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loved this story about Lilah and Armie. A good style of romance to read. Also the underlying secondary theme was very prevalent to today. Did not want it to end
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This was the first book I have read by Lexi Blake, but I will be looking for more of her titles.  The characters were interesting--each had some problems to deal with.  The setting was a fun town that I would enjoy visiting.
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Butterfly bayou was full of surprises for me. Starting off with a speed trap caused by an alligator this small town romance totally swept me away like sweet ice tea on my front porch swing. Based in Louisiana it definitely felt like home. Armie, our hero, was strong, dependable and protective. Of course he's not bad on the eyes either. Lila was a force of nature he never expected. These two had one million obstacles it felt like they had to overcome. I cried, laughed and had so many moments of anger. This author pulled all the feels out of my heart. I was lost in the story and never wanted it to end. I can't wait to see where this little town will take us.
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Lila has just survived tragedy and is now looking for a quieter life closer to her sister. But small town life in a close knit community may be harder than she imagined. Sheriff Armie has a comfortable life and he likes everything the way it is, but now that Lila has come to town a lot of things seem to be changing. Can these two find a way to work through all of the challenges that life can throw in your path, and still learn to give enough to be together?
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It took me quite a while to read this book. I kept reading a new pages, then putting it down. Some of my reaction might be expectations. The blurb pointed in the direction of a fluffy small town romance, which given the news these days I was in the mood for.

But what we got was a story about abuse shoved into the romance, neither of them quite successful: the abuse thread seemed to take over the story, the romance seemed unmoored and even perfunctory at times, particularly as the hero weathervaned back and forth, becoming emotionally abusive himself.

The side characters were lovely, and so was the setting. Blake is a fine writer, it's just that this particular book wasn't a good fit for me.
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Butterfly Bayou
This was the first book I have ever read by Lexi Blake and it won’t be the last.  This looks like a great start to a wonderful new series.  Right now there are 2 books listed on Amazon, this one and another but after I read this I am hoping for more. 
The story starts out with Lila Daley looking for a fresh start.  She chooses to move to Papillon, Louisiana and she barely gets into town when she has a run in with the town sheriff, Armie LaVigne.  He gives her a ticket so she is not inclined to like him very much.  However, as you might expect, that changes.  I love the dynamic between these two.  Right away they became a believable couple.  There was one part with Armie where I thought he was being too rigid but I won’t go in to detail and spoil it for you.  
Butterfly Bayou has an interesting cast of secondary characters.  There are good and bad people as you might have in a small town.  This lends to the plot lines.  The main thread is the relationship between Lila and Armie but there is another story that is a darker tale of domestic abuse.  Ms. Blake did a good job with this material with a moving tale that didn’t take away from the overall lightheartedness of the book.  It gave some balance.  
A wonderful book, I can’t wait for the next one!
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Small Town, contemporary romances are my favorite! There's something so sweet about them and the characters are always charming. In Lexi Blakes newest series, readers can expect that and more! This book, while endearing to it's core, has a cast of strong characters who deal with very real life issues. Some may find these issues to be quite emotional, but seeing them get past them and move on is beautiful. I can't wait for the next one!
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This book was good, had a little more depth to the characters that a typical mass market romance. I like the setting and would read more in the series with some of the other characters, especially about his daughter's recovery and journey.
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Thank you Netgalley and Berkley Publishing Group for this ARC copy of Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake!

Publication Date for Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake is scheduled for May 5th, 2020

Trigger Warnings: Domestic Abuse/Violence (National Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233)

When I request this book on Netgalley, I thought I was getting a sweet summer romance, full of light-hearted fun and some steamy love. This book is so much more. It is full of depth, important issues, small town drama, and a lot of trauma– oh and of course love! That’s why we are all here– right?!

Even though there is no mention of domestic abuse or violence with the synopsis, there is quite a bit within the book itself. I want to talk about it right away, this is something so close to me. I don’t have personal experience with domestic abuse or domestic violence, but it is something I deal with everyday. It is my profession, working with people experiencing domestic abuse and violence, and this book was very real when it comes to the reality of what a lot of women (and people) experience with violence.

I want to note that the domestic violence in this book is somewhat of a back story, although it does cause plot for the book (and I am trying to not give away spoilers here) but it is not our main character, Lila, who directly experience domestic abuse from her intimate partner.

Soap Box:
If you are experience domestic abuse or violence, please know you can reach out. There is help, support, and resources for you. If you feel safe to do so, please seek help. Even if it is reaching out to a friend, telling your neighbor what is going on, or confiding in your doctor (look at your state law with mandatory reporting for medical professionals). You can also talk to me.

If you know someone who is experiencing domestic abuse or violence, or suspect that someone is, please, PLEASE, the most important thing you can do is tell that person you care for them and are there to support them. Please know that sometimes the most dangerous thing you can do for someone experiencing abuse and violence is confronting them while they are home or with their abuser– this can make the abuse or violence worse for them. When you offer support for someone please do it in a safe environment and make sure you have appropriate and professional resources to offer as well in case they are wanted.

Okay, now I will step off my soap box.

Let’s start with the cover of this book! I think that’s why I requested it on Netgalley (shhh…) but really, this cover is so pretty! I just want to jump in the cover and spend the rest of my day there relaxing with that adorable pup. 

One thing I really loved about this book was how our two love birds, Lila and Armie, met. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but the way they met in this small little town, was such a good story! I loved the dynamic of this and the author did such a good job at illustrating this scene– and it was quite hilarious too.

I also enjoyed the stories of the two characters– Lila is building her life back up from a trauma and is starting over in a new town, and Armie is a single dad battling his own traumas. Lila is the new doc and Armie is the Sheriff… how much more romantic could that get?!

I LOVED Lila’s character. She. Is. One. Bad. Ass. Bitch. Seriously! I loved her attitude throughout the whole book and I think so many of us could find her empowering and relatable. I enjoyed watching her change and grow throughout the book.

There seemed to be three plots within this book, we have the typical roller-coaster of the romantic relationship, and then there are two backstory plots that drive the story. One that has to do with Armie’s daughter and another that has to do with the domestic abuse situation. I really liked how there was more going on with the story other than just their relationship (although it all ties in and obviously influences their relationship). It gave the book a lot more depth and I appreciated all of the additional stories and characters it came with.

Overall I enjoyed this book, it was a very quick read for me. There were somethings in the book where I didn’t like how the domestic abuse situation was illustrated, but that’s because of my background. I would highly recommend this read to anyone wanting a good romance with some depth to it! Make sure you add to your list for May 5th, 2020!
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Butterfly Bayou is the first book in a new series by Lexi Blake. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard Lexi was writing a small town romance but she definitely put her twist on it. If you are looking for a sugary sweet small town romance this is not it. It is, however a romance story with characters that are fighting their own internal guilt and drama but in the end help each other to find the peace and understanding in order to move on from their past. 
Lila was tough to like at the beginning but she started to warm up as you got to understand and know her better. She definitely was a strong woman in principle and conviction and she was really good for the town once they accepted her. She was also good for Armie! 
I liked Armie at the beginning then I found him annoying. He seemed to be all in with Lila then one argument and he walked away from the best woman he ever met. 
You will have to read for yourself and see how Lila manages to win over the people of this small town and if she and Armie can overcome their differences.
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"I wanted to kiss you the first time I saw you. Lust at first sight."

I really enjoyed my visit to Papillon, Louisiana and Butterfly Bayou. The small-town residents are a handful and gave Lila a hard time when she moved in to run the local clinic. Not only was she an outsider, but she was also a woman. It didn't matter that the retiring doctor who sold her the clinic was up in years and would rather be fishing. They trusted him...even if they sometimes shouldn't.

The only welcome she got was from Otis the alligator and her sister. It seemed that for every step forward she ended up having to take three back. If she couldn't make some progress with the local residents, find a way to get them to trust her, the clinic would not survive. She could save lives, but she couldn't save her job if she didn't have any patients, right?

This engaging tale had some spice and spite as well as some love and laughter. I could not resist the #SexySheriff and neither could Lila. But she ran into more roadblocks along the way, not including Otis. The headstrong nurse practitioner was determined to help where it was needed, whether her help was wanted or not. She stirred up a pot of trouble that not even one of Madame Martine's spells could fix. I couldn't put it down until I turned the last page and sighed with satisfaction. 🦋
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I've picked up and put down this book three times and it's just not working for me. I think this is a case of "it's not you, it's me," more than anything as I usually love Lexi Blake books. I can't really point to one thing that has me constantly putting the book back down other than it's just not grabbing me. 

I'm going to call this one as a "put down for now" and stick it in my worthy of a second chance down the road shelf.
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A modern day romance story that follows an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner from a low point in her life to her eventual break through back to normal ever day living. Our main character, while suffering from severe depression and anger, manages to put forward an impression of efficiency and I am alright attitude. The author is able to pull the reader into the story as an innocent bystander watching and slowly turn them into ardent supporters of this brave and intimating survivor.

I have rated this book 4 stars.

I received an ARC from Netgalley for my unbiased opinion.
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This book has me so excited that it's a new series.  I just love small town romances.  It was pretty funny how this small town reacted to the city slicker nurse coming to take over the town clinic.  I grew up in a small town, so I could see some of this actually happen which just had me completely entertained.

I loved the main couple just as much as all the side characters in the Butterfly Bayou.  Lila was a little hard to connect with at first but the more you learn about her, the more you understand her.  Then once she meets and gets closer to Armie, the real Lila started to shine through. I actually really admired her.  She showed how important it is to love despite the risks and to love without fear.  She was awesome.

Armie was a very easy hero to love.  He's a single dad who you could actually feel how much he loved his daughter.  Then the way he saw Lila and wasn't scared to go after her? Well, I just love a man who knows what he wants.  It doesn't mean he doesn't mess up, but I even liked that as well.  The author just handled everything about these two in such a way that the ending was so completely satisfying.

I really can't wait for more in the Butterfly Bayou series.
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I didn’t get what I wanted from this book. From the synopsis, I thought I would be reading an easy and light hearted small town romance. While I did get the small town feels, nothing about this was light hearted. My issues with this book were the characters and how long it felt. Seriously, it could have been just because I truly wasn’t enjoying it, but it really dragged. 

Characters. They did a switch on me honestly. In the beginning, I just knew that I wasn’t going like Lila. She came off bitchy and so judgemental. I know that she went through something traumatic but up until about 30% on the book she was so unbearable. So what changed? The more she began to trust and get into a deeper relationship with Armie, we got to see a softer side to her. Soon, I began to see that she was too good for him. The best part about her character was that she loved hard and she knew her worth and what she deserved. 

Armie. *deep sigh I started off enjoying his character. A sheriff single dad with a disabled daughter who was easy to like. He pursued Lisa and I couldn’t help but be smitten. However, when put in an uncomfortable situation he became a coward. I was shocked at how much his character changed and how he talked to Lisa. He lashed out and would stoop so low to hurt her just because he felt hurt or cornered. I really don’t think I’ve been this upset with a love interest in quite a long time. I don’t think that he wanted to be in a relationship, he just liked the idea of being in one. 

I know that my review is solely based on characters but this book is really character driven. I can’t recommend it, However, if you are a fan of small towns and this author’s previous works then you might enjoy this better than I did.
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This book was amazing! It was exactly what I needed to read. It was a book filled with humor and serious issues that really don’t get talked about like they should. The dog and the gator were great supporting actors in this tale. The small town dynamics were great and totally what could be expected of a bayou parish in Louisiana, meddling family and neighbors all. Lexi Blake is a must buy/must read author for me!
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This is a wonderful story.  Funny with witty dialogue. The main characters are fantastic. I loved the ending. A follow-up must happen. I need to know more!
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I really enjoyed this romance.  Lila is an ER nurse that experienced her own trauma so she decides to change her life by moving from Dallas to a small town in the Bayou.  The Sheriff of that town, Armie, pulls her over on her way in to town and decides that Lila is someone he wants to get to know better.  Lexi Blake creates some great characters with lots of depth to them and the story line was very realistic and relate-able..
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A traumatic event causes Lila Daley to move from Dallas to Papillon Bayou in Louisiana.    Her youngest sister Lisa recently settled into what the locals call Butterfly Bayou, and Lila is looking to both hide away and make big changes in her life.  So she moves her home, life, and career to where Lisa is.  Lila survived a rough childhood, but in order to do so she had to hold herself apart and not open up to people.  After a near death experience, she has reorganized her life.  She wants to no longer feel so alone.

Town sheriff Armand (Armie) LaVignes has been going through the motions of life the last few years as his focus has been on his daughter Noelle.  She survived a car accident that killed her mother and left her wheelchair bound. He feel guilt and a deep sense of responsibility to protect his only child.  

Armie feels a spark for the first time in years upon meeting the complex and challenging Lila.

I liked the romance between Lila and Armie.  They were upfront and honest with each other about their wants and needs. The drama comes in two forms.  Lila tries fit in and be accepted as the proprietor of this quirky small town’s only medical clinic.  Also, Armie becomes torn between his love for Lila and his need to protect his daughter, who may have an opportunity to become more independent, if Armie can let go of some of his overprotective tendencies.  These conflicts are explained from both Armie’s and Lila’s points of view and the second chances extended make sense.   

I am a fan of Lexi Blake, especially her Lawless and Courting Justice series.  Butterfly Bayou has all the drama, romance, heat, complex characters, and great writing I have come to expect from Lexi Blake.

There are lots of characters with compelling backstories in this small town to build a wonderfully charming series.  I look forward to upcoming stories from the Butterfly Bayou.

Thank you NetGalley and Berkley Publishers for the ARC
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Lexi Blake has written another hit.  This new series is awesome.  I absolutely love the characters in this town. I can’t wait fir more!!
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