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WOW! No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez might be a debut novel but it sure doesn't read that way. It was super twisty and suspenseful, and I never saw the end coming!!

I was really in the mood for a fast-paced thriller and I found that in No Bad Deed. I loved Chavez's writing style and the way the book flowed, and I found myself on the edge of my seat for much of it. My mouth dropped open for a couple of revelations and I think this will be a hard one to guess before the end, even for some die hard thriller lovers!

There were a bunch of lines that made me laugh out loud, and I even read one to my mom. I really loved this about No Bad Deed! I think this is a really good one to go into mostly blind so I will spare you any details, but if you love thrillers and want something fast-paced then reading No Bad Deed is an absolute MUST! I already can't wait to see what Chavez comes up with next and I am an instant fan of her.

Thank you to the publisher for my advance review copy via NetGalley. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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"No Bad Deed" is the definition of what a thriller should be - fast-paced, keeps you guessing, and makes you want to keep reading.  I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and pace, and the twists were good enough to not be completely out of left field.  There is some dark subject matter but it was weaved into the story well enough to not be overly dark.  The author did a great job crafting the story and keeping the narrator "reliable" which is far too rare in thrillers today.  Looking forward to more from Heather Chavez.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for the ARC.
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This book had be holding my breath from start to finish. I couldn't figure out what was going on .  It opens with a veterinarian witnessing an attack on her way home from work late.  She stops the man from killing his victim and he gets away while warning her she needs to let the victim die, or else......

As the days go on, her husband disappears.  Her children start getting on-line bullied.  Then people around her start dying. 

Let me say outright, how this story comes together is a very unlikely story, but it was not so far out as to be bothersome.  I loved the main characters children.  There was enough humor to alleviate some of the stress of all the ways the lead kept walking into traps.  

No Bad Deed was a fun, FAST read and I will be following Heather Chavez to see what she does next!  Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my ecopy in exchange for an honest review.
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I thought the plot was very interesting. It made me think what I would do given the choice. This book was well paced and kept me hooked.
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Set in Santa Rosa, California, this thriller hooks in the reader right away when Cassie, driving home late from her veterinary practice, witnesses a man chasing a woman along the side of the road. She intervenes, saving the woman's life, but this selfless act sets into motion a host of other actions that threatens to completely unravel Cassie's entire comfortable life.

Secrets, lies and betrayals all come to light at breakneck speed as Cassie strives to learn the truth while protecting her family. The pacing is fast and the plot definitely takes some unexpected turns and twists. Most of these are completely unexpected, too - though there are a few that a savvy reader may guess early on. While Cassie herself can be somewhat of a frustrating character with the choices that she makes throughout her ordeal, it's still an entertaining book from start to finish! It's a strong debut, though there are a few plot holes that niggled at me in the end. And while some of the twists in the plot require a bit of a suspension of disbelief, I still had a lot of fun reading this and definitely curious to see what Chavez will write next!
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This book definitely kept me interested. It was one thing after another and I didn't know what was going to happen next!
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Reading "No Bad Deed" was such a guilty pleasure!  There is so much going on and so many coincidences,  but Chavez’s pacing is beautiful, allowing you to suspend disbelief.  This was the first book (out of hundreds I've read over the last year) that I read in one day.  I just couldn't stop! The author wasn't afraid to go dark, and just when you think you have it figured, oh no you don't. The last part of the book will have your skin crawling, but trust me, this is a great book to add to your "must read" list!

Thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers/William Morrow for an advanced reader's copy for review.

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“No Bad Deed” starts with traumatic event. In a first person narrative, Cassie Larkin talks to readers and describes the trauma she encountered on her way home. She tells herself to stay in the minivan as the 911 operator suggests, but she does not. Then her car is gone along with her purse, identification, address, everything. This sets the gripping tone for the entire book. 
Chavez created a complex character; Larkin is a dedicated veterinarian and reminds readers how toxic chocolate is for dogs. Larkin tells readers what she wants us to know. She tells us what she says to people but some of what she says might not be true. She spends a lot of time thinking of past events, and she leaves gaps in the narrative that are filled in later. She is troubled by chaotic events that unfold around her and confused by contradictions she cannot understand.
The story takes readers down a path that is sometimes hard to fathom, but Larkin’s distress is certainly palpable and intense.  Larkin admits that she has secrets and has told lies, and readers are left to separate the truth from her lies. The uncertainty increases page after page, and readers are compelled to turn the pages as one layer of trauma is piled upon another, and then that startling end.
I received a review copy of “No Bad Deed” from Heather Chavez and HarperCollins Publishers. It is gripping, traumatic, and compelling page after page.
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What a spiderweb all tangled up! I was so excited for this book, it started out strong and then it kinda just became a bunch of words on the page that was hard to follow. The idea was great and would’ve been higher rated but the amount of characters ruined it for me
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Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Cassie sees a woman being beaten and nearly murdered on her way home from work and stops to help. The next night her husband disappears while he is supposed to be trick or treating with her daughter. Cassie begins a search for him, not knowing if he disappeared on his own or if his disappearance is somehow related to the incident from the night before.

I thought this was an outstanding debut novel. I was taking the opportunity to read at every spare minute I could find. This was twisty and turny and suspenseful. You didn't know who to trust and who was lying. I did not see the end coming at all. Excellent novel. Will read her next one for sure.
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Well. The novel started really strong. Some of the usual tropes. Busy wife and mom. Mr. Mom type of husband. Moody teen and cute younger child. 

The action started right away. And then the story eventually got out of control to the point of not being believable.
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These days, everyone loves the twist.  You know, when everything you thought you knew is flipped on its head.  But what about when there are too many twists?  That was No Bad Deed's biggest fault.  This story was so twisted up and convoluted that I had trouble remembering where the story had even begun.  It was just, dare I say, too much.  However, I enjoyed the pace and some of the story, so I definitely think I will give Heather Chavez another try.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Actual rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

The book starts out with bang. The opening chapters had me drawn in immediately and I found it almost impossible to put down. I got so caught up in this story I just had to keep reading. The sense of fear and panic grows throughout the book. But then near the end it was like I hit a speed bump. It became convoluted and I had to pause to think about it. Also, I had a hard time believing an average person would be able to pull off this elaborate scheme. 

Thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollins Publishers and Heather Chavez for a copy of "No Bad Deed" in exchange of an honest review.
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<i><b>“I read the message: If no good deed goes unpunished, the consequences of the bad ones should be even worse, don’t you agree? So it’s time to make a choice.” <i><b>

Realistic, intense, fast-paced and so very twisted! Prepare yourself for a wild ride through this mind-blowing debut. 

Cassie stops on the side of the road to help a woman in her husband is missing. Coincidence? Or could the two events be connected?

The world can be such a messed up place at times, it’s hard to say when and if you should stop and help a stranger...especially if you’re a woman. 

The plot was clever, original and full of action. And once the secrets and twists started popping up towards the end...OMG! I could not stop reading! Harlan Coben is one of my favorite authors, so when I saw him mentioned in the book blurb, I had to grab this one. Congrats to Ms. Chavez on her wonderful debut!

Thank you to NetGalley / Willam Morrow / Heather Chavez for this digital ARC, in exchange for my honest review!

<b>My Rating:</b>  4.5 ⭐️’s (rounding up) 
<b>Published:</b> February 18th 2020 by William Morrow
<b>Pages:</b> 320

<b>Recommended:</b> Yes!

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Yes, yes and yes! Such an excellent read that I did not want to put it down. The novel was written wonderfully and I loved the characters. Lots of suspense and thrills. thank
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No Bad deed starts off as a face pace thriller. Pulling readers into Cassie Larkin world until the author takes a wrong turn and the story slows down to the point readers will be skipping pages to finish the book.  I wish I could say the story will leave readers content instead reader will be left wondering if they are reading the same book. 

The book end up a mess of eye rolling disbelief that this is the same story.

Thank you to Netgalley for a advance copy of Heather Chavez No Bad Deed.
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No Bad Deed by Heather Chavez is a fast-paced, compelling and twisted debut thriller that will keep you guessing! The storyline is not only intricate but is comprised of extremely flawed characters, that make you want to unfold the story even quicker. This binge-worthy read is definitely one you want to add to your TBR list friends!
Cassie, a veterinarian, sees a man and woman fighting on her way home one night. She calls 911 but then makes a split-second decision to get out of her car to help, which changes her life forever. When she physically tries to stop the violent man he shouts out to her, “Let her die, and I’ll let you live.” Of course, Cassie can’t do that. While she is helping the woman the attacker steals Cassie’s minivan, which she left her purse in. Now he knows her name, address, and that she has a family. When her husband disappears the next day she starts to wonder if it’s all connected. Is her husband in danger or has he been cheating on her and decided to leave? All Cassie knows for sure is that she will do anything to save the ones she loves. Is Cassie prepared for the answers though that she is so desperately seeking? Go grab your copy to find out!
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I don’t want to just repeat the blurb, so the basic premise is one night Cassie stops on the side of the road to help a woman that is being attacked. Her attacker is not happy about Cassie’s interference and threatens her. Even worse, he steals her car with her purse, keys, personal info, etc. Then the next day her husband Sam disappears while trick-or-treating with their six-year-old daughter, Audrey. 

Did I mention that Cassie and Sam’s relationship had been quite strained for a while due to her long hours working as a veterinarian?? 

Strange things start happening all over the place after Sam goes missing. Audrey is telling Cassie all sorts of weird things that are being said, it looks like people are trying to cause a ton of trouble for their fifteen-year-old son, Leo, Cassie can’t figure out if Sam left her voluntarily, and the detective assigned to all of this seems very odd most of the time. 

One aspect that l loved about this novel is that I truly had no idea who could be trusted throughout the entire novel. Hidden agendas, guilt, and dishonesty were suggested and hinted at with almost every single character (except the 6-year-old). I love not knowing who the good guy is and who the bad guy is! There were times I felt like Cassie had completely lost all sense of reason. There were several times that I doubted her friends. Then, she suddenly decides to call her father, Red, whom she hasn’t spoken to in six years and I started to wonder about him. 

Honestly, there were times that this book was exhausting, but only because my brain was on fire trying to figure out what in the hell was happening. I am so happy that I decided to give this one a try and even happier that I discovered a new and very talented author. My only criticism (and it’s very small), is that the last 20% of the novel didn’t seem as tight and well-written as the majority of the book, and some things were a bit too far-fetched. I will admit to some eye rolls from time to time and the occasional, “seriously???” Nevertheless, I highly recommend this to thriller fans! It’s fast-paced, original, and will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and William Morrow for providing this review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I was intrigued by this story as I love a good psychological thriller. However, I did not like the story as much as I would have liked. Yes it had some suspense and twists but I found myself confused at times and rereading passages.  It didn’t have that wow factor for me.  There is a lot of potential with this story and I know it will be someone’s treasure. So I encourage people to give it a chance. Just because it was not for me doesn’t mean it’s like that for everyone.
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Ugh. This book is just not good.

I would have stopped reading had the chapters not been so short (plus once I hit the halfway point, I felt like I needed to know the ending, despite how uninvested in the story I was). Too many characters, a convoluted and unbelievable plot, and an extremely unintelligent protagonist named Cassie. Not to mention all the inane details and commentary - half of which could be cut out. Every other sentence was Cassie going off on an tangent and describing an event or something else entirely that was completely irrelevant. Oh, and the dialogue... just awful.

Nonetheless, thank you to NetGalley & HarperCollins for the free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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