Voices for Animal Liberation

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 02 Feb 2020

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I am very interested in anything to do with Animal Liberation. As a biology student I am "forced" to think about animal rights a lot. (I use forced here, but I don't mean it negatively. It's just a topic that keeps coming back, which makes sense.) Ofcourse I think animals have rights, but I am always drawn away from the extremes you can encounter while researching these topics.

This book has a lot of stories about people who have something to do with animal rights. Doctors, photographers, activists. They're interesting stories that focus on the people. I'd love to have read more about the animals.
I learned some new things too, about the harvesting of bear bile for traditional medicine for example. What the smuck? 

So - a great book, with intense stories. I loved reading about the animal activists, but I still wouldn't call myself one. I eat 95% vegan, protect animals as a Sea Shepherd volunteer, but I still don't want the extreme animal activist sticker on me like some of the people in this book. But it's all good - to each their own. If you want to read stories about people who do a lot for animals, pick up this book.
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Great book. Inspirational, engaging, nurturing.... for those who love, care and worry about animals. Beautiul
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