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I really enjoyed the dialogues and especially the translations in this book. Some slang just can’t be translated. 🙂 In many ways this dichotomy was reflected in families not communicating and how in politics what is said isn’t exactly what is meant. The author made the characters and situations very real and honest. I appreciated not wrapping the book up in a neat bow. Life is messy. Politics is messy. Families are messy. 
The second story line centers around the environment. How all of our actions have consequences in the environment. It really makes you think.
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A wonderful story of activism, finding your voice, and using it to make a change. YA as a genre needs more books like this, powerful books that readers will love.
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Running is an incredible story that showcases many of the themes which will draw in YA readers: friendship, finding your voice, family, and political activism. Particularly in an election year, this book will be incredibly important for students looking for ways to get involved in decision making. Natalia Sylvester presents a real and nuanced main character whose family and experiences never fall into caricature. Highly recommend this great book.
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Mari is like any 15 year old girl.  She wants to fit in at school, to be a good daughter and to be able to express herself.  Unfortunately, her father is running for president.  She cannot have an online presence, which is practically unheard of these days.  She has to dress and act a certain way.  Worst if all, she gas to expose herself to her fathers constituents.  
Her dad wants to be a good father.  He also wants Mari to let the whole country come into their home in a televised interview.  More embarrassing is that he wants to let the world, and mire importantly her high school, see her personal bedroom.
The day of the interview, Mari breaks down and ends up running, not away, but to a friends house to chill and gain her bearings.  When one of dads staffers panics and lets out she is missing, things go haywire.
From that point on, there is conflict between Mari and dad.  She wants to fix it but feels that she shouldn’t cave in to what’s he wants when it crumpled her.  Mari finds her voice by the end but she must go through so much.
This is a great story that allows you to live vicariously through a politicians daughters life.  Mari goes through her ups and downs but finds herself in the end.  I love the struggles she experiences with friends, family and the world at large.
Ma. Sylvester, I look forward to reading more from you!
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