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When You See Me by Lisa Gardner

Two hikers in the hills of Georgia, USA, discover human bones. It is believed that this is one of the old stomping grounds of serial killer and rapist Jacob Ness. FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy and Sergeant Detective DD Warren have been chasing the trail of Ness for a long time and now, at last, there is a chance to find the remains of missing young women and return them to their families. They are accompanied to the small, remote town of Niche by Flora Dane, the Ness victim who got away. Flora survived for 472 days with a monster, most of that time stored in a pine box, emerging only now and then to be fed or far worse. She now works as a consultant, helping DD Warren to find and release other abducted people. But now Flora is given the chance to finally save herself, to find answers, stop the nightmares and begin living in some degree of peace.

Niche is rarely troubled by the outside world and what at first seems charming and eccentric to the detectives and their team, soon becomes something very different indeed. This is a community built upon secrets and Kimberly, DD and Flora will be tested to their very limits as they discover that whatever they thought they knew about evil, it was just the beginning.

Lisa Gardner is a wonderful crime written who has written many excellent novels, including her DD Warren series, which is now eleven books long. My favourites, though, are the last four for the very good reason that they feature Flora Dane, a fantastic character. Flora isn’t just incredible for what she has endured and survived but also for what she does to cope with it and to help others who have been in similar situations. Flora is traumatised and the signs of that are everywhere but she is rebuilding her life, perhaps even finding love, and she has the most enormous courage and bravery. We’ve seen Flora grow over these books and so, for that reason, I’d suggest that you start with the first of the four books, Find Her. But you could also read When You See Me as a stand alone crime thriller, if you wish.

When You See Me tells an engrossing story set in the perfect location for it – a remote town in the mountains, with its occasional grand wooden house with verandas, its hiking trails and thick forests. Everybody knows everybody else and Kimberly, DD, Flora and the others are not only outsiders, they’re also people of interest. They are watched and scrutinised. I don’t want to give away anything about what they discover in Niche but it is sinister, disturbing and frightening. It is very hard to put this book down.

I enjoyed the way that the novel switches perspectives between Kimberly, DD and Flora. I’m heavily invested in all three of them. While Kimberly seems less prominent than the other two in this book, her role in Flora’s rescue makes her integral to the series and I was pleased to see her again here. It is DD who I love the most in When You See Me. She has such a warmth to her and this is more apparent than ever in this novel. Her relationships with others, include Flora, are so beautifully drawn, and now we watch her establish another relationship with somebody else who needs her and who she needs to help.

When You See Me is an excellent novel. It’s richly atmospheric, exciting and full of fascinating characters, some good and some not at all. Both are a joy to read. There are disturbing themes. The novel takes us to dark places. But it is an enthralling crime thriller – moody, exciting and brilliantly written, as you’d expect from this wonderful author.

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When two hikers stumble across some human bones in the woods they are thought to be from the victims of Jacob Ness so Detective Warren and FBI agent Kimberley Quincy are sent to investigate. They take along Flora Dane which was the only victim of Ness to survive and they find so much more than they bargained for. When further 'bodies' are uncovered they look at the neighbouring folks and they come across a young servant who can't talk at all but she obviously understands more than some give her credit for. Were they all victims of Jacob Ness or is there a more sinister reason for them to have been buried there ?I liked the different perspectives on the case as and trying to patch them together makes for very interesting reading, this is a fast paced book which has you thinking you have solved the crimes only to find there is another clue which throws you into a different direction. You really do have to read it for yourselves.
Thank you to NetGalley for the kindle book.
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This is definitely a must read recommend from me. I'm a huge fan of Lisa Gardner and When You See Me does not disappoint. 
This book was a real page-turner for .There was tension throughout the book and I loved how the story was told from various points of view. For me this added to the tension and helped set the mood for the book which was dripping with suspense. 
I also loved the coming together of Gardners protagonists, a really great idea! Hugely recommend!
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I haven't read any LIsa Garder books in a while, but this was a great reintroduction back into her world. This is another great addition to her library.
DD Warren and Kimberley Quincy are recurrent characters through lots of her books, and it was great to continue more with their stories. I met Flora Dane for the first time in this book, and realised I'd missed a couple of books with more about her in.
I would really recommend this series for any thrillers fans, although not for the faint-hearted!
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Having read the 10th book in this series I was delighted to be given the 11th to read via Netgalley. I was more aware in this book of the characters having interesting and complex back stories but this still read excellently as a stand-alone. The characters are well drawn, the plot was complex  and all the strands threaded their way to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion. I must make time to go back to the beginning of this series to understand fully what each of these characters bring to the table.
Many thanks to Netgalley/Lisa Gardner/Random House for a digital copy of this title. All opinions expressed are my own.
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OMG, this book was absolutely awesome! I recently read the previous book in the series but this book was much more engaging than the last (and the last book was a 5 star read!). Both DD Warren and Kimberley Quincey meet up once again when a fifteen year old grave is discovered with possible links to the now dead serial killer Jacob Ness. In addition to them Jacob’s one survivor Flora Dane is also called in with her new side kick Keith.

This story started with lots of depth and numerous characters introduced in the small town where the body is found. It soon becomes apparent that the people living in the town all have their own weird quirks and in no time at all there not only more bodies but danger at every corner.

The story unfolds with lots of open possibilities and Lisa Gardner does an amazing job of introducing the characters linked to each element of the story. Although I have history with the series it could potentially be read as a standalone, but is much more enjoyable having read about the characters previously. Especially when it comes to Flora who I think has been an excellent addition.

I read this in one day and devoured the pages whilst I put aside the day to day chores because I just couldn’t put it down. A truly engaging story which I thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend
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I struggled to get into this book at first. It felt like I was missing something, perhaps a deeper story line that i wasn't aware of. I haven't read Lisa Gardener before and I'm not sure this was the best book to start with. It was interesting and entertaining but it didn't grab me in the way I was hoping and expecting.
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I struggled to get into this at first.  The pacing was a bit ponderous for my taste at the outset.  But that picked up as I persevered.  And I'm glad I did.  The narrative gained speed, the tension ratcheted up and the bad guys were unexpected (for the most part).  Misdirection kept me on my toes and I Was completely immersed in the story by the time I reached the conclusion.

That said, the cast of characters occasionally got a little muddled in my head, and I had to just re-read a few bits.  I suppose that starting this series at book 11 didnt help me too much there.  

Nevertheless, a thrilling read.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
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The story starts with a hiking couple who find a bone, and quickly escalates into a situation where the woods of northern Georgia are the site of at least three skeletons. We see Boston Detective D.D. Warren, FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy and vigilante Flora Dane return in this novel, and a fourth narrator is added – the mute girl called Girl who is renamed Bonita by DD.
Flora is still haunted by her abductor, Jacob Ness, and struggling with the potential relationship with her geek friend, Keith. DD has left her small son at home with her husband. Kimberly Quincy is a tough FBI agent with plenty to prove. As the body count grows, more and more of the small town of Niche is revealed to be hiding some pretty big secrets. Was Jacob behind the murders all along, and reaching out from the grave now? Or is someone else on the scene, someone worse?
It’s an interesting premise – a small town where if you’re not actually involved, you’re either going to pretend you know nothing or be scared into keeping quiet. The motive behind the murders is one that seems to benefit an awful lot of people, rather than one deranged killer. It puts a whole new spin on creepy mountain villages.
Four narrators stretched my capacity to engage with the characters in great depth (something I admit I like to do). The plot had enough twists and turns in it to keep me guessing and interested, but the revelations towards the end felt a little bit unbelievable. That might just be me. The writing is great, as is the pacing. I grew to enjoy Bonita’s chapters more and more as the novel went on. DD has been a character I’ve liked for a long time but she felt a little short-changed here. However, the complexity of plot and various settings demanded different viewpoints, and the various characters were well-drawn. I particularly liked the local sheriff!
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I took a bit longer to get into this book as it did with the last one I read of hers.  It was worth the wait though.  Brilliant plot & loved the characters.   Would recommend this to anyone.
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I adore Lisa Gardner. She is one of my favourite author. Her stories are dark and suspenseful, and her heroines are strong and kick-ass women who don’t let psychopaths hold them down.

In When You See Me, three women come together to form a task force to track down the crimes of notorious predator Jacob Ness. Jacob Ness has been dead for years, but FBI agent Kimberley Quincy, detective D. D. Warren, and Fiona Dane each have their connection to him and when human bones are found on the mountains outside of Atlanta, they all travel to the small town of Niche to figure out if and there are more victims of Jacob Ness.

I loved this story. It’s unique with its mystery, with its secrets, with its claustrophobic atmosphere, and with its human side. The suspense is always high as bodies starts turning up in a small town where everyone seems to be hiding something. If you haven’t read the previous books in the series, not to worry, this can be easily read as a stand-alone. If, like me, you’ve read and enjoyed the previous novels, you’ll find out more about Jacob Ness’s past and, let me tell you, it doesn’t make him look less evil or more human and I bet there is still much more to discover. And while there is darkness in the hills of Georgia, there is also a spark of light and hope as we read about Fiona’s relationship with true-crime geek and computer analyst Keith.

When You See Me is well-researched, fast-paced, and gripping. Some of the scenes are intense and not easy to read. The writing style is clear, captivating, and impressive, while the characters are compelling, likable (the good ones), and entertaining. I love the three women at the center of the story. FBI agent Kimberley Quincy, detective D. D. Warren, and Fiona Dane are completely different and they are unstoppable together. A fantastic team.

When You See Me is another unputdownable must-read by the Queen of Thrillers and I already can’t wait to read her next novel!
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Detective D.D. Warren #11

Teo hikers go off trail and discover human  bones. The victim, Lilah Abenito had been  missing for fifteen years. DS D.D. Warren and FBI SSA Kimberley Quincy join forces along with two civilians, Flora Dane and her boyfriend Kieth Edgar. They believe this to be the work of serial killer, Jacob Ness. Several other graves are uncovered. D.D. wonders if Ness had an accomplice. 

This is the first book that I've read in this series. I did feel that I had missed out on a lot of background information. D.D. and Kimberley must use everything in their power to try and crack this case. The pace is fast from the beginning. I did t guess where this story was going or how it would end. It did have me gripped, needing to find out what had happened. It's also well written and you will  ot want to put it down.

I would like to thank NetGalley, Random House UK and other people Lisa Gardner for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Its been a while since I read a good thriller and this was certainly a good one. It was really well written and packed full of suspense. I haven't read any other books from this author but I will be adding her to my TBR list. I didn't feel like I was missing anything as it brings characters from her other books together, it can be read as a standalone.

I was gripped from the very beginning with this one. it was told from the perspective of multiple people which I think really added to the tension and my interest.
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I’m a huge fan of this author so I was very excited to receive an early copy of her latest book. This series just keeps going from strength to strength and I’m always very impressed with what her imagination comes up with.

There are some fantastic female characters in this book who I found I really admired. They seemed very relatable as they were strong and brave but also quite vulnerable at times. My favourite character was definitely the little girl who I absolutely fell in love with. She has such an amazing attitude and shows such strength that you can’t help but warm to her.

The story behind the case is actually quite a sad, haunting one that was incredibly poignant at times. This didn’t stop me getting really absorbed into the story and to lose myself in the book for hours. There is lots of action and suspense with the tension never really letting up which made the book hard to put down. The ending was absolutely amazing and had me at the edge of my seat whilst I turned the last few pages.

Huge thanks to Rachel Kennedy from Penguin Random House for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book via Netgalley.
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I've never read Lisa gardener before and this book started off a bit slow but as you get know kimberley, d. D,flora it soon become a page tuner.

It took me a while to get used certain wordings in the book as it's based in America.
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Fantastic. I enjoyed this book a lot. The setting and general atmosphere were very well described and the combination of characters worked excellently together. I won’t give away any of the plot, but if you like fast paced thrillers you should read this.
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Feisty females combatting evil in a deadly southern town - with twists and turns to keep you guessing till the very end.
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Intriguing storyline. Very well written. Strong characterisations. Plenty of suspense to keep me enthralled. Would definitely read her next novel. Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to review it.
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When You See Me by Lisa Gardner is a crime novel, set in the US, and is the 20th book in the Gardner Universe, and by this it means that there are characters from different series who cross paths.  

This is my first Lisa Gardner book, but she explains who everyone is, and you get a feel for what's going on very quickly.

Flora Dane was held for just over a year by Jacob Ness, a serial kidnapper linked to a number of disappearances.  When skeletal remains of one of his possible victims are found in the woods, then Flora is a natural person to include in the investigation as she knew Ness best.

This was a well paced crime novel, and one that I really enjoyed.  I was swept along by the story, and wanted to know what would happen next. I didn't feel like I was missing out on much by not having read the previous books, other than the connection to the characters that you get from having read a lot of books in a series!

 When You See Me  is to be published on 20th February 2020,  and is available to pre-order on  Amazon   and on  Waterstones .  I've found a  link  to where you can search for local bookshops, including independent!

You can follow Lisa Gardner on  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Instagram  (it looks like she uses all three!) or through her  website 

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I was given this book for free in return for an unbiased review, so my thanks to NetGalley and to  Random House UK, Cornerstone (the publishers) for this book.

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This is Lisa Gardner on top form. As ever strong characters who step off the page, especially the monsters and there are a few.  Completely engrossed in the concluding chapters that I missed my stop on the train. Worth it though.
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