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I wanted to love this, and it has a lot going for it, but ultimately the writing was just so repetitive and it was mostly paragraphs of endless 'telling' and not enough 'showing.' Also, the actual plot details and character choices are incomprehensible at times. The central trope feels convoluted and needlessly complicated. I didn't feel like these characters had a whole lot of chemistry either. Small note but the way the beginning of this book is set up, where we learn all about the main female lead's relationship with her childhood sweetheart, makes it seem like this is going to be a second-chance romance between her and the ex. But it isn't. Unfortunately, I don't think the book knows that, as it focuses so much on that previous relationship.
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Matt is Bridget’s new intern at the Cook County prosecutors office. He’s also, super hot, super rich and super off-limits.
The first half of this book was fabulous and had me staying up late loving the two characters and wishing that they could find a way to date. Then, right when it seemed like it was going to get good - it got weird. All of a sudden the characters started acting like jerks and their motivations were muddled. I wasn’t even sure part of the time whether they liked each other. So, it was a book with a lot going for it that just kind of didn’t deliver. Not bad, but not great.
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This was my third time reading Andie's books. I need to just admit that her writing style, for whatever reason, doesn't work well for me. I'm always left feeling 'meh' about the story, the characters, and the romance. I always feel like I'm distant from the characters and never fully understand or care about them. And that was once again the case with Not That Kind of Guy. I didn't care about these two, in fact often kept forgetting their names. I didn't really care if they ended up together or not. I just didn't care. I finished the book, yes, but I zoned out quite a bit, just desperate to get to the end. Hell, I'm not even sure what age these two were. At times, they read like freshmen in college. Other times they read like mid-30s. What where they really? I have no goddamn idea and while that's a small detail it's annoying and further proof that I never had a good grasp on who these two characters were.

I will say the one thing I liked about this book was the fact that the heroine talks about having an abortion. Yay for that, please give me more of that in my books.

But otherwise? This was a forgettable book.
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There’s no easy way to say it: this book needed a better edit.

This is one of those weird reviews where I liked SO MUCH about a book, but I just can’t rate it highly. I’m honestly bummed out right now because this really does have a lot going for it:

- An age-gap, power gap romance in which the woman is the older, more powerful one.
- A badass female lead who takes no prisoners in the courtroom.
- A swoon-worthy Japanese-American male lead who adores the heroine from the get-go.
- Both characters very aware of their privilege.
- Both characters mature and well-rounded.
- Some genuinely laugh-out-loud moments.
- Plot twists I did not see coming.
- So much feminism.

So, while the content was right up my alley, the book itself was not. And that all boils down to it needing a better edit.

- Starts off with a prolonged info-dump.
- Long beats in the dialogue.
- Tons of echoes from one paragraph to another.
- Waaaay too much exposition.
- Repetitive internal monologues.

I cannot stress enough how prevalent these issues are in the book. It made reading it feel like a chore, and the problems jumped out even more because it took me so long to get through this. I’d set it down for a week at a time, then pick it back up for another attempt and slog through it because the pacing is made incredibly slow by the over-done exposition and redundant, seemingly back-to-back-to-back internal monologues.

Bear in mind that we received a copy of this from the publisher – Berkley – through NetGalley, so some of my issues might have been fixed in the final copy, but after skimming some other reviews, I don’t think they all were.

All this said, I will for sure check out Andie J. Christopher’s other books, because the actual themes in this one are something I need more of in my life, and with a better edit, I can easily see myself five-starring their next release.
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This book had a cute cover but was a dnf for me. I just couldn't get into this book for the life of me. I really wish it could have hooked me more.
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I smiled, laughed, cringed and hoped that all would turn out well. When a story can bring out different emotions, you know you are reading a good story. Andie Christoper knows how to bring the smiles, the laughs and the cringe-worthy moments in a story.

Bridget is determined, a hard-ass and knows that love just isn’t for her. Once Chris showed his true colors, she knew that he wasn’t the one for her and, for all she knew, there was no one out there that would be “the one”. She knew she was unloveable, her own mother proved that to her, and that marriage wasn’t in her future. Now, she’s saddled with an intern … one she knows will expect everything handed to him. He’s got another thing coming … he’s dealing with the bitch and she refuses to be his babysitter. But, why does he look so good, smell so good and not complain about anything that she throws at him?

Matt was the ultimate spoiled rich boy until he saw where his life was heading and who it was going to include. So, he made some decisions that mommy dearest wouldn’t, couldn’t and refused to deal with. Until she heard the truth. But, that’s happened after he put a ring on it. Up until then, he was determined to be the best intern he could. Do whatever it takes to prove himself. And, keep his hands off the boss. But, once this internship is over, all bets are off … especially in Vegas.

A whirlwind marriage, realization of what they did and then understanding what they could accomplish if they stayed married made them keep the rings on it. But, something happened along the way. Love. Then the mother became involved and the drama begins.

I really enjoyed this story. It was interesting and fun. Andie Christoper really showed us all sides of both Matt and Bridget. There were times that I didn’t like Bridget, her attitude or her reasoning. But, once she finally accepted and understood the apology, she turned the corner and was able to handle things a little better. Matt was just wonderful throughout the story until he wasn’t and really disappointed me. But, he redeemed himself in the end as well. All in all, I truly enjoyed Not That Kind of Guy. A little bit of drama mixed with light and fun moments and you have one really enjoyable read.
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DNF @ 49%

I tried, I really tried because I thought this was one I was going to love. It isn't often we get a book with the male lead as the not in the position of power. The synopsis also made him seem super sweet and not macho alpha -- I mean, this at least is true. 

Look, I'll take some fault with not liking this one. I swear the synopsis changed from when I saw it-- had I saw Vegas and "put a ring on it" I would have run away. I don't like that trope because all the decisions that follow aren't usually logical which made it even worse here since they are supposed to be so smart! On the topic of the characters, let me say I couldn't pin down their personalities since they seemed to change some times or at least their actions made them seem different. And Matt is still put in power because -- surprise!-- he is ridiculously rich and his parents put out a grant that Bridget wants to earn. 

So... after Vegas I realized I was hate-reading the book-- reading it only to complain about their actions, their weird conversations that felt like they were having two different conversations at once that required them to have the same conversation later! It was a bizarre read. 

Anyhow, this author is definitely not for me.
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Attempted to read several times and found I could not connect. For me it was the characters, but I hope to try the author again.
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4.25 Stars / 3 Steam Fans

Not That Kind of Guy was a fun, sexy, and a swoony story about what happens when a rich guy needs to get from under his family wishes, and an established woman assigned to show him the ropes in her law firm. Bridget is an established badass lawyer that finds an attraction to Matt when he starts to intern in her office. She also finds out that Matt's parents are the deciding factor if she receives the fellowship that could provide her with financial security. While Bridget and Matt are working together, they both fight their attraction until the internship is over, and they fake a relationship during a bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas for her brother Jack and Hannah. The saying is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but this time it doesn't. I loved all of the angst between Bridget and Matt. I found myself laughing out loud and feeling for all of our characters, not just Bridget and Matt. I can't wait to see if there will be more stories involving these families and personalities.

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Super adorable rom-com about a state attorney Bridget and her intern, Matt, who turns out to be her love interest., and more. The story was charming, funny, and heartfelt. Just remember that, what happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay in Vegas. You get to find out which way Bridget's heart will lead her.
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*CW: Mention of an abortion*

 I didn’t connect with Andie J. Christopher’s first book, Not the Girl You Marry, but I love her story ideas and really wanted to give her books another chance: Enter Not that Kind of Guy. 

What it's about: This one follows State attorney Bridget Nolan after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, But with her brother's wedding right around the corner, she needs a date to help avoid running into her ex since he's a part of the wedding party. So when Bridget's legal intern, Matt, also needs a way to get his ex off his back, they decide to help each other out and agree to a fake relationship.

What I loved:
-I really liked Bridget and Matt as individuals. I thought Matt was really sweet and kind and a wonderful love interest. And Bridget was smart,  witty and someone you'll want to root for. Together, I thought they had great chemistry and were really great for each other.

What I didn't connect with:
-We didn't read when Matt's feelings for Bridget changed. I don't mind insta-love, but with Bridget and Matt it felt like it was never explained why they felt such an instant connection. We know that his feelings for her happened while he was interning with her, but that entire part of the story isn't shown. (Time jumps from them meeting to the end of his internship, but we're told that he developed the feelings while they were working together.) Not seeing why he developed these strong feelings for Bridget made it hard for me to fully understood where those feelings came from.
-There was just so much plot that, for me, it made it hard to fully get on board and root for their relationship. It just felt like there was constantly something happening that distracted from their love story.

Rating 2.8-3/5 stars
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I was really excited to read this book because I love the "office romance" trope, but it didn't quite live up to the hype for me. The story itself is cute, but I couldn't really get into the writing style. That being said, this has more to do with my preferences as a reader than anything else. In other words, I can be picky in my reading preferences but I want to acknowledge that simply because I didn't enjoy a specific book, it doesn't mean others will feel the same and that I won't recommend it. I think NOT THAT KIND OF GUY is a great starting point if you're looking to get into the romance genre but don't know where to start. It reads easily and balances many beloved romance tropes that I will never tire of reading.
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This book just had too many storylines going on, and as it continued more were added that it was hard to keep track.  Boss/intern, rich guy saving the day, fake date to a wedding, etc. Despite so much going on, it was still quite predictable. It was hard to finish. Not the Girl you Marry also had some of these problems, but I had a harder time with this one for some reason.
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Fun, charming, adorable romcom novel with just the right amount of steam and great chemistry. Enjoyed this even more than the author's first novel. This was the perfect swoony escape.
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I wanted to like Not That Kind of Guy but truthfully it was a bit forgettable. I read it quickly and found it enjoyable but a day later I couldn't remember what had even happened in the plot. The only part that stood out was that it kept reminding me of how Michelle and Barack Obama met because of the lawyer/intern thing. It mostly made me want to re-read that part of Becoming.
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A romcom that brings to mind the movie The Proposal, this book starts off very quickly where law student Matt Kido interns at a state's attorneys office in Chicago for the driven and incredibly smart Bridget Nolan. Sparks fly but nothing happens until Kido's intership is over and Nolan asks him to be a plus one on a family/ bachelorette   trip to Vegas. For people who like Pride and Prejudice, modern storytelling and strong female characters!
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I love a good rom-com so I was really excited to pick this one up. It was cute and entertaining! It held my attention but I don’t know that it will be too memorable down the road. It was a fun read and I’d recommend it if you like light and fun rom-coms! Thank you netgalley for sending a free copy.
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A fun sequel! Enjoyed the new protagonist and the surprise way it stayed on theme with the first book's how-to-lose-a-guy relationship challenge.
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This had a lot going on & I didn't hate it. After breaking up with her boyfriend of 12 years, Bridget swears off relationships forever. But when Matt becomes her intern for the summer, she starts to rethink that decision. The tension that this situation created was fantastic. Since they work together they are off-limits romantically, but the chemistry is obvious. Once Matt's internship ends, Matt & Bridget end up in Vegas together for her brother's pre-wedding celebration and, well, THINGS. GO. DOWN.

I liked this, I did, but I also felt like there was a lot of info-dumping throughout and telling instead of showing. And although I did like our main characters Bridget & Matt, I actually really enjoyed the side characters more which I feel like shouldn't be the case since the story isn't supposed to be about them. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that this was fun & a solid good time, but it wasn't an "everyone should stop what they're doing and pick this book up" kind of good.
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Absolutely loved this book and the story. It reminded me so much of The Proposal and I loved that film. Already provided a review here:
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