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I'm sorry, but what in the hell did I just force myself to finish? And why did I not DNF this?

Absolutely nothing happened. It's basically Denny and his "friends" and their day to day . . . of course it's after they caused and witnessed an accident that disappeared.

Then Denny starts getting paranoid about everything around him. One other major weird thing happens, and the rest of the book is just watching Denny freak out over everything.

There's the ending of the book that ties everything together, but it's so weird and underwhelming that I was so glad it was over. If this is supposed to be a horror story . . . there's more horror in every day real life. It could pass as a MG horror story, maybe, but definitely not YA.
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I thought that Bottle Toss was a fantastic book! I really felt for a lot of the characters. Poor Denny I could relate to. I was picked on a lot by others in school. I can relate to self-medicating/alcohol abuse that Jen dealt with. As for Brody I hated the character. What a jerk! However, I suppose there must be one. I hated that Denny was responsible for his foster brother Arnie as well. 

As far as the book is concerned the writing is fantastically done! Howard can write very well from a point of view of one character, this being Denny. I am not normally interested in very many YA horror novels, because I prefer quite a bit more gore and scares so this was a little disappointing here. However, I knew it was YA going in so I kept that in mind. I would say that this is a great novel for anyone wanting to get a preteen or teenager into the horror genre a little more gently. Scary enough, mysterious enough, but a great start for young readers!

Overall, I felt that Howard really fleshed out the characters very well, the town setting was vivid in my imagination, and the story was a fun and quick read! I think there were a couple of points that seemed to be a little drug out, but not too terribly bad. Also, I felt the ending was a little different. I say different to be spoiler free. 

All in all, I give Bottle Toss 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. I deducted half a star due to some points feeling drug out, and the ending. Nonetheless, I wasn’t disappointed in the read. I would recommend it to many young adults I know, and would love to get them into the world of suspense/thriller/horror! #bottletoss #netgalley #howardodentz
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3.5 stars
This YA novel definitely had it's ups and downs for me.  The beginning lured me in, seeming to promise more than it actually delivered over the next 150+ pages.  However, the ending?!  Not what I expected, and in a good way!  I think this would have made a great novella, but creating a 240 page novel took some of the allure and drama away from the overall story.  Not bad by any means, just stretched out too much.
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The book would be more like a 3.5 stars for me.. I thought the book was good for what it was while reading it but I am sorry to say it did not have me itching to pick it up and read into the early hours of the morning.. I did like the thought behind the book however I feel like it felt rushed and there was a part in the book I just wasn't sure why it had to be in there.. Not to mention there was a time jump that wasn't hinted at anywhere and I was like ok I was just being told this and then months have passed.. huh.. Recommend? Unsure
*Happy Reading*
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This book gets your attention from the very beginning and it never stops.  Right away, 2 foster siblings are out with a boyfriend , Brody, the towns bad boy. He despises the old folks village eho moved in, so when he sees a car coming, he decides to throw a bottle at it.  Little does he know,  that car then fell down three river bank and hurt the occupants inside.  This started the spiral down for them all. The whole book is filled with twists and turns as the legend "the goaty man" starts making appearances and weird things take place in town.  It is a really fast paced read.
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A superb horror novel — copy was provided to me by #netgalley. 

Truly outstanding — a horror novel that goes beyond the horror genre and tackles such topics as mental illness, alcoholism, child abuse, the foster care system, and those with special needs. 
Denny, along with his foster sister, Jen, and her love interest, Brody, find their lives suddenly on a downward spiral after Brody throws a bottle at a passing car, hitting the driver. The car careens into a lake, and in the next few days, a series of horrific events take place.
Not only is this book horrifying in many ways, it’s also charming, as it focuses on a small town during the Autumn season. The rich descriptions of the season and those who inhabit this town are a wonderful added bonus. I found myself reading slower to savor this book, it’s that good!
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It was an intense read, I couldn't leave it until I finished! I did not see the twist coming, it was a great story, full of suspense and great characters, I recommend it.
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Every action has a consequence.

I enjoyed this book even though the ending was a bit…..different than the book led to believe. I found myself happy but not overjoyed to finish this book. The story-line is quick paced and easy to read. And some of the characters are so sweet I fell in love with them. 
I would read other books from this author and can’t wait to see what he holds for the future.
Thank you to Netgalley/ Howard Odentz/ Bell Bridge Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this author’s writing style and this was a very good story.  Everything builds up to the climax at the end and all questions find answers. 
Many thanks to BelleBooks Inc. and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Review for 'Bottle Toss' by Howard Odentz

Read and reviewed via NetGalley

This book is written from Denny's perspective and as a first person narrative it was very well written. The descriptions in the book were very good and I could imagine being in the story alongside the characters. The characters were quite strong but I just didn't like Denny which is unfortunate considering he was the main character, I just wanted to scream at him to grow a spine at (many) times. However, I did like quite a few of the other characters! 

The storyline itself captured my attention straight away and kept me turning the pages. It was filled with suspense and mystery and I would NEVER have guessed the ending. The ending is a bit touch and go for me to be honest. I wouldn't have expected it, which always gives books bonus points for me. However, I was hoping for better and was a little disappointed which removes the bonus points previously earned by being unexpected. If the "reason" had been mentioned in the description I probably wouldn't have read it so I'm glad it wasn't. I say "reason" as I don't want to give anything away for future readers and any previous readers should hopefully realise what I mean. 

I loved the bonus feature and think it was a fab idea, this was actually my reason for giving the book 4 stars rather than the 3 it was destined to have after I'd finished the story. 

I recommend this book to fans of horror, mystery and young adults (13 plus). 

Rated 4/5 on Goodreads and Amazon (I enjoyed it) 

£3.88 on Kindle

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Senior high school students Denny, Jen and Arnie, a Down’s syndrome child are foster kids.  They all live in the same home.  Denny hangs out with Jen and her boyfriend, Brody.  Brody is described as a loser and a beer drinker.  A new senior citizen community has been built that use to have been a forest where kids hung out.  One night in Brody’s pickup withJen and Denny gets angry and throws a beer bottle that hits the windshield of a car.  The car goes off the road and almost kills the driver and a little girl.  Denny goes over to check on the car and becomes upset seeing the blood on the rocks by the car.    He returns to Brody and Jen and asks if they are going to do anything about the accident.  Brody says no, I don’t need the trouble.  Jen and Denny go home.  Denny notices that things are strange.especially after the fire in the high school.  The high school is close until repairs are finished.  Meanwhile,  Denny  continues to look after Arnie.  They are being recruited by Mona, heir foster mom to help sell at her stand.  Denny. gets an offer to work for a lawn service   Denny goes to work and ends up in in the senior community, the last place he wants to be at.    Then he has some mysterious experiences.  He doesn’t know if it’s real or a dream.  When Denny goes home, he finds that Jen isn’t home yet.  The next night she doesn’t come home.  Denny doesn’t know what to think.  Will Denny find the answers he needs?

The author has Denny telling the story.  It works excellently as the suspense and mystery grows throughout the novel.  The supernatural is in the story but it’s different.  It’s not a typical supernatural story.  The ending surprised me but I was very happy with how it finished.  I must admit I wouldn’t mind a sequel to this novel.
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Many thanks to NetGalley, Howard Odentz, and Bell Bridge Books for a chance to review this book. I was given this book for free in exchange for my fair and honest opinion. I have not felt compelled, in any way, by the author, the publisher, or NetGalley to alter my sincerest thoughts on this book. Every word of this review is solely and completely mine.
Bottle Toss begins with an incidental act of rebellion that initiates a chain of events that are chaotic and horrifying. Very early on, the author foreshadows the sub-genre of horror that this book would ordinarily fall under, but the author never names the sub-genre although it is obvious. I love when an author can do that. I’m being deliberately vague because I don’t want to spoil that for anyone coming into this with fresh eyes. The author is great with nuance and the story moves very well. It is creepy and almost a perfect read. Having lived in Connecticut for ten years, I think the author captures the feel very well. The plot is fairly original, and I definitely recommend this book in particular and this author in general. The narrator is a 17-year-old youth who is rather pliable when it pertains to doing things that he knows are wrong. I have known people like this in my life.
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Bottle Toss by Howard Odentz was received direct from the publisher and I chose to review it.  I had heard of this author before.  It is February and as I start reading a fall book, I already miss the season and this author is good.  As always, I will not go into plot line, many other reviewers will do that so there is no need for me to rehash how...wait, you almost got me.  The book reads at a teenage level and incorporates some horror, some mystery and thriller aspects the author seems to like.  If you or someone you buy gifts for like these aspects of a book, give this one a read.

4 stars
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I loved this book and it is totally my genre of reading. It was a great psychological thriller and had me hooked from the very start. I loved the cover and I loved the writing style. I am going to look for more books written by this author. I will probably read this book again, which is something I do not normally do.
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First time reading this author. If you like a book where you are kept guessing what is going on, then this book is for you. The characters were developed but the story did lull in some areas. Ok read, I will read this author again. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for the arc of this book in return for my honest review. Receiving the book in this manner had no bearing on my review.
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Well, I'm not exactly sure how to begin...

Bottle Toss had be glued to the page from the beginning. It starts off quick, with a simple action that sets into effect a series of menacing events. The tension slows, but there's enough to latch into you and keep the pages turning. Then, everything flips. The last act is a high octane, 0 - 60 mph bonanza of events.

The entire book is summed up in a nice conversation between villain and protagonist. A part of me liked how it resolved. A part of me feels that certain characters got too much of a punishment. But either way, this is a book that will make you wonder who the real monsters are.

The characters are engaging, especially our protagonist Denny, who is a bit juvenile for his age. He's experienced abuse, but finally has the closest thing to a family in his latest foster home. He's a good kid at heart, and I loved his character arc. Actually, all the characters were well developed. The plot is well thought out, and while the end rushed things a bit, I enjoyed the overall reading experience.
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A couple of foster kids are out in the middle of the night. One of their friends throws a bottle with the bad luck that they hit a car. After the events of that night all will change and things will only get weirder and weirder.

What starts like a regular mystery/thriller story evolves into a more supernatural tale that no one expected. 

Really enjoyed the unexpected plot of the book and how you are not sure yourself what is going on at all until the very end.  A great mystery with a supernatural twist that will keep you trying to guess what is happening. It is also the beautiful portray of love between foster kids and how they understand what family is.
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From the moment I read the description, I could tell I was looking at a retelling of the 90's movie, "I know What you Did Last Summer". "Bottle Toss did not disappoint. It's the same old: Teens do something stupid and accidental that winds up taking someone's life and years later they are visited one by one by a serial killer hell bent on revenge. It is now up to the teens and the reader to try and figure out who the killer is and what connection they have to the deceased. Which for me, is usually the most fun and interesting part of the story - who is the killer and what is their motive.
Bottle Toss was an easy, quick read.
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This was interesting and a original play on a classic horror monster. Seeing how the kids were fosters, and all the dysfunction that comes with that, it's easy to see why they would keep the bottle toss a secret. I will admit that about halfway through the book I had some of it figured out, but this was a lot of fun.
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"Bottle Toss" started well, but seemed to lose its way in the middle, being aimed at the YA age group I could not help feel many will lose interest in the middle section where not much happens. After a beer bottle is thrown at a passing car, there is a horrible crash and what looks like a fatality. The kid who throws the bottle is a nasty piece of work, but the book is seen from the point of view of Denny Ford who is bullied by Brody, with Jen being the final member of the trio. Jen and Denny are step-brother and sister and Jen is the sometime girlfriend of Brody. 

After the crash, the car seems to disappear and over the next several days as the three experience increasingly bizarre, frightening, and seemingly unrelated events, such as a big fire at school and other stuff. It was vaguely interesting seeing where all this was going, but I lost interest after a while. Denny was an interesting main character, but too many of the others came across as stereotypes.
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