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Another excellent book from Lisa Gardener. This one kept me awake into the night wanting to find out what happened next!
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A well written fantastic, good old fashioned thriller. I’ve read a few books by Lisa Gardner and she hasn’t yet disappointed, 

A great read
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Flora Dane is a young woman who survived being held captive for over 12 months by Jacob Ness - now 8 years later, she is a vigilante who occasionally helps the police for other crimes possibly linked to him.  
When two hikers find an old bone in the forest and identified as an old case, Detective DD Warren is called in to assist with the investigation.  Flora Dane and Keith Howard also join in.

In a small, quaint little town - they start searching for the remaining bones and instead unearth a decades old secret and more bodies.

Helping them is a teenager mute girl who finds a way through her drawings to unravel the secrets kept hidden for so long.

This is very different to the normal abduction story lines and keeps you in suspense right up to the end.

A brilliant book.
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Just how a thriller should be. A very captivating read. With plenty of trauma and bodies this book is a bout a girl who was kept in a box by a serial killer. The characters were well written and the story was kept at a good pace
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A fantastic psychologically disturbing read. Everything you want in a thriller; bodies, trauma, abuse, love, kidnap and torment. All the characters are believable and draw you into their pasts as well as coping with the present. You feel as though you really know them individually. This was totally enthralling. It had everything including a great twist. 
A woman who survived being held in a box for a year by a serial killer now working with the FBI and yet still dealing with her own demons - a brilliant piece of fiction. I will be looking forward to reading more of Lisa Gardners work.
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My first question, picking this up, was how it would work as a standalone read, being part of an apparently extensive series.

Well, in my opinion, it works as a standalone. Fairly well, at least. There are elements of enormous backstory to the characters that are mentioned in such a way that they're sometimes not given enough gravitas or sound ludicrous without enough time for a new reader to explore them, but I wouldn't let that stop you from picking the book up.

The book opens with a narration by a nameless character, a young girl. The scene is free of much context to place it in a timeline, but is a fantastically shocking way to open the book and kickstart the story.

What follows is a fairly lengthy portion of introduction to various characters – many of whom have appeared in previous books in the series. There are a lot of names and jobs for a newcomer to wrap their head around, but when the story finally kicks into gear, with one pivotal meeting between two characters, it's worth it.

It's refreshing to read a crime thriller where almost every main character (and authority figure) is a woman. It was an eye-opener to realise how rare that is. However, one of the key male characters – Keith – was someone I had a very hard time connecting with. He's written as, in my opinion, too much of a Mary Sue character. He always conveniently can read Flora's thoughts, every thought or theory he has about the case turns into a lead, and his computer wizardry seems to conveniently play a part at all the right moments.

Another issue I had with Keith was his relationship to Flora. Flora, a character with a hugely traumatic past, and Keith, a man who met her through his fascination with that trauma. The way that he appears to be studying her at every moment made me feel uncomfortable. It's addressed, albeit very briefly, in the book, and it's something that possibly would make more sense had I read previous books featuring him.

The story itself is gripping, full of twists and turns, and even if the reader may be able to put together some pieces of the puzzle, I very much doubt that they'd figure out much of the end result. It's a full-on action thriller at times, written in such a way that it's easy to picture every location in the mind's eye.

The overall location of a quiet Georgia mountain town was an excellent setting too. Small town dynamics with questions about who, if anyone, can be trusted, plus the creepiness of a forested expanse hiding secrets, makes for a powerful tool in setting the mood.

The book isn't perfect – quite often I found myself almost rolling my eyes at some overly convenient coincidences driving the story, but it's a meaty page-turner and I'd recommend to anyone who is intrigued by the blurb.
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When You See Me, is a thriller that deals with investigating a series of grisly murders. The chapters alternate between the characters, one of which is 'The Girl' who is one of the victims of the monster who killed her mother and is keeping her captive. As the investigating officers return to the scene of a recent shallow grave, they soon realise they are dealing with a serial predator. More shallow graves are discovered and as residents of the mountain town are interviewed, suspicions are raised that this may be a criminal enterprise on a scale nobody could have predicted.
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I really enjoyed this story, it was really well developed and the plot had me completely HOOKED!

The pace for the book was spot on, it was fast enough for me to want to keep turning the pages and I stayed up late reading in to the early hours and that for me is the sign of a brilliant read! It was dark, gritty and had an edge to it – PERFECT!

I thought that the characters were well developed and they worked so well with the plot, and it was great to be able to catch up with old friends but I will say that this one can also be read fine as a stand-alone so there is no reason for you to not pick up a copy!

It is 5 stars from me for this one - I really enjoyed it and it is definitely one that I will be very recommending – I loved the writing style and it was a brilliant thriller!
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the arc, which I have enjoyed reading.
DD Warren, Kimberley Quincy and Flora Dane are all together in this book, which makes for an interesting storyline and enjoyable read. Their investigations take them to a small town deep in the hills of Georgia, where something seems to be going deeply wrong. A fascinating read and an awesome combination of strong female characters.
Highly recommended.
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This was a brilliant book - characters were really well developed and believable and I really invested in them.  It kept me guessing throughout and had plenty of twists and turns.  The plot drew me in more and more as it developed and was really gripping  Highly recommended.
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The latest book in the brilliant D D Warren series. 

Nearly a year ago I read "Never Tell" by Lisa Gardner featuring the same characters and absolutely loved it. I was surprised to discover that it was the 10th book in the series but this did not matter as it was easy to read as a standalone. This also applies to this book, the 11th in the series, although I probably enjoyed it a little more purely because I was familiar with the main characters. 

The story begins when a body is discovered in the hiking trails north of Atlanta. It turns out to be a young girl who has been killed in a way that points to the serial killer Jacob Ness. However, when further graves and bodies are discovered, despite Ness having been killed by his victim Flora Dane in one of the previous books, this must mean that there is another serial killer on the loose. 

D D Warren and FBI agent Kimberley Quincy are brought in to investigate and asks Flora to help with the investigation. Since her incarceration with Jacob Ness for over a year ending with her killing him, she has been asked to help out with any crimes connected to him and also to try and offer help to victims of similar crimes. This time there is another character, Keith Edgar, a computer nerd but also obsessed with serial killers. Part of the story involves the budding relationship between him and Flora showing the first signs of her beginning to live a normal life again. 

As the plot develops it is obvious that there is another killer at large and signs that there are various other residents of the small town of Niche who are involved. The Mayor and his wife have been running a small hotel for many years but their staff consists of young girls who act as maids and one in particular has been attacked and is unable to speak. We find out what has happened to her in flashbacks throughout the book. Her story is shocking and DD Warren is drawn to her and establishes a means of communication to find out the true story of the horrors that have been done in the area. 

The Mayor’s wife then hangs herself but was it really suicide? The Mayor is then also killed whilst being held in prison and it is obvious that there is a killer who is able to kill his victims seemingly whenever he chooses and the inhabitants of the town seem unable or more probably unwilling to help. DD Warren and Kimberley Quincy with the help of Flora and Keith slowly unravel the horrific story of what has been happening over many years and it was a fascinating read. 

I am not sure if this series will be continued but if it is I want to read the next book. I have read other books by Ms Gardner unconnected to this series and have also thoroughly enjoyed them so would be happy to read any future books by this author whatever the subject. A really enthralling book.    


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When You See Me is yet another perfect-for-cold-weather read I recommend for anyone who loves their books about sinister small towns, powerful women, and fast-paced storytelling.
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This gripping crime thriller kept me awake until the early hours. The fast-paced police procedural was intricately plotted, gritty and all-consuming. It starts when a human bone is found by a couple hiking and ends with a town in absolute turmoil.

DD Warren is sent to Georgia where the remains of a young girl are found. An FBI task force has been put together headed by Special Agent Kimberley Quincy and accompanied by civilian Flora Dane, a kidnap survivor turned vigilante. The local Sherriff is part of the task force, along with Flora’s friend Keith an expert in criminology and a computer whizz.

The team suspects that the bones are the victims of deceased predator Jacob Ness. Flora knew Ness well, he kidnapped and held her hostage for over a year.

An intricate search plan in the remote Appalachian mountains is put into action and other bodies are revealed.

Are these also the victims of Jacob Ness or is more than one killer involved?
Interspersed throughout the chapters is the voice of a young girl who is captured, traumatised and unable to speak. The words of the nameless girl are so harrowing I was desperate to find out who could perform such unspeakable crimes. As the story progresses the girl is given the name Bonita and communicates through pictures and the use of colour to portray feelings.

This brilliant crime thriller really keeps you guessing. The twists and turns make it difficult to know who to trust and the writing is completely compelling and expertly researched. Each character in the task force has their own skillset which became vital at different times in the story. I felt carried along on a journey with them, desperate for each one to remain safe and ended the book feeling tired and emotional.

Definitely one of my favourite crime thrillers for a long time!
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What a page turner! So exciting with twists and turns keeping the reader captivated and feeling like they are in the story. 
This book follows on from the author’s last book which I’m glad I’d read as it helps make sense of the story and the characters. 
In this particular book, the main characters discover a grave with a body, only to find more bodies than they are expecting and discovering that they have stumbled upon a town with secrets that even the local sheriff didn’t suspect. 
A great read with a satisfying ending,
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When You See Me by Lisa Gardner

Two hikers in the hills of Georgia, USA, discover human bones. It is believed that this is one of the old stomping grounds of serial killer and rapist Jacob Ness. FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy and Sergeant Detective DD Warren have been chasing the trail of Ness for a long time and now, at last, there is a chance to find the remains of missing young women and return them to their families. They are accompanied to the small, remote town of Niche by Flora Dane, the Ness victim who got away. Flora survived for 472 days with a monster, most of that time stored in a pine box, emerging only now and then to be fed or far worse. She now works as a consultant, helping DD Warren to find and release other abducted people. But now Flora is given the chance to finally save herself, to find answers, stop the nightmares and begin living in some degree of peace.

Niche is rarely troubled by the outside world and what at first seems charming and eccentric to the detectives and their team, soon becomes something very different indeed. This is a community built upon secrets and Kimberly, DD and Flora will be tested to their very limits as they discover that whatever they thought they knew about evil, it was just the beginning.

Lisa Gardner is a wonderful crime written who has written many excellent novels, including her DD Warren series, which is now eleven books long. My favourites, though, are the last four for the very good reason that they feature Flora Dane, a fantastic character. Flora isn’t just incredible for what she has endured and survived but also for what she does to cope with it and to help others who have been in similar situations. Flora is traumatised and the signs of that are everywhere but she is rebuilding her life, perhaps even finding love, and she has the most enormous courage and bravery. We’ve seen Flora grow over these books and so, for that reason, I’d suggest that you start with the first of the four books, Find Her. But you could also read When You See Me as a stand alone crime thriller, if you wish.

When You See Me tells an engrossing story set in the perfect location for it – a remote town in the mountains, with its occasional grand wooden house with verandas, its hiking trails and thick forests. Everybody knows everybody else and Kimberly, DD, Flora and the others are not only outsiders, they’re also people of interest. They are watched and scrutinised. I don’t want to give away anything about what they discover in Niche but it is sinister, disturbing and frightening. It is very hard to put this book down.

I enjoyed the way that the novel switches perspectives between Kimberly, DD and Flora. I’m heavily invested in all three of them. While Kimberly seems less prominent than the other two in this book, her role in Flora’s rescue makes her integral to the series and I was pleased to see her again here. It is DD who I love the most in When You See Me. She has such a warmth to her and this is more apparent than ever in this novel. Her relationships with others, include Flora, are so beautifully drawn, and now we watch her establish another relationship with somebody else who needs her and who she needs to help.

When You See Me is an excellent novel. It’s richly atmospheric, exciting and full of fascinating characters, some good and some not at all. Both are a joy to read. There are disturbing themes. The novel takes us to dark places. But it is an enthralling crime thriller – moody, exciting and brilliantly written, as you’d expect from this wonderful author.

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When two hikers stumble across some human bones in the woods they are thought to be from the victims of Jacob Ness so Detective Warren and FBI agent Kimberley Quincy are sent to investigate. They take along Flora Dane which was the only victim of Ness to survive and they find so much more than they bargained for. When further 'bodies' are uncovered they look at the neighbouring folks and they come across a young servant who can't talk at all but she obviously understands more than some give her credit for. Were they all victims of Jacob Ness or is there a more sinister reason for them to have been buried there ?I liked the different perspectives on the case as and trying to patch them together makes for very interesting reading, this is a fast paced book which has you thinking you have solved the crimes only to find there is another clue which throws you into a different direction. You really do have to read it for yourselves.
Thank you to NetGalley for the kindle book.
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This is definitely a must read recommend from me. I'm a huge fan of Lisa Gardner and When You See Me does not disappoint. 
This book was a real page-turner for .There was tension throughout the book and I loved how the story was told from various points of view. For me this added to the tension and helped set the mood for the book which was dripping with suspense. 
I also loved the coming together of Gardners protagonists, a really great idea! Hugely recommend!
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I haven't read any LIsa Garder books in a while, but this was a great reintroduction back into her world. This is another great addition to her library.
DD Warren and Kimberley Quincy are recurrent characters through lots of her books, and it was great to continue more with their stories. I met Flora Dane for the first time in this book, and realised I'd missed a couple of books with more about her in.
I would really recommend this series for any thrillers fans, although not for the faint-hearted!
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Having read the 10th book in this series I was delighted to be given the 11th to read via Netgalley. I was more aware in this book of the characters having interesting and complex back stories but this still read excellently as a stand-alone. The characters are well drawn, the plot was complex  and all the strands threaded their way to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. I must make time to go back to the beginning of this series to understand fully what each of these characters bring to the table.
Many thanks to Netgalley/Lisa Gardner/Random House for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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OMG, this book was absolutely awesome! I recently read the previous book in the series but this book was much more engaging than the last (and the last book was a 5 star read!). Both DD Warren and Kimberley Quincey meet up once again when a fifteen year old grave is discovered with possible links to the now dead serial killer Jacob Ness. In addition to them Jacob’s one survivor Flora Dane is also called in with her new side kick Keith.

This story started with lots of depth and numerous characters introduced in the small town where the body is found. It soon becomes apparent that the people living in the town all have their own weird quirks and in no time at all there not only more bodies but danger at every corner.

The story unfolds with lots of open possibilities and Lisa Gardner does an amazing job of introducing the characters linked to each element of the story. Although I have history with the series it could potentially be read as a standalone, but is much more enjoyable having read about the characters previously. Especially when it comes to Flora who I think has been an excellent addition.

I read this in one day and devoured the pages whilst I put aside the day to day chores because I just couldn’t put it down. A truly engaging story which I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend
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