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You can always count on DK books to be full of information and gorgeous illustrations. Or in this case, also beautiful photographs. This one starts out with an in-depth look at the kitchen, tools, and safety rules for being in there. And there is a thorough discussion of how to eat properly on a vegetarian diet. A lot more people are going the vegetarian or vegan route, so kids need to be educated on that and have ideas for foods they can make for themselves. I love the descriptions of the different foods and why each one is good for you to include in your diet. (Psst! Parents could learn a lot from this, too!)

The first recipe is Avocado mash on sourdough toast. People like to scoff and call that a Millennial breakfast. I'm here to tell you that I'm far from being a Millennial and this has been one of my favorite breakfasts since before it became super trendy. But I haven't tried this version, yet. 

I defy you to not get hungry as you page through this book. Every single recipe has a huge photo of the finished product that is so vibrant, you just want to reach right into the page and grab it to try. Some of the recipes also have the individual ingredients pictured along the edges to help kids identify those components. Each recipe includes clear instructions about how to make each one.

A lot of the recipes do require some cooking and baking, plus a lot of cutting and chopping. So your child should be older and used to the kitchen if preparing independently. I would still recommend being close by while they are working. Younger children can easily help with some aspect of each of these recipes, though.

You're covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack times. A couple of these could also double as a healthy dessert. And then there is a delectable dessert section at the end.

Even if you are not a vegetarian or a child, you're going to want to add this cookbook to your collection, because these recipes are fantastic.

Thank you to the publisher for fulfilling my review request via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A very well put-together book for the young vegetarian cook (and really everyone else)! The recipes are balanced nutritionally and explained very well. Definitely not vegan, but the vegetables sound delicious prepared in myriad ways.
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A good book! Thank you for the opportunity to read it. I enjoyed the recipes included herein and tried my hand at a few of them; considering I am not good at cooking and was able to follow along and make these recipes, I am impressed!
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What a great cookbook! The material is well written and presented in an easy to follow manner. I look forward to trying out several of these recipes.
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The Vegetarian Cookbook by DK is a wonderful cookbook.  The photos are delicious all by themselves.  The recipes are in metric and american measurements.  The book has breakfasts, lunches, drinks, dinners and desserts.  I was so excited to read this because my grandson has now become a vegetarian and I love to cook for him when he comes to visit.  I can have recipes for days with this book.  I have already earmarked several to try before he comes. While the book is geared for 'young cooks' I believe it has a universal appeal for any age group. If you love someone who is a vegetarian and/or new to cooking/being a vegetarian this cookbook is awesome!  Well Done!

I would like to thank the  publisher, author and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Really nice illustrations.  Not sure I'd buy this for a teen unless they were really into cooking.  Some of the skills necessary for some recipes are a bit advanced for a beginner.

Like the Mango Yogurt with toast dippers and the chickpea and sweet potato curry.
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The Vegetarian Cookbook has beginner level recipes that are great for teens, young adults, or those new to plant based eating. For me, these recipes were too entry level, but for someone that is learning how to cook or is cooking with children this will be a good book. In regards to the formatting, the pictures are beautiful and the layout of the recipes are clean.
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This is a visually stunning cookbook aimed to help young cooks make healthy, yet utterly delicious recipes. I had my 11 year old daughter with me as we learned to make things like Swiss oatmeal, dhal, calzones, chickpea and sweet potato curry, and coconut rice with spicy beans.
The recipes are easy to follow, we had no issues at all. It was a great time learning to make foods from other countries that are tasty and good for you. 
I definitely recommend for families that are following a plant based diet, want to incorporate plant based meals into their recipe arsenal, or if you or someone you love would like to try cooking food from around the world. As an adult, I would purchase this book for myself, it’s a nice addition to my stash of cookbooks. 
**I received an arc of this book from NetGalley and this is my voluntary review.
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DK consistently publishes great titles for youths. This Vegetarian Cookbook did not disappoint. Some staple recipes that every vegetarian family should know and some new ones blend well. The book has great photos, easy enough to follow recipes. I will purchase and promote this title to my patrons.
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There are some challenging and valuable recipes here: Poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, chickpea and sweet potato curry, cauliflower steaks, sweet potato lasagna, and a veggie goulash with dumplings.

Recipes tend towards the healthy: muesli, veggie gyoza, lentils, bulgur salad, falafel balls, and lots of sweet potatoes.

I’m not sure any kid is going to make beetroot brownies, but they might try making avocado and banana ice cream just for the oddness and novelty of it. Thankfully the book includes more standard dessert recipes, such as orange and chocolate cookies and a lime pie.

There’s a definite ethnic bent to this cookbook (I like that!) shown in recipes for lentil dhal and paratha bread; mango lassi; curry; gyoza; and halloumi.

I wanted to mention that the page layouts are very colorful, the food photography nice and pretty, and the recipes laid out in an easy to follow manner. Each recipe has pictures of the ingredients needed, a photo of the finished product, a note about how many people it serves and how long it will take to make, a list of ingredients and a brief set of instructions.

The more complicated recipes use multiple pages showing mini pics of each step taken – I find that very helpful in my adult cookbooks, and appreciate seeing it here too.

Many of the recipes include things you can add in, or omit, to customize the recipe to your liking. I really appreciate that, as I often omit spicy things, peppers and onions (probably because I’m getting old and wimpy!)

Overall, this is a colorful, cheerful book that definitely makes cooking and making things in the kitchen look fun and easy. I’d recommend it if you know the kiddo you’re buying for this well – are the difficult recipes going to be too hard for them, or the easy ones talking down to them? Is the kid you are thinking of buying this cookbook for willing to try lots of new flavors and textures?

I likely won’t add this to my own cookbook shelf as I don’t have kids in the house anymore, but I have a pre-teen vegetarian niece in mind who probably will be thrilled to get this as a birthday gift this spring!
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This wonderful vegetarian cookbook is full of color photographs of delicious looking food.  There are clear instructions and readily available ingredients for recipes that most kids will enjoy.  My students will be excited to get this one in our library.
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Great way for kids to either start or supplement their culinary skills. Book is full of considerable amount of nutritional information along with many photos, which feed not just the eyes but also the soul. Most recipes will be easy and quick to make with supplies readily on hand. Others will need more forethought in planning, but that’s just part of the fun with cooking!
I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley in exchange for my volunteer review.
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This book is lovely from the front cover to back.  My daughters wanted to read the recipes right away and were captivated by the photos.  The tittle states that is for “young cooks” giving at first the impression that is a book for kids with tips to handle cooking with a young helper but that is not the case, not that it can’t be done.  I would say is a book for people learning to cook, and those new to vegetarianism. Ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket.   I am an  experienced cook and I already tried a few recipes and were tasty and fast, maybe too simple for me.  The book have clear instructions, easy enough for a teenager to cook without supervision. My girls got involved as well choosing dishes to prepare in the next few days. Is a great way to involve them in making healthy eating choices and it was a great read.  It will definitely have a place in my kitchen while teaching my daughters to cook.
Recipes tried so far:
-Indian dahl and roti was delicious.
-brownies were easy and tasty!

The bulgur salad and plantain chips are next!! Yummm
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I absolutely love this cookbook! The picture and all of the colors were amazing. I enjoy incorporating vegetarian meals in my families diet and every single one of these recipes looks delicious. The few that I have tried were so great. My son (4) also loves to pick out different dishes to try from this cookbook because the pictures are so bright and vibrant. Definitely recommend this cookbook for everyone,bot just vegetarians.
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THE VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK contains "More than 50 Recipes for Young Cooks" so it has some nice, basic information about kitchen rules and measurement conversions, clearly labeled pictures of equipment, and a well-illustrated discussion of healthy eating and food groups. The first set of recipes, Brilliant Breakfasts, includes choices like avocado mash, scrambled eggs, and crunchy, sweet pancakes made with grated carrots and sultanas. Other sections highlight Super Snacks, Lovely Lunches, Delicious Drinks, Moreish Main Meals (plenty of pizza ideas), and Sweet Stuff. EVERY recipe has multiple pictures which is perfect for the budding chef. Nutritional information is provided at the end, with a helpful glossary and index. Enjoy!
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The Vegetarian Cookbook produced by DK is created with a younger audience in mind. However, it is great for adults who love stable ingredients and quick, easy recipes. 

The illustrations and diagraphs are vivid, colourful, and easy to digest. The diagraphs at the beginning also explain why each of the foods listed is important for your health. The recipes are delicious and straight forward. I discovered new recipes I have never heard of. One addition I would have liked to have seen was some fun information about where some of these dishes or foods originated from. I noticed as I went along it was mentioned a few times. DK does a great job with education books, and I think that is something that would add to the overall experience. It would encourage kids to take an interest in other cultures and possibly travel.

I already tried the orange cookies and they are amazing!!! Now I am off to make some dips and flatbreads for dinner. I highly recommend buying this book for some young aspiring chefs or for adults who enjoy quick, tasty dishes. 

I received an electronic copy of this book from DK through Net Galley. All opinions are 100% my own.
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This cookbook was good and had some good recipes in it, however it is nothing my picky eaters would make except the hot chocolate. Overall  I think it would be a good cookbook to add to your library holds to see if it is something you'd want to buy.
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This is a great, easy-to-read attractive, photo-heavy cookbook! This will appeal to young chefs interested in getting started with vegetarian food. Instructions on cooking aren't intimidating and each step of the process has a photograph to make it clear! I especially loved the photo instructions on how to fold rice paper wrappers to make delicious Chinese rolls with cucumber, carrot and red pepper. I was a bit confused by the recipe calling for "grated halloumi"--an ingredient I've never heard of before and wanted more information on what it is and where to purchase it. Overall, this book is a solid choice for any aspiring Vegetarian chef.
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The Vegetarian Cookbook is a new cookbook and tutorial for plant based recipes for younger readers. Released 31st Dec 2019 by how-to-experts DK, it's 128 pages and available in hardcover and ebook formats.

Plant based cooking is more popular than ever. This book is a graphically engaging, appealing, and well written collection, with lots of choices for meatless dining. Aimed at young cooks, the book has a good intro on food handling, kitchen safety, tools, supplies, and ingredients. The following chapters contain dishes grouped roughly by category: breakfasts, snacks, lunches, drinks, mains, and desserts.

Each of the recipes is laid out as a tutorial with step by step photos and instructions, as well as finished pictures of each dish and serving suggestions. Ingredients are listed in a bullet sidebar with both metric and American standard measures given (yay!). Info and interesting factoids about the ingredients or the dishes themselves are given in graphic bubbles alongside the preparation information. Prep time, yields, and cooking time are given in the header info. Nutritional information and special diet concerns/allergens (nuts, celery, wheat, etc) are not given.

These are yummy and made from easily sourced ingredients. It's worth noting that these are vegetarian recipes, and many contain milk and sweeteners which aren't vegan without some recipe tweaking. Most of them are simple, colorful, and made quickly from a limited number of ingredients, which will appeal to young/busy cooks.

Although aimed at youngsters/tweens/teens, this would also make a superlative choice for a young person living alone for the first time such as college students or young professionals to provide a real and healthy alternative to takeaway and fast food.

Four stars. Well done (if simple) and appealing.
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I love the design and layout of this book. It contains easy recipes, and it is filled with lots of colors and great pictures. Would recommend for any library looking to build their vegetarian collection.
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