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I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

I was not a fan of the writing in this book. It was trite and the descriptions were just odd. I wasn't a fan of the male lead, and it was hard to get through all of it.

The main girl, Dove, is the Creeping Bandit. I was not a fan of the name, and I thought the gossip which surrounded the Creeping Bandit was far-fetched and unbelievable. It says that no one has seen the bandit (except for one woman at the beginning telling her "tale," which is also a point of announce to me as a reader), but everyone seems to know the gossip and description of the Creeping Bandit, even before the tale of the first sighting is given.

I may have an obsession over writing and how someone writes. I complain about bad writing and annoying storylines in movies and TV shows all the time, and this book did not meet my high expectation.

The paperback copy is this book is $17.99 on Amazon. I wouldn't waste my money on a paperback.

I give this two out of five stars.

A Bandit's Request by Micki Miller. ISBN-13: 978-1509227297. 322 pages. The Wild Rose Press (September 18, 2019).
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Thank you NetGalley for this digital ARC. This was a great love story and I could not put it down. Thank you!
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This was an enjoyable book to read. It was a story of revenge. Dove wants to find who killed her parents. There was a  good story, plenty of incidents, funny parts and drama in the book. Also it had a happy ending.. I do recommend that you read this book.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This was a decent historical romance. Dove is obsessed with finding her parents' killer and dresses as a bandit to search for a piece of jewelry belonging to her mother. She meets the hero and saves his life. He figures out who she is and convinces her to allow him to help her on her quest. They quickly fall in love and find the culprit. I would have liked that the romance drag out a little longer but entertaining nonetheless.
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I enjoyed this book. Dove is set on revenge. She wants to find the members of the ton that killed her parents. Drew is a rake that only has one thing on his mind until he meets Dove. Their love story unfolds nicely. The revenge plot was interesting and kept my interest throughout the book. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.
Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author. I received a free ARC for my honest review.
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Set on a path for revenge, what a young woman to do when she meets a man soothing balm on her wounded soul...

This is my second read by Mrs Micki Miller, so when I saw this new release, I had to read it.

Lord Andrew Worthington meets his epiphany when faced with his imminent death, he realizes he has lived a life of indulgence and debauchery and done nothing. Having no legacy to leave behind might something befall on him. So when given a second chance thanks to a surprising intervention, he vows to right the wrong he had done by following a path of laziness.
Lady Pearl Barrow leads a double life, the respectful one of a debutante attending parties and the secret one as a house-breaker looking for proofs while visiting peers’ houses at night.
She is a very stubborn miss, determined on her path and even love will hardly be able to sway her from her chosen course.

If I am not sure of the soundness of the heroine’s plan as point at one time Drew but it gave the heroes the right opportunity to work together and fall in love.
This story is filled with funny banters between the characters, exchanging barbs and quips.

Drew is first to realize the profoundness of his feelings, but he will have the rug pulled out from him as she sees him at first more for the cad he was than the man he is willing to become for her. But he can be as determined as her to prove her love is worth everything.
Never he gives up, he is set of winning her, even when deceit lurks in the shadows, he knows he has meet the one woman for him and nothing will tear them apart, not even her relentless thirst for revenge.
I loved there is no at length musings about the impossibility of their love affair, sure, there are many obstacles but if they are willing and Drew is convinced he can find a way for them both. 
4.5 stars for this lovely story of faith and trust.

Now I wish for Derek Durham, the Marquis of Durnhaven to get his own story.
I wonder what is Pearl’s grandfather’s title or ascendance as he is called a Lord.

I was granted an advance copy by the publisher The Wild Rose Press through Netgalley, I purchased my own.
Here is my true and unbiased opinion.
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