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This book was not exactly what I was expecting. Lucas and Elodie have known one another for a while, but despite the attraction they both feel, Lucas holds Elodie at a distance. At first she thinks it must be because he isn’t interested in her romantically, but she learns that Lucas has another reason for putting her off, one that he won’t share with her. This book is one in a series, and the characters from other books appear quite often. I’m not sure what it was, but I just couldn’t get invested in this one. It felt a bit more like a chick lit novel than a true romance. It was well written, but just not quite my cup of tea.
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Where do I start? Firstly, I have been anticipating reading Lucas & Elodie's story since finishing the Tough Love series where I first met them. I fell so hard for Lucas nearly immediately and Elodie barged right in easily. Elodie is one of the strongest heroines I have read, highly intelligent and headstrong but also vulnerable and caring.

As the story begins, Lucas has learned of a life altering diagnosis. He already cares deeply for Elodie but holds her at an arms length convinced she will resent him over time. Elodie, ever committed to pursuing what she wants, doesn't allow Lucas to make grand decisions without her. Doesn't she get a say? she asks. Lucas and Elodie clearly had amazing chemistry.

As the story continues, you get a glimpse into love and life with all its hardships along with happiness. There was absolute swoonworthy love and kindhearted moments mixed realistic obstacles that completely wrenched my heart. I felt literally everything for these characters, their losses were my losses, their victories were my victories. When a book can make feel so much, it is a true gem.

Other reasons this book gets all the stars:
-Extraordinary friendships. True platonic love between Nairne, Zed, Lucas, and Elodie. They all shared experiences with each other, helping one another overcome devastation and heartache.
-Representation. Learning to live with a disability, learning to be the partner to someone with a disability. Going through the pain of a miscarriage and the grieving process it involves.
-Beautifully written sexy times. This book didn't feel overtly sexual and I think it's because Chloe wrote with stunning eroticism that blended easily into the story and felt so real and beautiful.

I cannot wait to see what else Chloe has in store for us. Each of her books get better and better.
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I loved  the story and the characters in this book. They were so easy to care and root for. This is my first book by Chloe and I can’t wait to read her next book. The book was hilarious and the dry humour, sarcasm and Harry Potter references tugged are my heart strings. I just wished that maybe she didn’t include so many sex scenes in the book. At least fade some to black just because so felt that it didn’t really help move the story along. Though some I felt did that but definitely not all of them. Lucas was always making me laugh with his thoughts and there were some terribly bad jokes that made me laugh out loud. Elodie was great too. She was so supportive and she listened to everyone’s advice and took it to heart. I can’t wIt to read Teo’s story in the next book in this series.

*Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy for an honest review*
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I really enjoyed reading Lucas and Elodie's story.  The best relationships start with friendship.
They have a real relationship that grabs your interest from the start.  What I liked about this story is that it was REAL.  It was not all sun and roses.  They had their squabbles and heartache like we all do in the real world.
I recommend the purchase of this book.
Thank you Chloe Liese, NetGalley Connect and NetGalley for allowing me this advance copy in exchange for my honest feedback.
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I wasn’t a fan of how this one dealt with a miscarriage, unfortunately. But overall it was an okay read. I do enjoy a good friends to lovers romance and Eloide and Lucas had a good one!
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Can a man & woman only be friends?
In this novel it is obviously a resounding, "NO!" But in the gut wrenching kind of love that every woman wants. This book definitely takes you on a roller coaster of emotions & at time you just want to yell at the characters, "Get your acts together!! You're making life & your relationship so much more difficult than it actually is." But then where would we be with the story? 

Lucas is a very English, Englishman & Elodie is a very French lady who butchers English idioms. Lucas is trying to keep Elodie at arms length because he doesn't want to be in a romantic relationship, with anyone. Though he has feelings for Elodie, he can't bring himself to make her his. She knows that Lucas wants her as much as she wants him but he won't make a move & she doesn't know why.

Eventually Lucas let's go & falls head over heels for Elodie but he still hasn't told her everything. And when he does, he doesn't want any help or her enabling him. But in the process he also pushes her away. They go through a tough miscarriage together that is so heartbreaking. 

This book will have you up, down & all around with your feelings.
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I found that I had a hard time getting into this novel but I felt a sense of kinship with elodie. The romance is slow and sweet and worth the wait.
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“You said you’d rather be a fool for my love than a wise man without me.”
“Because, that’s love for you, Though I amend my statement. Love works both ways, not exclusively. It humbles and elevates us. It makes both fools and wise men of us, doesn’t it?”

My first book by Chloe Liese and I loved it! This spinoff book about Lucas and Elodie was a well written Heartwarming, sweet, emotional and sexy story. I need to read the first series by this author because I was in love with the Characters of Zed & Nairne. 

Lucas and Elodie have been friends for a while, they have undeniable chemistry, and they are perfect for each other, so what is stopping them from being together? Lucas gets a piece of news that will change his life forever, he doesn’t want to burden anyone & he believes he could never get a happy family life because of that. Still, circumstances put him an Elodie living and working together. Even with Elodie and everyone around him making sure Lucas feels loved during this change, he needs to go on a journey of self-acceptance, and he believes that he could be happy and thrive even with a life-changing situation.
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The characters get you right from the start. What I loved about this story is that it's not just some silly romcom. It's got heart and shows you that sometimes you really have to work at something if you truly desire a positive outcome.
The story of how Lucas and Elodie went from Strictly Friends to so much more will have you rooting for them every step of the way. Definitely a book you need to pick up and read.
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I really enjoyed this book, it was cute, but this was not exactly what I was expecting. I loved Lucas' dry humour but his attitudes towards Elodie seems too harsh at times, he was just really irrational and still in denial months after his diagnosis that he'd eventually lose his sight. So I can't say I was a big fan of his personality when it came to dealing with real problems.
Elodie is a strong woman who grew up in a dysfunctional household. I do think she got her job in London a bit too easily considering it wasn't a junior job. Even though she graduated from a great university with a brilliant grade, she had barely any experience in the field so I don't think it's realistic that she got the job right away when it's stated that it wasn't because she was the heir apparent to a huge and successful family company.

Overall it was entertaining and I enjoyed the story.
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I always love international romances and this was no different!  The romances and the laughs really had be interested from page one.  I was unable to read the advanced copy since I unfortunately did not get a notification of being approved, but I went and bought a copy for my shelf.  This is a romance novel you can reread year after year and you'll never lose interest!
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First off I want to say I loved the representation that happened in this book. Lucas going blind is something we don't ever see happening in most books. The way he denied it and avoided it for so long is a very real thing for a lot of people in the disability community because like it was mentioned in the book your angry and grieving all at the same time that it's progressively getting worse. It's hard to explain that to the people you love while it's happening and the way the author showed that was very real. 
Lucas and Elodie's relationship is a friend to lover's story which is something that really helps them as their relationship progresses along with his loss of sight. 
They're Strictly Friends is a spin-off to the tough love books so we do see Zed and Nairne as they are Lucas and Elodie's best friends. This friendship is one that I love and the conversations they had were important. Nairne's way of helping Lucas coming to terms with things while also showing Elodie how to help or not help in some situations. 

Overall I did enjoy this book and how it showed disability in a real and positive light all while being a romance. 
I could have done without all of the sex scenes that happened as it was there a way of dealing with things instead of communicating.
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Special thanks to Chloe Liese & Netgalley for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

I really loved this one. STRICTLY FRIENDS is my first title from Chloe Liese. I definitely want to read more of her books. This book is heartwarming, hopeful & romantic. 

Lucas thinks he has his future all figured out. Then, he receives debilitating news that upends his plans. We’ve all bee there, right?

I found it very easy to connect to Elodie. She put her foot in her mouth trying to fit in & deal with everything. Elodie is also a very smart, determined, funny & relatable strong woman. 

The character development in STRICTLY FRIENDS is incredible. Every character has a purpose & reason. As someone with a disability, I’ve had MS for over 25 years, I related to Lucas as he receives a life-changing diagnosis. There’s also plenty of discussion in this book dealing with physical disabilities that I found to be relatable. 

Overall, this is a great read that I highly recommend. read this if you’re in the mood for a pick me up. 4.5 stars for me.
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This was a good and interesting book, and certainly had more meat to it than your typical chick lit. I enjoyed that the characters were fully formed, not just chick lit stereotypes. However, it did start to drag a little bit for me. It felt repetitive at some points, and slightly tightening up with editing would take it to 5 stars!
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The synopsis sounded great & like everything I love in a romance but I struggled a lot to get into this one and eventually just had to DNF it. I just didn’t care about the characters, finding their personalities cringy.
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If I’m not reading my usual fantasy novel, I love me a good romance/romcom because I am a sucker for such themes, books, movies, etc. I really enjoy a good romance novel once in a while. So, while I was going through my NetGalley, They’re Strictly Friends by Chloe Liese was one of the top recommended on my dashboard. First, the cover is really quite pretty so I clicked, then the blurb sounds such a good time and so, here we are, a couple hundred pages later.

They’re Strictly Friends is my first read from Chloe Liese, and I was pleasantly surprised with her writing and the themes. It isn’t your typical trope-y love story. On the contrary, it deals with the real hard things in life you may or may not go through with a partner. At the same time, it gives such a real depiction towards certain hardships that people face. The book tackled about the beauty and madness of being in love, and having to share that madness with someone. The struggles of staying in love, and keeping the relationship.

We meet Lucas, he is a full fledged British bloke, he was an ex-football player, representing United and is now facing a crisis in his life and at the same time, trying to hold the reigns on their family business. Then there’s Elodie, fiery, beautiful, and Parisian, she is the epitome of a go-getter. She also experiences a family mishap and she finds herself in London, with her found family and keeping her head in check and her feet on the ground. The blurb made me think that probably, Lucas and Elodie are enemies turned to lovers. But on the contrary, the both of them share a common group of friends. They are affectionate to each other and obviously feel so much more than friendship but there was something being held back. I love the multicultural spin on their relationship, how Lucas is tough and secretive with his feelings, while Elodie is an open book. Their chemistry was great and how they blossomed was such a great ride for me. If you’ve read a few of my reviews, you know I love good full rounded characters, and Chloe Liese did not skimp out on the layers on these ones.

I extremely enjoyed They’re Strictly Friends I was surprised that there is another trilogy that spans the relationship of Lucas and Elodie’s friends, Zed and Nairne. And, best believe those books are downloaded and ready for a marathon this holiday season.
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Elodie and Lucas... You broke me! I am trying to calm myself after finishing this story so that I can write a proper review. This book is very emotional, be sure that it will tug at your heartstrings. 

I absolutely loved this story, I mean what's not to love about an inclusive book that talks about disability accurately giving you all the feels ? 

If you're a fan of The Flatshare, you'd totally love this book - it just addresses more sensitive topics.

Let’s sum up the plot shall we ? 

They're Strictly Friends is a friends-to-lovers romance staring Lucas and Elodie. These two were introduced by their friends and they didn't really get along. Until they do start to get along and not only that,- they form a deep emotional bond. While Lucas gets some devastating news at the beginning you'll still keep rooting for them to find their way to each other. Lucas and Elodie try everything to deny their attraction to each other, but once they succumb to it, there shouldn’t be a going back. I emphasized the shouldn’t because Lucas is an extremely stubborn character who definitely doesn’t want to hurt Elodie with his secret disability. Will they be able to overcome his stubbornness ? His disability ? 

The characters and their relationship: 

Lucas has been given news that will greatly impact his future. He feels immense bitterness and anger over his disability. You will definitely feel his pain and understand his thoughts when you know what he has to deal with. His denial felt very realistic and not frustrating at all. I liked how he learned to handle what will come, and admired how he longed to still be independent despite it. 
I loved how British Lucas was, with his stiff upper lip and his love of drinking a drink during a crisis. I adored how he cared and supported the people he truly loved. But most of all, I loved how he wanted to protect Elodie and her feelings all the time. He didn’t want to „drag“ her into the mess his life has become and I found that so sweet and adorable. 

Elodie is a hard worker determined to stand on her two feet without relying on her parents’ help, which really made me admire her. Her love for Lucas was truly inspiring and I grinned every time the two of them bickered. Elodie is french, so there’s a clash of opinion at times, which was cute and funny. 

The term „it’s complicated“ is perfect for the relationship these two are in. Lucas pushing Elodie away, them getting back together and so on was a good portion of the book. Again, I’m not judging. I definitely understood Lucas, so him pushing Elodie away but finally giving in to love was  a realistic action. 

This couple struggled with real issues that couples face all the time. They had to navigate dealing with loss in numerous aspects while trying to navigate falling in love when the odds were against them. We do find that they manage a life together that is comfortable, and at times quite steamy.
They are truly fighting for their love and their relationship, which shows how raw this book really is. 

I am rating this book with 4 stars while raving about it , so why am I abducting 1 star ? 
I was honestly annoyed by Lucas mentioning Elodie’s butt in every chapter, over and over again. I found it odd that every character freely talked about their sex lives with others, which is to an extent okay. But parents talking about it to their own kids? Definitely weird. 
Also, we know that Elodie dealt with quite a hard loss, so I would have loved to see how she coped with that, and what her feelings were. Instead the author pushed these emotions aside and only mentioned the loss briefly. That was quite disappointing. 

To sum it up, I highly enjoyed this book and can recommend it to you with good conscience ! The fact that the author includes a disability and writes about it so accurately, shows how important it is to talk about disabilities in general and how to live with them. The book has so much depth and heart, the characters deal with some real life issues and it touches you in many ways.
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I will preface this with saying, I wish I had looked into the author before reading this book, I didn't know this was a follow up to a series. I wasn't totally lost, but I do feel like I missed out! I need to go back and read the series we get before this book. It was hilarious. I like when a romantic comedy is able to explore Grief and and Anxiety while also having a romance and love at the core of the story. The author really captured two people facing some of life's most difficult challenges. I adored Lucas, so much. This is a must read romance, one of the best rom-com's I've read all year!
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This is my first time reading Chloe Liese thanks to Netgalley for giving me this ARC!

The tittle ' They're Strictly Friend' doesn't sound relevant because Elodie and Lucas end up together.Even their relationship progress too fast lol 

This book deals with grief, anger, loss and etc.
 Btw Elodie has PCOS and she got pregnant easily like what?? Then miscarriage and moved on after a few days asdfghjkl 🤣 If that happen to me, I don't think I can do that. Andddddd she got pregnant again hahaahaaa 

I love Zed and Nairne more than the main characters lol Oh Kai too!! 

3.5 🌟
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I tried to like this and at the beginning I was enjoying it, but I felt the author dealt with serious issues in the story insensitively , this made it hard for me to complete but by the end because of this I just wasn’t invested. Sorry.

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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