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This book was a WILD RIDE! I literally gasped out loud several times and couldn't believe the twists the story took - there was no way I could have guessed where it was headed. It's a fun, fast-paced thriller that will surprise you when you least expect it. An amazing debut - I can't wait to read more from Heather Chavez!

Thank you to NetGalley and Edelweiss for an ebook to review.
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Kudos to Heather Chavez on a great debut novel! I was grabbed from the very start and found this book to be captivating and very thrilling. I had to put it down to attend to real life and all I could think about was when I was going to get to sit down and read again to finish!!

The only qualms I had was at right about the 75% point, the story turned very unbelievable to me with the main character tracking down a convicted pedophile, but even with that and the rest of the book being a stretch (although some parts can/have happened in real life), it was highly entertaining.

Looking for a good domestic-type thriller? This is it!
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BOOK REVIEW:  No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez

Genre:  Thriller

T.I.M.E. Favorite ✨😎✨ 

Thriller x 10!

A young mother stops by the side of the road to actually step up and help a woman escape her attacker. However, the attacker in turn then targets her and her family to avenge her actions.

And from that point forward, the sands are constantly shifting as you try to distinguish fact from fiction as the story moves forward.

Thrillers can be a little tricky, especially for a new author, to stay in front of your audience and keep everybody guessing. However, No Bad Deed definitely had a pro in the driver's seat with this author.

Great characters overall. And I absolutely love the strong female character at the center of this story that really takes the role of “mother” and elevates it to the superhero category that mothers deserve.

Thrilling story. Witty insights… And especially masterful suspense writing. It had me on the edge of my seat with every page. Never a clue of what was going to happen next.

No Bad Deed is an impressive debut novel from a new author! 

And I understand that Heather is already at work on her next novel. And all I can say is… Whatever it is, I'm in!

No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez
2020 Book Release | February


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✨😎✨A big thank you to Heather Chavez, HarperCollins Publishers, Danielle Bartlett (HarperCollins) and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are my own.
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This book was insane from start to finish. Amazing mystery and suspense throughout the entire book. I did find it a little predictable at parts and that is the only reason that it didn’t get a full five stars. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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“No Bad Deed” by Heather Chavez was unpredictable. It was twisty. It was fast paced. To be completely honest, it was a wild ride from beginning to end lol. I am not going to get into the plot, the less you know the better. I will let you know that I enjoyed the short chapters. I finished this book in no time and was on the edge of my seat while reading. I definitely need to add a physical copy to my home library. Kudos to the author for creating a creative story that leaves the reader guessing until the very end! 

I received an advanced digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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I was so impressed with this debut novel from Heather Chavez. I am always a little leery of new authors because you never know what to expect, but the description of this book gave me a lot of hope and the book surely lived up to it's hype and did not disappoint!

No Bad Deed was a roller coaster of a read, twisted, and unpredictable! The story was totally captivating, trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together! What a wild and exciting ride this book was!!!!

Overall, I am so excited to have found another stellar psychological thriller author to put in my arsenal and can't wait to see what else she comes up with! If this is her debut novel, she has no one but UP UP UP to go from here!

I would like to offer a sincere thank you to Netgalley, HarperCollins Publishers, and Heather Chavez for providing me a copy of No Bad Deedin return for an honest and unbiased review.
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How much do you believe in coincidences? Before the night Cassie sees a woman being assaulted, she's always believed in saving a life. This is what motivates her to intervene in a clearly dangerous situation. Although, she knows it's the right thing to do. What she doesn't expect are her actions inviting a vengeance against her family as the culprit gets away. As her husband, Sam, goes missing it's up to Cassie to uncover the truth.

The reveals kept me interested as they're paced well throughout the story. I appreciate that Cassie isn't an unreliable narrator this time around. It also makes my heart swell when the supporting characters believe her instead of being outright obstacles. Cassie appears competent with resources and skill which makes the detective trope work. Her ability to talk to people and bargain is fun to read especially as she races against the clock to protect the people she loves. On that note, her kids were also believable. They are present in the story and reenforce Cassie's role as a mother in a way that's not just window dressing. They also make mistakes and were the wrenches the story needed. The ending scene was really rewarding. Sometimes coincidences aren't actually coincidences.

I recommend this for fans of the genre and want a pretty fun read with slight gore so keep that in mind.
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SO GOOD! Very thrilling and kept me on my toes the whole time. I liked the development of the main character a lot. I will definitely be recommending this one to my friends.
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No Bad Deed was published by William Morrow on February 18, 2020.  I was given a copy through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Driving home one rainy night, Cassie Larkin sees a man and woman fighting on the side of the road. After calling 911, the veterinarian makes a split-second decision that will throw her sedate suburban life into chaos. Against all reason and advice, she gets out of her minivan and chases after the violent man, trying to help his victim. When Cassie physically tries to stop him, he suddenly turns on her and spits out an ominous threat: “Let her die, and I’ll let you live.”

Everything hits the fan after that.  Cassie can't just let the woman die.  The man steals her minivan, granting him access to all of her personal information.  A day later, her husband and 6 year old daughter disappear.  Cassie goes on her own manhunt to find them, risking all to save her child and her marriage.

The synopsis had me hooked, but the execution fell slightly short for me.  I liked the book, but it didn't blow me away.  Maybe my expectations were too high after seeing the book everywhere, but the plot felt so jumbled and the end didn't justify the means for me.

🌟🌟🌟/5 Stars
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I love thrillers and was excited to read this one, but I did not end up loving it.  While it was a page turner, the story became rather convoluted and too unbelievable.  The introduction of random characters and the related back story just caused me to feel moments of confusion rather than moments of “ah ha”.  It was entertaining so I’d give another of the author’s books a try, but this one is 3/5 stars ⭐️ for me.
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I gave this book 4 stars, or I should say 4.5. Like some of my good friends, I think you should go into this book without reading spoilers because it will spoil it for you! I have to say I put this book down straight into as a DNF. But I'm so glad I picked it back up. Thank goodness I didn't read A spoiler or ask about this book because my jaw literally dropped and even though I can figure out books ohhh 90% of the time, this book literally got me. I'm so glad I picked it back up. 

I thought the author, Heather Chavez, came up with a rather fast paced unique book and I loved her writing style. Again, really glad I read this book. Highly recommended!

A special thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers for my ARC copy for my honest review.
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Thanks to Netgalley, Harper Collins and Heather Chavez for this ARC.  I loved this book, such quirky characters , and great story.lines I couldn’t figure out how everyone was connected and the whys and how threw me, but I loved every thing about this book., especially with an ending like this one ! 5 star to a new author for me and now looking for other books by Heather Chavez.
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A compelling and almost endlessly twisty novel of suspense. I enjoyed this, for the most part—toward the end, the twists became a bit tiresome, the action a bit far-fetched. But the writing and character building were truly engaging, and the first three quarters or so were so entertaining that I know I'll be preordering Chavez's next book as soon as it's announced.
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I had high hopes for this one, but I honestly think I may just be experiencing thriller burnout.  This book started off strong- it was fast paced and kept me in suspense, but it soon went off the rails.  This story went off in so many directions at the end that I was lost. 

This is a book that jumps into action right away. Cassie, a veterinarian, is driving home on a rainy night when she sees a man and woman having an altercation on the side of the road. Cassie calls 911, but decides she needs to do more so she gets out of her car to confront this man. He turns on Cassie and says, “Let her die, and I’ll let you live.” After he threatens her, he leaves the scene and flees in her vehicle (with her purse).  This man now has all of her information- her name and her address. Cassie helps the woman until police arrive. The police assure her that they’ll make sure no harm comes to her or her family. But the next night while taking their daughter trick or treating, her husband goes missing. This can’t be a coincidence, it has to be related. And now no one will stand in the way of Cassie getting some answers.

This book was anything but predictable. The story was so far fetched that I struggled to believe all the twists, but if you’re looking for an entertaining and wild story, you’ll appreciate it. Thank you Netgalley and William Morrow for this copy- this book was published on 2/18/20.
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I really wanted to enjoy this one, but it just didn’t quite do it for me. 

The premise is interesting and hooked me from the beginning - Cassie, our protagonist, sees a woman being attacked by a man on the side of the road. Cassie hops out and tries to save the woman. The attacker warns Cassie that if she lets the woman live, Cassie herself will die but if she lets the woman die, she will live. What ensues afterward is complete madness. Cassie’s husband goes missing, and mysterious notes, red herrings, and many more twists and turns follow. 

This story had a fresh twist, but the motivation behind the “evil” plan just didn’t seem strong enough to justify the story for me. It seemed rather far fetched and it was hard for me to suspend my belief of reality to the extent required to enjoy this book. If you enjoy thrillers that go for crazy twists and convoluted plots then this is definitely for you. Unfortunately, I need a very believable story for me to enjoy a thriller.

Thank you HarperCollins and Netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow! This one was full of twists and turns and truly made my thriller loving heart happy. This was a fast paced thriller, that I truly enjoyed from beginning to end. 

Thank you for the ARC, Netgalley!
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NO BAD DEED by Heather Chavez is a suspense-filled thriller with twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Is the suspension of disbelief required in parts? Yes, but I still enjoyed the heck out of it.

Thank you, NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishing, for loaning me an eBook of NO BAD DEED in exchange for an honest review.
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Driving home one rainy night, Cassie Larkin sees a man and woman fighting on the side of the road. After calling 911, the veterinarian makes a split-second decision that will throw her sedate suburban life into chaos. Against all reason and advice, she gets out of her minivan and chases after the violent man, trying to help his victim. When Cassie physically tries to stop him, he suddenly turns on her and spits out an ominous threat: “Let her die, and I’ll let you live.”

A veterinarian trained to heal, Cassie can’t let the woman die. But while she’s examining the unconscious victim, the attacker steals her car. Now he has her name. Her address. And he knows about her children. Though they warn her to be careful, the police assure her that the perpetrator—a criminal named Carver Sweet—won’t get near her. Cassie isn’t so sure.
No Bad Deed started out so wild that I was racing to read as quickly as possible. I simply could not wait to find out what craziness awaited me! Thank goodness I was rewarded for it. The punches never stopped coming! I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it!
3 out of 5 stars.
Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for the arc!
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Posted on: April 28, 2020.


Little did Cassie Larkin know that what started as a seemingly innocent action to help someone in need, would end up tilting her world upside down and put her family in possible jeopardy.

Cassie was an interesting character. I didn't always agree with some of the decisions that she made while attempting to find her husband; however, I did like her dedication to keeping her kids safe while finding out the truth about her husband. She was fearless and relentless in her actions. 

I wished I could have gotten just a little bit of Cassie’s husband Sam’s POV, so I could learn more about his backstory. It’s not necessary, but it would have been a nice addition to the story. 

No Bad Deed was a pull you in and have you on the edge-of-your-seat story that had me guessing from beginning to end. I loved that there was always something going on...nothing boring or slow with this story. There were several twists and turns that kept me on my toes and the final reveal at the end was one that I hadn't been expecting.

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No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez was a gripping, face-paced thriller that had my head reeling for days after I finished. I loved the concept of the story! Would you save someone’s life if your own was in danger? The premise itself felt unique and the twists that accompanied this story, while sometimes coming from out of nowhere, held my attention until the very last page. While some aspects of this one were a little unbelievable, I still thought it was one wild ride.
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