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All But What's Left

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This book is well written. It is in first person and jumps back and forth through time. I was especially impressed by the author's ability to write a child's voice that was believable.

The story is okay, but I found myself struggling to care for and unable to connect with any of the characters - especially our protagonist. That unfortunately meant this one wasn't for me.
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Unfortunately I was unable to review this due to my device breaking and then unable to redownload to new device.. 

I am still very keen to pick this book up and I have heard great things about it. 

Thanks to the author and publisher for allowing me to read and review it and I am very sorry I was unable to do so.
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A good storyline but enjoyed parts of it .Strong characters but book did not keep my interest.. Sorry.
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I'm not sure if I wasn't in the mood for a book of this genre or if I've just lost my reading mojo a bit, but this one did not produce an emotional reaction that I expected. I have to admit first half of the book I was emotionally invested from the mystery and complexity of the plot. However, it ended without the closure that I needed. There were still so many left unanswered questions that it just kind of felt rushed for me. I know writing takes a lot of work that's why I always try to keep an open mind every time I read, but this one just did not do it for me. Sadly I'd give this a 3.5 star-rating.

However despite my inability to entirely love this book, I still think this is an excellent debut novel. I appreciated how the author made it very raw & realistic. Like they've said not all stories have a happy ending. Sometimes on rare occasions, you get that one story that doesn’t end with "And they lived happily ever after." And this is one such story.
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"We live with the choices we make, don't we?" Like I always tell you, you always have a choice. You get to look at all the dresses and pick the one you want." 
Hannah didn't realize how true those words were for her. 
She had known since she was a little girl, just how her life would be. She would marry Rydak, who was her childhood best friend and together they would take over her ranch. Rydak had gone to college letting her know he needed a break and was dating other girls. But not to worry, he was always coming back to her.
Her father is making changes and hires Will to help with the ranch. 
Hannah feels lost and unsure of her life until she finally does and goes after exactly what she wants. 

Thank you publisher and NetGalley for the eARC
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley..

This was my first book by this author.     
This book kept my interest from day one.     It was a great storyline.   Great characters.   And I liked that it bounced to different time periods.
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A good read! The book alternated between three different time periods the protagonist experienced, with one being the present (actually set in the 90's though).

I liked Will and Hannah, but wanted more on Will.  Overall, I think the story needed to be longer, or at least give more closure (hopefully this is in a series and we get more definitive closure)
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This is a fairly quick read. If I had started it on a weekend it would probably have taken less than a day's worth of reading to get through it.

The summer is not starting out at all how Hannah expected. First, she finds out Rydak, her boyfriend, is staying on campus for the summer and is also fully embracing the relationship "break" he insisted on while he's away at school. Second, in light of his recent heart attack, her dad has decided to sell the family ranch she has spent the entirety of her 21 years. And before she has a chance to digest either of these pieces of news, the new ranch hand will be there by dinnertime! Hannah can't catch a break today. Most of the background information is told by jumping back and forth between a total of 3 timelines in Hannah's life. The earlier timeline deals with the month's surrounding the tragic death of Hannah's mother when Hannah was 6 years old while the later timeline highlights moments from Hannah's high school romance with Rydak. And the main timeline covers the summer romance she barely resisted with the ranch hand.

Definitely not the worst thing I've ever read, but it didn't wow me.

*netgalley provided a free digital ARC
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Great read. The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.
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