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Nerves of Steel (Young Readers Edition)

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I love this book! TammyJo fought hard and continued to pesavere to become a pilot in the Navy and on a commercial airliner.  She talks about  being discriminated against because she is a woman.  Children who read this will realize that your dreams  are worth fighting for.  She also talks about a terrible incident that happened on one of her flights but encourages the reader that air travel is safe.  The illustrations and explanations are helpful with explaining airplanes and officer ranking in the navy.k
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Great book to encourage young ladies to do whatever they want to do in life. It also teaches us how to overcome obstacles in the workplace. I enjoyed it immensely even as a adult.
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This is the young readers edition of Captain Tammie Jo Shults memoir, detailing her childhood and lifelong dreams of flying, and the challenges to them as a woman, before entering the Navy as one of the first female pilots. She became famous when later, as a Southwest pilot, one of the engines failed, tragically killing a passenger on board. She and her crew managed to save the flight (a window blew) with their teamwork and faith. Recommended.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson Publishers for allowing an advanced look at this novel in exchange for an honest review.  
Captain Tammie Jo Shults' story encourages young people everywhere who aspire to soar above the clouds in the sky.  Her perseverance and tenacity are an inspiration.  "Nerves of steel" gave her the ability to maintain control in the cockpit of an out-of-control plane.  Humility allows her to share her story and thank the Lord for guiding her path.
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