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The Context Marketing Revolution

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“X” marks the spot of distinction for future marketing success in this latest book by Salesforce marketing insight expert Mathew Sweezey. The difference between CONTEXT and content is one letter, but as the title suggests it is a revolution where a new idea of marketing, not just new ideas will mean success or failure.  Mathew points out that marketers who try to explain the current media state with preexisting ideas will miss the “tipping point” of the rapid changes that are taking place and be left behind. 

There is no denying what was working even a year or two ago is failing now in the always-on media world. In this book, Mathew gleans his years of research and experience at Salesforce to help marketers comprehend the layers of changes in the new landscape and navigate new opportunities to rise above the noise. 

The Context Marketing Revolution is a must-read and will be a reference guide to return to again and again in the decades ahead for any business owner or sales and marketing professional. Mathew is a thought leader for the unprecedented marketing evolution ahead, and his research-based insights break through the jargon and old perceptions to lead the way to change and results.
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This is an interesting and instructive book that taught a me a lot about context marketing.
I'm not an expert to judge the content but I can say I appreciated the clarity of the explanations and the food for thought.
It's an excellent read and I strongly recommend it.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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"As a successful practitioner, investor, and advisor, I believe Sweezey's the CMR perfectly outlines the next generation marketer. These new growth leaders will understand how to harness the new customer relationship, modern digital capabilities, and the future marketplace to elevate their brands." 

- Anand Thaker, Martech Industry and Growth Advisor
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I received an advanced copy of Mathew Sweezey’s new book, Context Marketing Revolution (check title) after meeting him online. Full disclosure, Mat is speaking at our upcoming MarTech Conference as well. I was a big fan of his podcast, The Electronic Propaganda Society as well.

As a voracious reader of marketing and strategy books, I think the author has touched on a few significant things impacting business today and has provided the reader a helpful primer in understanding how significantly marketing has changed. While I don’t recall seeing him mention Seth Godin, this work builds on Godin’s new world of marketing perspective that outlines how marketing must move beyond the TV-industrial complex.

The author recalls the famous “medium is the message” - prescient words from Marshall McLuhan at both the beginning and end of the book - words I’ve talked about many times in my career as I’ve been living through these seismic shifts in marketing and business since the mid-90s.

Sweezey outlines a framework for this new contextual world he’s build based on research he’s done in his work at Salesforce, leveraging access to great marketers and brands. There is so much great stuff in the book, and since I think you ought to read it, I’ll not give away too much. 

In reviewing my reading notes, I’ll point out what I captured as the “Best thing in the book” - which was an insight towards the during a discussion of executive buy-in. It’s a call to check yourself. If you cannot get executive-level buy-in - contextual marketing won’t work and likely, you’ll suffer in the marketplace. This is tough, but in my opinion, good advice. 

If you are working in marketing or are an executive at a legacy brand or traditional marketer, the real value in this book is that it provides a roadmap for flipping the script, and provides a framework for fighting back against upstart disrupters with nothing to lose.
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Oh my! The Introduction pulled me in right away. I kept nodding my head. Yes! Yes! It just completely blew my mind on how accurate this book is about marketing and it's tranistion. This book managed to blow past my highest expectations of what the title might show me and yet it was really nothing at all like I expected. The detail, the research… my mind is completely fried. I can’t imagine how challenging it was to tackle the future of marketing and be authentically written in such detail as this book. A game changer for the old school marketers and a must read for validation of marketers who have consistently believed in “the customer is always right”.
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This book teaches you how marketing should be done in this digital age. It should be based on context; targeted only to those who will find the messages relevant. The traditional way of marketing takes the shotgun approach: mass production of media hoping to appeal to a handful of people within their target market. Not only that it is costly for the companies but it is usually annoying to many consumers. 

I like that this book explained the concept thoroughly and provided numerous examples to prove the points given. It also provides the guidelines you can use to adopt it.
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How to motivate your prospects to buy? How to motivate your existing customers to buy more? In the age of digital and extremely competitive market landscape it gets more difficult to answer these questions. Some good ideas can be found in this book. I believe that each idea needs to be adopted and modified to your business and your market however a good starting pint of developing your context marketing is nicely shaped in this book.
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