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I fell in love with the Butterfly Bayou and the city of Papillion, Louisiana in Lexi's book Close Cover. I would not wait to jump into this world again and it did not disappoint! Lila is the last Daley sibling and after a horrific trauma she decides to change things up! She is more than just the "big city" nurse practitioner coming to town to change things up, she has a story to tell once people get to know her. Armie LaVigne is the sexy sheriff who is dealing with the ups and downs of being a single dad to a teenage daughter. You will fall in love with not only this couple but the town of Papillion as well, that even comes with its own friendly alligator named Otis. Lila is a strong women who must learn to let others in and move on from her past. Armie has his own baggage to unload but knows that Lila is just the women he wants by his side. This book will make you laugh, wonder with mystery and swoon with romance. I cant wait for the next time we can travel to the magical world of Papillion, Louisiana!
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I've never read Lexi Blake on her own but I have when she's written with Shayla Black, but never on her own. So when I saw the cover of her new series I had to try it. I've been in a small-town binge for a bit now. 

Plus I just loved the cute cover and hoped it would be a series I'd enjoy. 

I will tell you the book starts out with a bang and you have to wonder where it's going. I didn't read the back of the book so I went in with no clue what it was about. I often do this because I like the surprise I get when I'm reading the story. Sure I knew it was going to be a small-town romance just from looking at the cover. Or I guessed it would be. So I didn't go into it totally blind, just somewhat.

I was glad that I did. Like I said the beginning was so good. It lest me wondering for a second what was going to happen and then we got into the meat of the story and I can say that I really enjoyed it. 

I wasn't shocked that the town acted so badly to Lila. She's from out of town and doesn't really fit in there. Some of the people in town are so funny. They can't handle a new doctor in town. In this case a nurse practitioner. The way they treated her was pretty horrible, I did think that her sister had a clue to how they'd treat her but still let her sink money into a pit of a home and business. 

You will get a chuckle on how Lila and Armie met. I really at times liked Armie but I also didn't agree with him about some things. You'll have to read the story to understand where I'm going with that comment. You need to read it for your own and judge. 

I also really liked Armie's daughter. She had so much personality. A great addition to the story. I will say that life with a kid is never easy and Armie had it even harder but handle most of it very well. I didn't care for how he treated Lila at times because of his fears but in the end, they worked it out. 

Much more happens but you need to read the story to truly enjoy it. This was a great start to this new series and I can't wait for more to come. I have a bit of a wait but I can't wait for Zep's story. What to you meet him. By far the best character in the story.
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I’m ashamed to admit this is the first book I have read by Lexi Blake and I now know why my best friend has been telling me for years that this was an author I needed to read.......
This book ticked all my boxes, it’s a story with all the feels and it has characters you will adore, oh and let’s not forget you will be captivated from the first page to the last line.
Butterfly Bayou is book 1 in the new series and if this book is anything to go by this author will certainly have a hit on her hands. This story is set in the Bayou town of Papillon, Louisiana also know as Butterfly Bayou and I have to say Ms Blake did a wonderful job describing the area.
Nurse Practitioner Lila Daley has just moved to town and she is struggling to fit in with the local residents, she is ruffling more feathers than she is treating patients so her sister Lisa steps in to try and ease her in to quirky community. Armie is the local sheriff and he also try’s to help Lila settle in but the problem is Lila has no filter on her mouth and that upsets people...
Armie has tried his best but it’s his adorable daughter Noelle who really breaks through and finds the real Lila when she approaches the nurse for advice on a subject she can’t talk to her father about.
This book has the perfect mix of love, drama and humour and I think it will appeal to a wide range of romance readers. Looking forward to book 2 in the series.
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Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake is the First book in the Butterfly Bayou Series.  This is the story of Armand 'Armie' LaVigne and Lila Daley. Lila was a ER nurse is a big city but a incident happened that made her rethink her life.  So, she headed to Papillon, Louisiana to work in the small town's medical clinic.  But right from the start she knows she is in a different world with its corky people with their corky ways.   This of course leads her to some funny situation learning about small towns.  But it also leads her to Arman who is the Sheriff of the town along with his daughter Noelle  Armand is very protective of his daughter and her issues but he can't help but be drawn to Lila.  Pretty soon he knows she it is for him but sometimes the past can come back.  Enjoyed their story and hope to read more from this author.
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What a wonderful story! This book is filled with lots of small town, close community care, humor with things like lawn tractor races and an alligator named Otis who assists the town sheriff's department with speed traps, loving couples and some seriously bad guys. I liked getting to meet and get to know the locals, especially newcomer, nurse practitioner Lila Daley and Sheriff Armie LaVigne and his daughter Noelle. Lila and Armie both shared some very emotional, gut-wrenching moments which added greatly to the buildup to their HEA.

This is a truly delightful book from master storyteller Lexi Blake. I am really looking forward to the next book in her Butterfly Bayou series, Bayou Baby.
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When ER nurse Lila Daley witnesses her best friend murdered by her ex-husband just days before their trial started about his abuse. Needing out of Houston and armed with her Nurse Practitioners certificate, Lila heads to Papillon Parish Louisiana to take over the medical practice there and be close to her sister. 
On her way into town, she immediately recognizes that things will be much different when confronted by the town alligator (yes, the town has given him a name), then receiving a speeding ticket from the sexier than sin sheriff when she was trying to get away from the alligator as fast as possible. 
Armand LaVigne, the sexier than sin sheriff already knows that he wants Lila. He’s known that when they met at her sister’s wedding. Now that she’s a town resident, he’ll make sure to keep his eyes on her.  Armand’s teen daughter likes Lila as well, even though Lila’s trying to push her in new directions with her physical therapy. It seems that the town’s previous doctor didn’t do much in the way of making sure his patients stayed healthy, and since he’s been the only doc in town forever, the patients were now questioning the new “Doc” and her new-fangled ideas and practices. 
When a series of incidents end with Lila and Armand living together, all looks well with the couple. Until Armand overhears a conversation he came into the middle of and kicks Lila out, ending their relationship as well. Has Armand made a huge error? Will this end in a HEA? You’ll have to read the book to know!
This is the first book in the series and I truly can’t wait to read more. It’s not just a fluffy romance, there’s an element of suspense, but not enough for me to place it in the Romantic Suspense category. The writing is great. I loved the story arc, and the characters. My favorite is Zep and I hope he and Roxie get their own story, that’ll be a great read as well! 
**I received an ARC copy of this story from Netgalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.
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This was a really fun read! It pulled me in right from the beginning and kept me turning pages right to the very end. I felt, however, that I was missing some backstory. (Laurel's and Lisa's stories are part of Blake's Masters and Mercenaries series.) It was a little frustrating to be aware that I was missing something, but this is book #1 so I was also confused.

Lila was smart, if a little naive about small town life. (Has she never seen a TV show or movie about big city women moving to the small town of Nowheresville, USA? A bit hard to suspend my disbelief on that.) But she was strong and fighting to recover from trauma. I loved the way she stood up for herself and wouldn't change herself to appease other people.

I enjoyed Armie for the most part, though I did have issues with the way he treated his daughter. Yes, he was dealing with guilt, but what kind of bubble is he living in where handicapped people can't live on their own? I suspect he wouldn't make very many friends at the Special Olympics with his narrow minded attitude. His guilt overrode his common sense.

The story and the pacing were great. The secondary and tertiary characters were well written individuals without being caricatures of small town inhabitants. The only issues I had were with Armie's attitude towards disabled people, and the fact that we never do see Doc Hamet and he never gets taken to task for the stunt he pulled abandoning Lila like he did.

Overall, however, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I am eagerly anticipating the next books in this wonderfully charming series.
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4 Star Review of Butterfly Bayou (Butterfly Bayou#1) by Lexi Blake
Lexi Blake is off to  a good start with her latest series based in Papillon, Louisiana also known as Butterfly Bayou. Her writing was descriptive and I could easily imagine myself in the Bayou particularly since it is an area that I would love to visit.

I had a hard time warming to nurse practitioner Lila Daley initially. I know she had just been through a traumatic event which had almost cost her everything, but it wasn’t just that. She appeared standoffish and judgmental and I couldn’t picture her living successfully in the little town on the bayou. Single dad and  Sheriff Armie LaVigne was easier to relate too. 

Fitting into the quirky community without ruffling feathers is going to be difficult, but her sister Lisa is there to lend a hand and if only she would let him, so would Armie and his adorable and sassy daughter Noelle. There were times that my heart just about broke for all that Lila, Armie and Noelle have been through .The relationship between Armie and Noelle was heartwarming and I loved their interaction and obvious love for one another.

I found myself frustrated by both Lila and Armie’s behaviour on numerous occasion and wanted to yell at them both. However although it was a very rocky road, I was cheering when they finally got the happily ever after that they both deserved.
Of course the appearance of Otis the alligator led to some humorous moments throughout the story, the quirkiness of Papillon and the people who call it home added to my overall enjoyment of Butterfly Bayou and I can’t wait to learn more about Zep Guidry in particular. 
Although this is not my most favourite book from Lexi Blake, it has certainly whetted my appetite for what’s to come on the bayou and I  am excited to read the next book in the series .
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From the moment Lia Daley runs into Otis the alligator blocking her road and then promptly gets stopped by a speed trap set by the local sheriff we're off to a great start. Add in the house she bought unseen that is filled with various collections, a spotty electric system and a house call from the hot sheriff in his pajamas and the most adorable abandoned dog you know you've got a winner.
Lia has had it harder than most but she knew education and a great job gave her control of her future. When her control is severely tested in her ER as she helplessly watches a friend die she retreats to a small Louisiana backwater. She's definitely got an uphill road here as the townspeople view her with suspicion and close ranks against her. The raging hot chemistry with the local sheriff and the offer of friendship from his handicapped daughter are the silver lining in her cloud.
Fortunately there is an accident in the middle of the town and her cool control under fire that saves lives is witnessed by practically the entire town and wins her some more friends. Soon her life settles into a pattern, hot steamy nights with her sheriff, wonderful homey evenings with Armie's daughter and a trickle of patients at the clinic.  Her life is not destined to remain smooth for long as she rescues a local abused young woman.  Now she's made herself some enemies...
Can she survive small town living, find a measure of happiness with Armie, help his daughter grow beyond her wheelchair and create a place for herself?  The author does a great job of small town living giving us a story rich in emotion with enough chaos to give it an interesting edge.
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4.5 Stars 

Butterfly Bayou was a good start to what I'm sure will be a fantastic series. Lexi Blake delivered a remarkable and riveting romance brimming with scorching hot passion, angst, light-hearted humor, and all the feels. I enjoyed my visit to Papillion, Louisiana, where the sexy sheriff and single dad, Armie LaVigne, found the perfect woman who turned his world upside down ~ Lila Daley.  She comically and unexpectedly fell into this hot lawman's life, courtesy of a speed trap guarded by an alligator affectionately named Otis. 

Working as a nurse in Dallas, Lila witnessed a horrific tragedy involving her friend and colleague that left her (and me) completely shattered. Hoping to escape the nightmares of the past, she decided to leave the hustle and bustle of a big city ER and restart life in Papillion, as the town's nurse practitioner. Trying to fit in with the locals, and struggling to overcome several challenges, the last thing Lila wanted was to fall for Armie. Much to her surprise, he and his daughter, Noelle, were exactly what she needed. Their connection was instantaneous. The chemistry between them sizzled. But despite their intense feelings, Armie and Lila fought the attraction until they deliciously surrendered. A journey towards love that was extremely bumpy, but well worth the wait, I relished every moment spent with this couple.   

I adored Lila. Strong-willed, compassionate, courageous ~ she was a heroine I truly admired. A woman so riddled with guilt over tragic circumstances that were out of her control, her sufferings pulled at my heartstrings. Rigid at first, Lila was all business when it came to her career, yet possessed a gentler side, especially when it came to her patients, Armie, and Noelle. Watching her character grow, gain confidence, and find the courage to fall love was touching. 

Armand "Armie" LaVigne was a loving and a swoon-worthy hero. A single dad, who was very protective when it came to his disabled daughter, Armie was also dealing with his fair share of guilt from the past. Despite all the complications in his life, meeting Lila was a game-changer, as his attraction to her was fierce and intense. His persistent chase to win her heart and earn trust was stirring. However, he frustrated me for a bit when his commitment to Lila faltered when a situation with Noelle arose. Regardless of the nerve-wracking relationship tensions, Armie managed to win back my affections eventually as he became the strong man Lila needed. In turn, Lila's love forever changed both Arnie and Noelle’s lives for the better.

Butterfly Bayou is more than just small-town contemporary romance. There's lots of angst, drama, and tension to savor, as well as several story-lines that surrounded this couple and secondary characters, which had me on edge. All in all, this first installment in the Butterfly Bayou Series was an enjoyable, highly emotional, and sexy read.
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Butterfly Bayou is a beautiful read. I loved every moment of this one. Your heart is put through so much from beginning to end. But it is so worth it. Armie is a single dad, sheriff and all around good guy. You heart goes out to him once you realize how close he holds onto everything even his daughter Noelle. Noelle is wheel chair bond and some ways needs to be normal in others is afraid to be independent. But you will discover all the reasons why they are the way they are as you read this. Then there is Lila. She is a survivor in so many ways. She is stronger then you think and is trying to acclimate into her new town. She doesn't care what people think of her. She has gone through so much and starting over is just what she needed. I love the chemistry between Armie and Lila. Neither planned on the other. Yet they fit so well. I love how Lila is with Noelle even when she is trying to give her that push she needs. This book stole my heart and then some. I for one can't wait to see where Lexi Blake takes this series next. Go one click this one.
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This is definitely a story about survival. Lila has spent her entire life surviving but she hasn’t much enjoyed it. After something terrible happens she decides to move to be close to her sister in a small town in Louisiana where she meets single dad and sheriff Armie. Armie and his daughter have just be surviving too but than Lila is there to show them that love can come in different ways. 

This book took a bit for me to get into, started off a little bit slow but then you get to this one moment in the book and it’s like BAM 💥. From that moment on you fall in love with Lila and you feel her even emotion and your heart breaks for her and you cheer her on and you marvel at how awesome of a human being is. This book is what the power of love can do for people, and how it can make a difference. I love all the characters and absolutely cannot wait to get back to Butterfly Bayou again.

**I was provided with a free advanced reader a copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review***
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When you think small town romance you think of a sweet, good feel romance, but this is much more.  Both Lila and Armie carry emotional baggage, but they find in each other a way to get past it.  Coming from a big city, Lila is a little judgmental in the beginning, but with Armie's' help she learns that to be embraced by the town she needs to be accepting of them. Armie's over-protectiveness of his daughter drives them apart for a time, but he comes to realize that Lila's pushing of his daughter is for her own good. I look forward to reading more in this series.
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Lila Daley had her life as a nurse practitioner working in a Dallas ER all planed out and under her tight control. When a brutal tragedy in that same ER sent her for a tail spin, Lila moves to a small bayou town called Papillion, Louisiana where her sister lives. She used her life savings to buy into the town’s only medical clinic, but the residents are not quite ready for a woman expert to take care of all their health needs. Lila has several immediate challenges including a derelict house, learning the bayou way of life, and a handsome sheriff who pushes all her buttons, both good and bad. Lila is a tough cookie who comes as across as a strong woman which is not appreciated by everybody, especially men who think woman should be sweet and nice. Thankfully, her sister Lisa is there to help Lila navigate the murky bayou waters and integrate into the town after a rocky start.

Sheriff Armand Lavigne also has a tightly structured life especially after his teenage daughter was nearly killed in a car accident leaving his ex-wife gone and Noelle in a wheelchair. When Lila charges into Papillion, Armie is captivated in a way he has never been before; however, the two have very different ideas about what is best for his daughter. Although they have a lot of passionate sparks flying, stubborn doesn’t not begin to cover both Lila and Armie’s demeanor. Whether these stubborn folks can make a go of a relationship depends on a willingness to compromise while letting go of some preconceived notions on both of their parts.

I very much enjoyed this downhome romance of two seemingly opposite people who find love when they were not looking for it. Lila and Armand each have wounds that have not healed from their pasts and seek to protect themselves from more hurt. The quirky people and verdant bayou backdrop of Louisiana offer a pleasing tale of life’s trials, family, and finding love in the most unexpected of places. This is the first in a series, but some of the character first appear in CLOSE COVER, Lexi Blakes’ Master and Mercenaries #16; it can, however, be read as a standalone
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Nurse practitioner Lila Daley had a rough and tragiç experience in her Dallas ER.  She needs a fresh start so she retreats to Papillon, Louisiana, a tiny town on the bayou where her sister and her new husband lives.  Her initial entrance into town will be memorable.

Sheriff Armie LaVigne is a single dad that is comfortable with his routine life.  But when he meets Lila that routine does not work for him anymore.  Once he convinces Lila to give him a chance some rough spots will threaten what could be a new beginning for both of them.
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Wow, I really loved this book.  Loved how quickly Sheriff Armie and nurse practitioner Lila Daley fall for each other.  But he’s a single a Dad and his daughter comes first.  I didn’t expect to cry but I did over their heartbreak l. Can he trust in their love?  Will she give him another chance?  It’s a really sweet ending.  I highly recommend this book.
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This is the first book that I’ve read by Lexi Blake and I’m not sure what took me so long?  I absolutely loved this book. It grabbed me right from the first page and held my attention all the way to the end. Lila is a very up tight NP that after a tragic incident needed a change of scenery. She decided to head to the Bayou where one of her siblings lived. Right as she got to town she was met with a huge surprise. Then she met the Sheriff and was in for another surprise. And let’s not forget, Peanut. Her journey was not uneventful, that’s for sure. She bought a house without seeing it and that was definitely, a surprise. This book had me smiling and laughing so much. Then there was the not so good surprises. These just made me tear up! Lila had to learn how to adjust to a life that was so different than she was used to, that she struggled a bit. No one liked her, she was an outsider. But she didn’t let her get her down. When she met the sexy sheriff, Armie, things were looking up. But they did have there moments. Armie is a single father and he is just taking each day as they come. Trying to not have anything that would upset his daughter. Making him and her as comfortable as they can be. But when Lila comes into his life, things start to get shaken up a bit. Lila ends up having some difficulties with some of the bayou residents. Only because she stepped in to help one of them out. Her and Armie also having different views on certain things, which causes a rift in their relationship. But with all these challenges can these two make it work? Can Lila become a part of the Bayou community? This is a must read that will keep you turning page after page to see what is going to happen. Can’t wait for more!
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Take a leisurely stroll down south where alligators sun themselves in the middle of the road and the bayou is your backyard. This is a new series by Lexi Blake, a favorite author of mine, that contains all of her same wit and sass, but is set to a lower heat setting than some of her other series. 

Lila and Armie sizzle with chemistry from the getgo. Their back and forth is super entertaining and in the small town these two couldn't be better matched for one another.

Lila moves down south needing a fresh start and it makes sense to also be closer to her sister. She didn't count on the sinfully sexy sheriff pulling her over  the moment she enters town and issuing her a ticket. Welcome to her new home.

Armie doesn't like to break rules and he almost considers it when he realizes it's Lila going thirty miles over the speed limit, but rules are rules and she is sassy. He really likes sassy.

With the charm of the bayou through the eyes of Lila, an outsider, Butterfly Bayou was really delightful to read. Add in the townsfolk, who are colorful and make the book LOL fun, there is so much promise for where this series can go in the future, not to mention where Lexi could fit in some interconnection stories with her other series.
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Lisa and Armie definitely had a strong attraction, and they even had strong feelings, but having their own minds figured out wasn’t always in sync. Sometimes, everything can be perfect, but some things are out of alignment. It took a bit, and a few false starts, to get these two to their HEA!

Along the way, this small-town romance gave us a wonderful cast of characters and a great setting. When a story starts with our heroine accusing our hero of colluding with a reptile (gator Otis) to set speed traps, and after their first night together, our hero decides to make up a law (misdemeanor) to make it illegal to knock before 8 am, you know you’re getting some comedy. 

We also got a whole lot of heart, from our characters, from the town. Serious issue are the underlying motivators for both our characters, and family and love are always front and center. Fitting in and doing what is right, what feels right, isn’t always easy, but Lila figures it out. Knowing what is right and acting on your instincts isn’t always the best path, and Armie figures that out. Add in an abandoned dog and a teenage daughter, and a boatload of soul searching, and the journey was definitely worth the path that needed to be taken
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This started out really great for me. I enjoyed where our heroine, Lila Daley, came from and where she was headed very much. The scene of Butterfly Bayou and it's colorful cast of townsfolk made for an interesting escape. And the town Sheriff and his interesting, charming daughter also were two people for whom I wanted to stand behind.

The storytelling became tedious and dry somewhere around 40%. I was getting too bored but since I liked the characters I had hoped it would pick up. Unfortunately the same communication break downs continued to happen between the two main characters and I saw no development or growth from either until literally the end. The same arguments and feelings don't show me depth or make understand them any better and I get bored.

I found the story had some bright spots though if you set the actual romance aside. The friendships cultivated. The small town feel. How Lila found something in herself worth saving as an individual that she could extend to a place she didn't understand at first. Those moments felt like small victories in the story and I was grateful for them.
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