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The Sheikh's Convenient Bride

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In a desperate attempt to get out from her father’s control, Nora Williams agrees to marry a man she doesn’t love. But she’s shocked when her old friend, Sheikh Rashid, whom she hasn’t seen in years, begs her not to go through with it. Even more surprising? Rashid has a proposal. Literally. Nora should marry him instead. She had a secret crush on Rashid when they were younger, so the offer is awfully enticing. But Rashid is the crown prince of Omirabad—how could she possibly fit in with his royal family? And will she be able to follow her calling for midwifery the way she wants—needs—to? Worse, Rashid’s proposal feels more like a business contract than a marriage proposal. Until they kiss, that is.
This was a great story by a great author. I’ve read a number of her books and they don’t disappoint. I really liked both main characters as well as the plot. I recommend. 
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Rashid needed to get married based on a age old customs established by the tribes. He was all too willing to marry for convenience and found a likely candidate. However situations change in the blink of an eye when he encounters Nora. His friend from high school also needs to get married to receive her trust. They both combine their need for convenience and get married while finally giving in the urge to satisfy the attraction they felt towards one another. Great start to a new series.
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Intriguing second chance romance story. Entertaining and interesting characters. The well-developed story kept my attention throughout, enjoyed reading. I have voluntarily chosen to read and review this book.
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In an attempt to escape her father’s control, Nora Williams agrees to marry a man she doesn’t love.  She is surprised when her old friend, Sheikh Rashid, whom she hasn’t seen in years, begs her not to go through with it.  She is even more surprised when Rashid asks her to marry him instead.  Nora had a secret crush on Rashid when they were younger, so she finds his proposal to be quite enticing.

As a member of the royal family Rashid is expected to marry before he turns thirty.  So when he heard the predicament that Nora is in he thinks marrying each other is a perfect solution. 
But what was planned as a marriage of convenience quickly becomes a night of bliss.  But their bliss soon starts to unravel when they cannot agree on Nora pursuing her career as she sees fit.

As the two slowly grow closer, they must reconcile Nora’s calling with Rashid’s responsibilities to his country. And discover if this marriage of theirs is real or just a terrible mistake.
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Well written, a little too fast paced and resolved of issues. Good happily ever after will read more from the author.
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I loved this second chance romance. I felt the chemistry between the main characters and was glad for the happy ending. Although, I wish the story was longer. I received an advanced reader's copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I have read a couple of this writer's books.  She seems very attracted to the Sheikh trope and although I have to suspend disbelief when I read the genre, (as I rarely read anything which comes even close to what a sheikhdom in the middle east is really like), - I do quite like a well written, entertaining and seductive Sheikh story. 

This is one of her better stories, with a rather sweet couple who face no real problems and who you know are going to end up happily ever after.  Nora and Rashid are nice characters; although Rashid exhibits some seriously insensitive traits after the marriage and Nora fails to come to life as far as I am concerned.  

The sister is a bitch to Nora and it's not at all clear why it should be so: since Jazmin would tell her friend she's broken off the engagement even if she hadn't shared the fact she was in love with someone else.   

It's not a bad book and I quite enjoyed the story, but it never really grabbed me and I've read far better books with this trope, so this is just 3 stars for me.
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Convenient is the perfect word to add to the title. Nora is conveniently there when she is most needed. The same can be said for Rashid. I enjoyed reading, The Sheikh's Convenient Bride.
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I love Leslie Norths books and this didn't disappoint

Loved the story and characters 

 A great quick read
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