s sent to some nuns who seemingly train her in ‘something’ for readiness for ‘something’ - she learns Krav Maga and fencing amongst other things - but she returns home for her senior year. It’s decided she should come home as her aunt had left her baby (?) after having some issues, so her dad needs Sally and her brother’s help to raise the child, after Sally’s mother was ‘taken’ years before. Sally keeps seeing Martha, who seems to be trying to tell her something. She clashes/teams up with mean girl Zoe, whose mum is an oddball who may be involved in the ‘something’, and starts a romance with Reed, her childhood friend. It turns out that Zoe is in fact a mean girl/witch/demon and is working with her mum and the other town witches/demons to sacrifice Sally, because, reasons. Something about Sally being from an ancient, holy bloodline who would be needed for the prophecies of Revelations. Her family isn’t her family, they’re her protectors, and the baby is another holy bloodline person they’re protecting. That’s pretty much it. That’s the set up. It’s not an especially complex book, which makes it all the more baffling that it’s so very muddled. 

The more I think about it though, the more I think it isn’t just a case of the wrong audience. It’s a bad book. Extremely bad. ‘I cannot believe someone wrote this and it was actually published’ bad. I’ll say it again, witches have zero to do with Christianity and demons. It’s actually really offensive to write them as they are here, I can’t think what possessed the author if I’m honest. 

Sloppy. Badly written. Simple yet painfully muddled and jumbled. Offensive. Mercifully short, yet felt much longer. Don’t torture yourself with this book. Looking at the film reviews, it’s no better as a movie.
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I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Sally is a young woman, haunted by her past, both figuratively and in reality. When she was 8, during a game with her friends, she saw something she shouldn't have, she saw witches performing a ritual. That night, while running away, her best friend Martha died for an accident. Blamed by others and herself for her death, Sally has to suffer through grief and bullying until her parets decided to sent her away. But Sally, for years, kept seeing Martha's ghost, feeling her presence and warmth. Sent away to a monastery, the 7 Sisters, after 10 years Sally came back to her city and family to help a family member with her new child and she finds herself forced to live again in her city, going to school, seeing people she knew from her past. People, like Zoe, another Martha's friend, and her "gang" of mean girls, who tormented and bullied her in the past. Helped by her father, her brother Billy and her friend and maybe something more than that, Reed, Sally has to adapt to her new life, But something is wrong and wihile she begin to search for answer about herself, her family and the witches, she discovers more she has bargain for.

The ghost in the graveyard is a very fast reading, little more than 100 pages and the story is narrated from Sally's POV in first person, so we can see and feel through her eyes. The story is fast paced, full of mysteries and twists. 


I wish it would have been more developed, more built. For me this story could have been better. Much better, for the writing and the plot. I didn't like the writing, I find it monotone, like reading a diary, but without emotions, like a shopping list. And I couldn't like or being involved in the story, because it was too rushed, too full. I was attracted by the plot, but the output disappointed me.
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This was a good story, but the dialogue was strange. The names and dialogue both made the story seem like it was happening longer ago. Then, a character would pull out a cell phone, and it would be rather jarring. Overall, I liked the plot, but the dialogue and TYPOS (so many typos) were really distracting.
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The horror aspect of this book is interesting but dear god, the description of female characters is utterly awful and put me off the story straight away. The writing itself was not very interesting and felt like reading a twelve year Old's diary rather than a history of a young woman. Again, the idea of it was really interesting but some serious work needs to be done on projecting the characters as more than just sex objects.
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I was confused but still think it was a good reading experience.
The book is the best match for Halloween
and that front, fucking is beautiful and disgusting!

What made me confused was the deals and maybe because I was a little stressed through the story, there were a lot of good spooky elements!

But if you need a quick thrill with pretty pretty face
so would call recommending this book, although I was confused it was still good!

Thank you for Arc-Ebook Netgalley
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3.5 Stars
This had such a creepy vibe throughout, which was brilliant for a quick read around Halloween, or for when you fancy a quick creepy read. The story itself had me gripped to the book and I read this in one sitting because I wanted answers, just like Sally, our MC. But sadly, once I finished reading this book, not all of my questions were answered and I was left feeling dissatisfied. There may be a reason why this is, the possibility of more books to come, but there were one of two things I just would’ve liked. 

This is also, like a said, a short read, so there wasn’t that much chance for too much development of the story or of the characters, which I would’ve liked to have seen. However, as I’m unsure where this is leading to, whether this was a prequel novella that’s going to start a series which will develop a lot more, will be lengthier in order to not feel rushed, then this is a brilliant start. It’s definitely peaked my interest and I do want to read more and see where the characters go from here. The imagery is there as I could see it all play out perfectly in my head while reading it, like a film or tv show. 

I do hope to see how this goes and fingers crossed get answers and see some more of certain characters that were mentioned and hinted at and how it’s all going to develop.
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