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100 Bible Verses That Made America

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I would give this as a gift, and honestly it would make a nice book to leave out for conversation. 

It’s important to remember what America was founded upon, especially in complicated times. I enjoyed reading different passages and reasonings. It is a heavy book, and not meant to fly through however. It was easier to read one section nightly to better absorb what I was reading.
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Robert J. Morgan has a history of writing books that provide helpful additions to the preacher’s library. The current book does just that as he focuses on 100 texts that shaped the people that would shape America. He begins with a sermon preached on December 21, 1511, by Antonio de Montesinos (known as “the first defender of human rights in the Americas”) on Matthew 3:3. He concludes with quotes from Barack Obama made at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 13, 2015, focusing on II Timothy 1:7, and from Donald Trump’s comments made at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 2019, drawing from John 16:24.

Each entry is three to four pages in length and demonstrates the Scripture’s place in a historical context with copious documentation at the end of the book from historical records or from critical scholarship discussing the people and events mentioned in the devotional.

Each devotional is insightful and practical. Given our current place in US history (Spring 2020), the book helps the reader appreciate the role the church and the Scripture had in our history. The book might serve as a devotional for the layperson or as sermon or teaching illustrations for the pastor or Sunday school teacher. It would also find a home in the church, the Bible School, or the Seminary, library.
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3.5 stars. I am rating this book on what it IS rather than on how it shapes up based on what I was EXPECTING. That title made me believe I was going to read a book about 100 Bible verses that were chosen and used to build and shape America in the early days of the country.

Instead, this is 100 stories of historical figures and Bible verses either they referenced specifically (in a speech or a story or a letter) or one that the author chose to sum up the story. I could see someone who loves history, or someone interested in the intersection between history and faith using this as a 100 day devotional. The individual entries aren't long and there are some fascinating stories included. But I'm not sold that these are all "defining moments" or convinced of the author's assertion that these examples mean the Bible is a "cornerstone" of American history. One hundred stories hardly scratches the surface of 400+ years of history or the full range of even one historical figure's life and choices and how the Bible either was or was not reflected.

In recent years I have become skeptical at best - cynical at worst - when it comes to the intersection of faith and politics. So I approached this with that sort of eye. I wanted to see how the author sourced the stories he shared, and how he dealt with the darker parts of American history that we like to ignore. It didn't help the author that at the same time I read this I was also reading a book about how the Church was complicit in slavery and other racial/white supremacy/civil rights issues in America (The Color of Compromise). I brought all of that baggage to my reading. To the author's credit, this held up pretty well under all of that scrutiny.

The stories are sourced in the notes. The author was careful to spell out at the beginning that just because he shared a story of an individual, it didn't mean he endorsed the person or every decision the person made. And he included stories of individuals who, because of their faith, stood in opposition to slavery and to the early settlers' treatment of indigenous people. While this isn't something I would necessarily buy for myself or read on my own, I wouldn't hesitate to pick this up for someone with an interest in history and faith. I will be curious to read other reviews to see if any other readers, especially BIPOC readers, bring a different perspective to the stories.
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IN GOD WE TRUST – we put it own our money and its part of the fabric of America. As Monday is President Day this book speaks to the foundation of America and its history. This book tells about great men and women who lived the History of the United States from the beginning and how the bible impacted there lives and that of a nation. If you love history and the Bible read this book.
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The Bible has had a great influence on the founding of America, perhaps more so than any other book. Within its pages, both clergy and lay leaders found inspiration to move forward with the plans of founding a new nation, and building it on faith.

The book shows the verses and then shares how they played a part in a significant event in American history. Some of the events are well known, others are not, but each one had a role in building the country. Though each entry is around two or three pages, they are well written and detailed.

100 Bible Verses That Made America is both informative and interesting. There are stories that I had never heard before and more about ones that I had. The book sheds light on parts of our history that are not often taught in school. The Bible served as a basis for many of the ideals that make this country what it is.

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I enjoyed the book as you take a walk thru scripture and its affect on America.  The current state of affairs in America makes it almost hard to fathom have far we have come, Backwards!
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My 2 cents worth:
This was a fun and interesting read. The history tied to the verses of the Bible are an interesting approach. I found some of the links a bit of a stretch. I do know that it is God's Word that has the power to change people. Reading about some of the historic events in light of the Bible Verses treasured by the men and women involved was refreshing.
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