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I have read every book by Lisa Gardner and, although this one starts slow, it lives up to her previous novels.  This one features survivor Flora Dane, FBI Kimberley Quincy and Detective DD Warren.  It’s fantastic to have a book where all the main characters are female and rescue themselves rather than needing a male to do it.  It starts like a simple case or old bones being found and spirals from there into the most complicated case they’ve faced.  The main witness is a young girl who can’t speak or communicate but Gardner still makes her strong.
 It is a fantastic read and I can’t wait to read the next installment or the next standalone Gardner novel whichever comes first!
Thanks to Random house and NetGalley for an ARC.
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I wasn’t a fan on this one however it was the first book I’ve read from this author and I think you would have to read more from the series for it to make more sense. However it had a good plot line and the book flowed really well. It was a good crime book.
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Thank you to Random House, Lisa Gardner and NetGalley for the ARC of When You See Me. 
I must acknowlege the quality of the author's writing in this suspenseful novel. Unfortunately I didn't connect with Flora Dane and the other characters and I found the introspection of Bonita interspersed with the flow of chapters drew me out of the story. Not entirely for me but I'm sure very readable in the genre.
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This is an intriguing story that gradually reveals its surprises. It is intriguing in being set in a small town where everyone should know everything about everyone but they have missed many clues. The context of this small introverted society is drawn convincingly and used to good effect. The star character is the damaged,mute girl who guides the detectives through signs and sketches. She writes her own chapters which gives her a voice she doesn't have. The characters of the law enforcers and their helpers are convincing too, all contributing to an unusual and well written book. I strongly recommend it. It starts well and finishes even better!
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This was a fast paced thriller full of twists and turns. There was barely time to pause for breath reading this! The characters were all interesting and full of depth and overall it's a great read.
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Lisa Gardner continues her Flora Dane/Jacob Ness centred series and it doesn't disappoint! A skeleton of a young woman is discovered in the hills of Georgia.  When she is identified it transpires that Jacob Ness was the key suspect in her disappearance over a decade ago.  Kimberley Quincy sets up a taskforce including DD Warren (my favourite) Flora and her computer geek love interest.  The local town has secrets and the residents know more than they are saying.  Another grave is discovered and the case gets more complex.  Did Jacob Ness have any hand in these murders or is it someone else?  A brilliant read. Thank you Netgalley for my advance copy.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

A wonderfully realised psych0-thriller of the highest order.

I have read Lisa Gardner's books for years and I am still in awe of her ability to consistently churn out novels of 5 star quality. "When You See Me" is no different. This is a murder/thriller of the highest order, exhibiting all the hallmarks of a classic of its genre. In her latest offering,some of our favourite characters from previous books - DD Warren, Kimberley Quincy and Flora Dane are called upon to investigate the prolific crimes of serial kidnapper, Jacob Ness. The wonderfully realised backdrop for the crimes, a small town in the Deep South, will not give up its secrets easily, making the task of the investigators not only difficult but downright perilous. The gifted Gardner portrays the insularity of small town inhabitants with verve and style, staying clear of the usual tropes that are an archetype of this genre. We soon realise that there is a reason for the deafening silence of the inhabitants of the town which the author prises open with the skill of a masterful storyteller. I cannot say more without getting into the realm of spoilers. Suffice to say and often taken granted for us die-hard fans of Lisa Gardner, this is another wonderful addition to what is becoming an ever expanding canon of superior crime novels written by this author. For fans of intelligently written thrillers this book is unmissable.

Unmissable and unputdownable - "When You See Me" demands to be read in one sitting.

A body is found in the hills – but the truth still lies buried...
In a small town in the Deep South, Flora Dane is part of a task force committed to hunting down every last trace of notorious serial kidnapper Jacob Ness. As his last victim, imprisoned by Ness in a small box for over a year, she knew him better than most. Even after his death, his evil still lingers.
But this is the kind of town that doesn’t take kindly to strangers asking questions. 
The kind of town where dark secrets lurk just beneath the surface.
The kind of town she might not leave alive.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

When a young missing girl's remains are found by a hiker near the Appalachian trail in Georgia, and also near where Flora Dane was held hostage by a serial killer for over a year, several years back, a task force is assembled. Flora and Boston police officer DD Warren in addition to FBI agent, Kimberly Quincy, and computer expert and true crime enthusiast, Keith, head to rural Georgia to investigate. Meanwhile the remains of more and more bodies turn up.

This was a solid detective/investigation novel by one of my favorite authors. It was a nice touch to bring together several of her past characters to work on the same investigation. I enjoyed it but I didn't manage to get totally immersed in it like I typically do with her books. Still a good worthwhile read.
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I just swallowed this whole.

I’m already a fan of Lisa Gardner and was delighted to get this from Netgalley.

This author is unrivalled in the genre in my opinion. The book is fast paced, well written and an excellent read despite the difficult nature of the subject matter.
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I’m afraid it’s not for me couldn’t relate to the characters I think you need to read previous books so you’re more aware having said that it was very well written but nit my cup of tea.
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“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water”. We all remember that from Jaws. Is it safe for Flora Dane to metaphorically go back in the water in her quest to uncover her past with kidnapper Jacob Ness? Judging by When You See Me, no! A small hiking trail village in the mountains of Georgia holds some dark secrets and soon DD Warren and FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy take on the investigation. Together with Flora and Keith, they make a formidable team but one where they quickly need to bring in others when more burials are discovered. 
I challenge any reader to not shake or nod their head when they read of the questions posed to the Girl. This was the most fascinating part of the story as the Girl was locked in her nightmare with an inability to express herself as she was mute.
A fast paced thriller best read with former knowledge of the previous novels in the series.
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I felt that this was a great read and I was always keen to get back to discover what happened next. It is quite scary describing dreadful events usually carried out by the mystery killer who is not revealed until the end. There is a huge conspiracy of apparently normal middle America resident who are involved in the ongoing crime.
The concept is enormous and it is a horrific thought that this type of crime is happening and increasing side the dark web.
A dark mind has thought it up and crafted the story!!
I was not aware when I requested the book that it was not the first in a series but it does stand alone. Now I need to read the first one to catch up on the details.
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Lisa Gardner, the queen of crime thrillers writes a brilliant if traumatic addition to the Detective Sergeant DD Warren series as DD leaves her family in Boston, joining a local and FBI task force in Appalachian Niche in Georgia led by SSA Kimberly Quincy. Two hikers discover human bones that turn out to be those of the missing Lilah Abenito, assumed to be a victim of the now dead predator Jacob Ness. Efforts to dig into Ness's criminal past had ground to halt, but it looks as if they might just find out more about the other missing girls. Joining the task force are civilians Flora Dane, a survivor of Ness, a prisoner of his for over a year, still suffering PTSD from her harrowing experience and Keith, a gifted computer analyst and true crime enthusiast. There is no doubt that Flora has come a long way from the broken woman rescued from the evil Ness, but she is yet to thrive, she just cannot contemplate being in a relationship, despite being attracted to Keith.

The town of Niche appears quaint, wholesome, a picture perfect tourist destination. However, as more and more bodies are uncovered, it begins to feel sinister, beneath the veneer it is a town that is a graveyard, a hubbub of dark deeds, murder and secrets that go back a long time. In the narrative is the voice of a young girl, her mother murdered, living in terror and a life of servitude, unable to speak with a gift when it comes to drawing pictures to communicate. It is DD's sharply honed senses that intuit the young girl with no name is traumatised and terrorised. Flora finds herself back down the nightmare of a rabbit hole, shell shocked, having to face her worst fears about her time with Ness, but is it possible that this experience offers an opportunity to finally lay her horrifying past and the ghost of Ness to rest? In a narrative that takes in fresh murders amidst the rising count of cold cases, more of Ness's past comes to be known, but was he a loner or part of a bigger criminal enterprise?

This is a well researched novel from Gardner, she provides technical details and descriptions of FBI task forces, procedures and forensic techniques when it comes to digging up the long dead. When it comes to writing a tense, fast paced, gripping and unputdownable thrillers, the author has few rivals. She has created characters we have already come to care about, whilst introducing new people, I hope to encounter Bonita again in future additions to this series. I should warn there are hard to endure upsetting coverage of the misery of human trafficking, murder and more in this novel. A fantastic nail biting read, you are always in safe hands when it comes to Lisa Gardner, she always comes up with the goods. Cannot wait for the next in the series! Many thanks to Random House Cornerstone for an ARC.
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I enjoyed this book. I have read others by this Author and this one does not disappoint. The story seemed far fetched but it was fast paced and a good read.
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A gripping story with some good characters.  I found it all a bit sensational and unbelievable, but there is no denying that it is a real page-turner.  It's not really my thing, but it's a great example of its genre.
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I love Lisa gardner and have read every single one of her books. I was disappointed that the book was about Jacob Ness again as I feel like we are due a fresh story. It was a good way to tie up loose ends though and hopefully we will get a fresh story in the future.
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I haven't read a Lisa Gardner book in a while, I will go searching to see what I have missed. What a book! I was totally gripped and read it in one go. Well written,describes heartache and shock of a community,mixed in with their real lives phoning home whilst going through gruesome finds everyday.
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Ever mounting murder victims in a small tight-knit town start coming to light - shallow graves throughout the woods; a closed community surviving mainly on tourism these days. Enter an established team - Flora ex child kidnapped, abused victim, FBI Quincy, detective DD, computer geek Keith and the local sheriff - to seek the murderer of what, at first, seems a single historic murder.  Squeaky clean and benevolent town characters are, perhaps, not quite what they seem as the team unravels more graves of young women, child trafficking, illegal medical practises, historic abuse and the like. Psychological twists and turns abound making this a taut thriller to read, sometimes rather harrowing. Well written and an excellent sense of place in the Appalachian backwoods; the team work well together and it is not a problem not having read the previous books starring Flora, Quincy and DD (don't know if Keith was also in these). I shall look for other books by this author. Thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Yet again, another great book by Lisa Gardner.  Good to find out more of how previous characters lives develop and also have a new crime to solve.  An excellent read.
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I am afraid the ethos and language of these teenagers made it impossible for me to become involved in this story. I was disappointed as I have previously enjoyed Lisa Gardners books. Maybe I am too old! I am sure others will enjoy it.
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