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Full of intrigue and family drama....In Colten’s Custody has a lot going on within the story.  A possible switch birth story that will keep you captivated from the first page to the last page.  There is lots of mystery and suspense going on as the story unfolds.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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In Colton’s Custody by Dana Nussio is book five in the Coltons of Mustang Valley series. This series of novels written by various authors features the Colton Family of Mustang Valley, Arizona. This is a Mills & Boon Romantic Suspense: Heart-racing suspense, adventure and romance under extraordinary circumstances.

Asher Colton is the foreman of the family ranch, Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch, and single father of six-month-old, Harper Grace. Willow Merrill is the owner/operator of Tender Years daycare center and single mother of six-month-old Luna Mariana. The babies were both born on November 2nd at Mustang General Hospital and may have been switched in the nursery. If possible switched at birth babies isn’t enough, Willow is facing a threat to her business and Asher’s entire family is in turmoil. Can they really forge a new relationship under these circumstances? 

Ms. Nussio continues the string of unique, entertaining novels and maintains the continuity of the multi-author series. Our main characters are front and center with strong personalities. The plot is bold and engaging and may be the best yet. The romance is believable and develops at the right pace. The ending is satisfying and appropriate. I really enjoyed In Colton’s Custody and give it 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense. 

My thanks to HARLEQUIN – Romance (US & Canada) and NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book. However, the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and mine alone.
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Asher receives a phone call that there is a possibility that his daughter may have been switched at birth. This isn't the first time his family gets the call for switched at birth and upset with this possibly. On top of that the other parent Willow hates his family which is another problem to deal with. After a couple of mishap its clear something bigger is going on. As if Asher needs this to pile onto his father being shot and in a coma thing as well as other issues.

This poor family! I've been reading along with this series getting to know each family member seeing each of their mystery unfold as well as having a bit of romance to find their HEA. I loved seeing Asher and Willows story. Seriously? Another possible switched at birth story? I couldn't help but thing this hospital gotta get their act together. It was interesting seeing who these two were dealing with the news, seeing the process they were going though to figure out if the switch allegations were true. I loved that there was also a few of mishaps and close calls going on, clearly there was something bigger going on but is it connected to the fathers shooting or something else? Theres just go much going on to keep the readers hooked to the very end and I really enjoyed this book. If you are new here definitely check out the whole series if you but this book still is great on its down.
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The mystery continues! With book five in The Colton's of Mustang Valley series, Dana Nussio brings us Asher's story with IN COLTON'S CUSTODY where we not only get more info into Ace's birth mix-up but have to follow along as Asher's baby girl is in question as well. The tension is high and drama is at it's peak as we see what's ahead for the Coltons!

Asher is a character who is quick to catch a reader's eye because he is a hands on single father who works hard to keep up with his baby girl as well as his job as the ranch foreman of Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch.

Willow was a bit harder for me to like. She was headstrong in defending a stand her mother took years ago that ended in upset and still holds it against the Coltons. She warmed somewhat, but was a bit standoffish throughout.

I recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys intrigue mixed with a bit of a family saga. I'm enjoying the series and looking forward to more to come.
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The beginning of the Coltons Series I have to admit lacks anything that would have kept me wanting to read more in the series. There is very little dialogue between the characters and way to much monologue to the point of flipping pages to find someone talk to another human. Their is very little character development without development readers will have not idea why the characters are acting or doing anything in the story.
The romance isn't really believable and falls flat just like the rest of the story.
Good thing I started with a different book in the series.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of the book.
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4.5 Stars

This is the fifth book in the Harlequin Intrigue Colton’s of Mustang Valley series by Dana Nussio.

Basic premise of this story mirrors the ongoing problem the Colton’s have had since this series began: a baby switched at birth. Asher is introduced to Willow after the two are called in to the hospital to check out a supposed baby switch scenario that was phoned in anonymously. Only naturally, they are both freaked out by this. The two fight their attraction. Willow wants to stand on her own two feet and Asher doesn’t think he is the falling in love type.

I like how Asher makes a point to visit his father in the hospital even though other siblings in their various books did not do that. And he also didn’t ask for the Colton help to sort out the current baby switch nonsense. I like how he wanted to work on his own instead of depending on his family’s name and prestige to get him what he wanted. The two main characters relied on each other during a lot of this which makes the book so appealing.

I am secretly chuckling on the inside wondering if the elder Colton will stay in the hospital until all his children are married off or engaged. I am sure that is not true but it seems to be working out that way.

Great book. Such a guilty pleasure series. If you are looking to get into romantic suspense, this would be a great option to start your journey with. If you love a good romantic suspense, definitely check this book out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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Okay it’s about four months along in this series and in the fifth installment, IN COLTONS CUSTODY, events are occurring that can no longer be simply written off as coincidence. Personally I’m not a true believer in coincidence or fate which is probably why I could no longer suspend disbelief when still another event occurs that truly signals a grave problem or threat for the Colton family.
Innuendo and gossip are spreading like wildfire in IN COLTONS CUSTODY but those are not lethal. At the Colton ranch and corporate offices security is being ramped up. What started as a possible revenge shooting is becoming a string of incidents targeting this entire family.
Latest scare or hoax was the warning of a bomb planted at the Colton Oil building. Evacuated and cleared doesn’t allay the fears of what’s next. Then Asher is called to the hospital. It seems the hospital received a phone call that suggests a baby switch on the day Asher’s daughter Harper was born. Now understand the family is still reeling over a baby switch – at this same hospital – forty years ago. Their brother Ace it seems had also been switched with another male child born on the same day at this very hospital. 
Two new characters are introduced in IN COLTONS CUSTODY. Jace who is possibly the real Colton offspring taken by someone who switched babies forty years ago. We’re still waiting for the DNA results to prove Jace’s place amongst all the Colton siblings. 
The newest switch involves Asher, his daughter Harper and Willow, her daughter Luna. Harper and Luna were born the same day at the local hospital and have been raised by single parents. Now there is the question of whether these little girls actually went home with the correct parent. 
Asher and Willow are remarkable parents to each of their girls. The fact that those babies are well cared for and loved is not in question. But the idea that perhaps either of them might face losing custody of the child they adore is not palatable. Is there a workable solution? Avoiding the truth is not in either Asher or Willows DNA. They are honest people and want to do the right thing. Until the results of their babies test come through they are working on a solution. Perhaps joining forces is the best idea. Only time will tell.
And let’s not forget that there is still someone lurking in the background with sinister intentions for the Colton family. Could they also have a hand in these switches? 
IN COLTONS CUSTODY is the fifth book in the Colton’s of Mustang Valley series. IN COLTONS CUSTODY is Dana Nussio’s contribution to what has been a very entertaining series. In all of this series there is an ongoing thread of a family drama centering on the Colton family. Once again it was the authors challenge to incorporate that drama into still another tale that centers on one of the Colton siblings. Each book and story does stand on its own.
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My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The blurb on this one really caught my eye.  Babies switched at birth - then threats made against the main characters' families and businesses!  Someone is out to get the Colton family and these two little girls are merely a pawn in this evil person's game.

This is one book in a series involving the Colton family, each book written by a different author.
The writing is decent, but I just didn't feel the romance factor all that much.  The mystery and tension regarding the welfare of the little girls and their DNA tests was well done, but the romance aspect wasn't convincing.  There are shifting points of view between Willow and Colton (and the unnamed evil villain!).  This story needed a bit more dialogue and character development and less narration from the two main characters.  It is still an interesting read, but I couldn't visualize Willow and Colton as two people who fall passionately in love while waiting to hear if their daughters had been switched at birth.  I rate this a 3.5 out of 5.
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