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The Girl Who Cheated Death

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This book was WONDERFUL. The suspense was unreal - it was  a page turner from the beginning and rly sucks you in. The plot was like nothing I've ever read. The whole story was beautifully executed, but once you got to about 75%, it significanly slowed down. It went from being quick, page turning and suspenseful to slow and somewhat dull. Overall - I'd give it a 3.
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An interesting read about The Girl Who Cheated Death and then has the God of Death creeping up on her. As I read along with her fear, I question how meticulous is this God that would not stop being in her mind/view? Really well done for the author to portray her fear and the support she received as a survivor. Might be a trigger to some individuals for the plot but it is a good read to explore the concept plot for what happens after death, or what is expected if you, well, managed to survive death.

Thank you to the author, publisher and Netgalley for approving my request to read this book.
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i really enjoyed reading this, it had a great suspenseful and spooky atmosphere. The characters were great and I really enjoyed the twist in the book.
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I'm not sure why but I just didn't click with this book. I couldn't connect with it. It had a lot of technical jargon that made it seem like it was pointed mostly toward male audiences. I tried to get into it but I just couldn't do it.
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Alex decides not to give her soul to Azrael, the angel of death after an auto accident in which all of her family is killed.  That one act, is the premise for the book The Girl Who Cheated Death by Alan Baker.

I loved the main character, Alex Drummond and her friends, Carl and Kate.  They were very easy to picture and the author had no trouble expressing how good of friends they were.  I wasn’t as fond of her uncle Rick and his wife.  I’m not sure why, but they seem cold to me, and I don’t think that was the author’s intention.  Dr. Khan was a fabulous character.  I wish all doctors would actually listen and believe their patients.

The plot itself was a creepy, somewhat scary story.  Occasionally, there was some confusion, but then the author would get back on track.  I wasn’t expecting the complete turnaround about half way through the book, but the author made it work by the end of the story.  

One of the things I liked about this book was the fact that the author kept the story moving.  I was never bored, and I couldn’t wait to see how he was going to wrap the story up.  The ending was a nice reward for finishing the book.

Thanks to NetGalley, Alan Baker, and Baker Venture Group, LLC for the opportunity to read and review this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ book.
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If you were on the cusp of adulthood, and could see death, how would you react. This is how the entire book goes. What would you sacrifice for normalcy? Or for those you love? I'm not a fan of time jumps in stories, but this webs it all into more of what would happen if alternative realities. 
Love wins in the end, even over death I felt. But, was death really the enemy? It seemed as surprised she could see it.
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I really wanted to like this book, but I felt the author was lacking passion and interest in the writing. I read several chapters in a row but couldn't keep going. The story is interesting, though, but it's not the kind of style I enjoy.
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‘She cheated death once. To bring her family back to life, she'll have to do it again.’

THE GIRL WHO CHEATED DEATH, the first book that I have read by Alan Baker, is a Supernatural Thriller wherein eighteen-year-old Alexandria Drummond's life is changed forever after a horrific car accident […]Alex watches as the Angel of Death, Azrael, takes the souls of her family and now it's haunting her.

This book thoroughly creeped me out, broke my heart, and brought me to tears more than once. 

Admittedly, in the beginning, to me, Alex isn't a very likable character, but as the story progresses, you start to empathize with what she's going through. 

The first half of the novel keeps you guessing, constantly wondering what's going to happen next. Unfortunately, the second half doesn't feel amped up anymore and slows down the pacing a bit, but that didn't prevent me from eagerly wanting to know how the novel ends – My Heart!

Thank you, NetGalley and Baker Venture Group Publishing, LLC, for loaning me an eBook of THE GIRL WHO CHEATED DEATH in exchange for an honest review.
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was a good read was different than expected but definitely in a good way! would recommend it to fellow ya lovers!
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I had a hard time with this book.  Maybe I wasn’t the right audience for it. The first half of the book was good it sucked me in but then it just went sideways. It seemed jumpy at times and I had a hard time following what was going on. I had no emotions towards any of the characters it just wasn’t for me.
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This book was a page turner and kept me involved up until the end where everything fell apart. Such a shame because the author had the chance to create a well written, engrossing story with a satisfying ending. Why he went the direction he did is a mystery andtakes away from everything that went before.
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"A horrific accident introduces a frightening supernatural presence into a young woman’s life, altering both her past and future."

Unfortunately, this book did not work out for me. I was very intrigued by the plot description but it eventually fell flat for me. I found it hard to follow and struggled to finish it. I think my struggles with this book were mostly due to not feeling sympathetic for Alex and her struggles. I just don't think that I was the correct target audience for this read.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for my ARC copy.
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Most of the book was a 'page turner' drawing the reader in and creating a desire to know what was going to happen next. There are several spots where the writer (& the reader) get lost. I'm thinking better editing could fix that.
Secondly the ending was to me very unsatisfing. Loved the creative epilogue but believe Mr. Baker, with a little more effort, could have given Alex a much better send off. Anticlimactic is the word that comes to mind. Maybe the ending was by design and the reader is supposed to fill in the blanks. If this is the case I'd rate the book a 2. As it stands I'm angry I invested my time and emotional energy to get to the poor conclusion.
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I have so many feelings about this book!

I had no idea what to expect but, for the most part, I really enjoyed The Girl Who Cheated Death. This book was spooky and atmospheric, mysterious and creepy, all the best things when it comes to horror. I have no idea what I would do if I were in Alex's shoes, being able to see the things that she sees. The Girl Who Cheated Death makes us really examine death from a fascinating if not almost tragic lens, but- this didn't turn me off, in the slightest. If anything it only deepens the creep-factor throughout the story.

My only complaint is that I feel that the story could've been tighter overall. The plot would meander occasionally or the characters (or reader) would get lost and have to backtrack. But even these moments were few and I enjoyed my read through of this new debut.

Thanks so much to Netgalley for my copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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I enjoyed this book. It was an intriguing idea - that after surviving a car accident that took the lives of the rest of her family that Alex would be able to see Azriel, the angel of death. The story describes the events after this moment and how Alex tries to change events so that things in the future (and past) can change. Through it all she enlists the help of her school friends - best friend Kate and old friend Carl.

I enjoyed how the story generally enfolded and was interested in the central premise, although I found some of the action slightly teenage-oriented.
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The Girl Who Cheated Death, reminded me of the movie The Butterfly Effect. In the story Alex is tormented by the Angel of Death after she survives a crash which kills her family. The story was captivating and kept me reading until the end with unexpected twists. There were so many twists and unexpected things that the book kept you on the edge of your seat. Not to the readers:  there were some mature content of the sexual nature and some violence. This book should not be read by immature readers just for this reason. 

I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Because it is an unfinished copy, there were some print issues to be aware of. The first chapters are missing a few sentences and The TH is omitted from the beginning of words that begins with it.
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The Girl Who Cheated Death by Alan Baker is a thriller which is very intriguing. The story is about a happy teenager, Alexandra who suddenly loses her family in an accident while she the lone survivor. 

Alex starts questioning her own sanity when she sees a strange figure who goes around capturing souls from dying people. Nobody believes her story but finally she finds her friend Carl and Dr. Khan on her side. The frequent encounters from the Angel of Death Azrael scare her to death. Alex travels back in time when she accidentally changes an event in future. Eventually, she figures the reason behind the visits of Azrael. 

Alex decides to bring her family back by changing an event in future. The story is a little complicated. The theory of Newcomb's paradox is applied in the story. 

I enjoyed the story. I received the book's free copy in return for a review from #NetGalley. Thanks to #BooksGoSocial for sharing this book with me. The story, the female lead, the paranormal side and the suspense are a huge plus to this story.
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I just could not get into this book, the protagonist's voice would not allow me to lose myself in the story. The premise seems so intriguing but the inner monologue was too annoying.
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I found this story to be an emotional roller coaster for me. Many times, I felt I related to Alex and her story. I cried many times while reading it and I must say that It often felt that her story was my story. That her joys and pains were mine as well. It was often a tough text to read as I have myself suffered great loss in my life barely a few months shy of four years ago. So yeah, for me that loss happened a short time ago so it was easy to feel the main character's loss.
Alex will discover many things in her short 18th year of her existance. She looses her family - her mother, father and baby sister - to a terrible car crash, but what she finds out after the crash will change her life forever. 
Azrael, the angel of death, comes around like he has countless times in humanity, but this time, his work leaves a witness, one that he cannot accept is there. 
For most of the story, we see Alex's task to find the truth, to save her family, and she finds the truth about what really is time travel and how she can twart the plans of the angel of death.
This book is written in the first person point of view, and it is written in Alex's point of view. Through it all, we go through with her the loss, the pain, the fear, the uncertainty. We also find out that what we might think is the truth, might not quite be the case. 
Yes, Alex is the girl who cheated death, but at what cost?
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This book follows Alex Drummond, a teenage girl and sole survivor of a terrible car wreck which killed her family. Now, she’s being chased by the angel of death. With the help of her friends, Alex begins to fight back, determined to defeat death. 

Alex blames herself for the death of her family, since they were in the car because of her actions earlier that fateful day. She must battle her own feelings of guilt and grief, while simultaneously racing from Azrael, the angel of death. This book contains many religious themes and threads, which I didn’t mind. The religious element isn’t aggressive or “shoved down” anyone’s throat. Instead, it asks big questions and explores the answers in unique and unusual ways. 

I found the tension to be a gradual and organic build throughout the plot. Some might find it a bit slow, but if it moved quicker, the character development would have felt forced. As is, Alex’s character arc develops in a believable fashion as her emotions tumble through the stages of grief. She proves to be a strong, dynamic young woman whose courage grows exponentially throughout.

I will note that the sexual assault scene happens in Act One, at a party Alex attends. The young man she’s with takes advantage of her, not rape, but still triggering. I mention this because while I typically pass on books containing this trigger, I would suggest anyone who might be affected to still give this book a chance because it’s such a powerful read, but to be aware of where the scene is in the book if they wish to avoid the details. 

By the end, I was tearing up. There are a few moments where the believably of the character’s actions come into question, but I’m not to worried about that. It didn’t end as I predicted, or hoped, but it’s fitting to the themes of the books and ultimately, very satisfying. Please, give it a try!
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