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I didn't think this was an awful book, but it doesn't contain a terrible lot of new information or ideas that have not already been expressed about Stalin. I never felt like the finish line was crossed on a determination of whether or not Stalin was, in fact, a mass murderer or the supposed Man of Steel. 

There are a lot of photos and historical facts in this book, but there is also a lot of hearsay and rumour. I'm not sure if I expect a book like this to be perhaps, more scholarly or if it was just the author's choice to include other things besides strictly historical material, but in the end, I found it was just okay. If you are looking to learn the basic facts and you know enough not to believe certain things, this book will do. 

It wasn't bad, I simply didn't think it was great. It is still worthy of a read and a recommendation because it wasn't boring and does have some substance. More than one can say about a lot of books recently released. 

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Along with a standard biography, this book seems to want to answer the question about whether Stalin was as bad as or worse than Hitler. Perhaps not, making him the second worst person. That's not great.
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Whilst I don’t think this biography of Stalin brought anything new to the table, I did think it was an entertaining and very readable volume which in particular would be an excellent introduction to the man and his times to those not already steeped in Stalin knowledge. It’s extensively illustrated, perhaps more of an overview of the man and his life rather than in an-depth study, but none the worse for that. It’s fully researched, presented in an accessible and lively manner, and if there are no new facts or analysis, I don’t feel that matters, as there are plenty of other studies that can delve deeper into this most puzzling and frightening of leaders. A good read, enjoyable and informative.
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NetGalley were great enough to send me a copy of this book. I love reading Russian history, their Royal family make ours look normal and their drastic political changes are fascinating. However, this book is lacking something. I didn't feel like there was any new information in this book. By no means badly written, and gives an insight into Stalin, but there are better biographies out there.
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