When You Find Love

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Caitlin is from Scotland and a very talented antiques appraiser who has been hired to catalogue an entire house of antiques in America.  

Holt is the heir of his great-aunt's estate clear across the country.  He live sand runs his own successful business in California.  He doesn't want to inherit anything from the witch who was so awful to his mother.  He could use the influx of cash that the selling of the antiques would bring, though, and the stipulation is that he has to spend 3 months on the estate.  Is it worth it?  He's not so sure but he will go and resolve this with the lawyers and get back to California as soon as he can.  

Holt and Caitlin are great sparring partners and the sparring brings on other feelings.  Holt is reserved and doesn't trust women.  Caitlin is kind and normal and intelligent and she knows a treasure when she sees one and she might just see the treasure in Holt.  Is he worth the risk to her heart?  Only time will tell.  First she has to finish the job she was hired to.  But, when you find love, there really is no going back to what was before.  

This was a sweet story about breaking down the walls and learning to trust again, at least for Holt.  He had so many cobwebs in his closet that only Caitlin was able to see through. 

I was given an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.
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A sweet Christmas read.. Really enjoyed this romance. 

Many thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Caitlin, a Scottish antiquities appraiser, accepts a commission in the Hampton's.  Here she meets Holt, a businessman forced to return to the family estate by his great aunt.  The two begin to fall for each other, but Caitlin uncovers a mystery that could destroy both her newfound happiness and Holt's emerging love for her.
Will she or wont she?  I recommend the purchase of this book to discover how it all turns out.
Thank you Willa Blair, The Wild Rose Press and NetGalley for allowing me an advance copy for my honest feedback.
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When You Find Love is a sweet romance that brings a touch of Scotland to the US.  Caitlin Paterson, sister of Ian from Waiting for the Laird, to assist in determining if some of the items in a home are possible from Scotland and specifically part of the Jacobite history.  Holt Ridley has inherited the house and just wants it off his hands.  It holds bad memories for him. 

Holt is female and relationship shy for a reason, but Caitlin begins to get under his skin in a good way.  As she begins her assessment of the property, Caitlin realizes there is more to Holt’s connection to the house and the people of the community, especially one specific community member.  What follows is a story that will warm your heart as you read of Caitlin and Holt’s romance.

Although this could be a stand-alone, I liked it better for having read Waiting for the Laird for that little bit extra background.
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I enjoyed this book, but felt that in a couple of places the story jumped and something was missing, like how they all started eating in the kitchen . This also was apparent towards the end with the ghost hound as I felt that the author thought it had been mentioned previously in the story, if the reader had not read the first book in the series this would not make sense. Overall I liked the romance and the characters were endearing. The added mysteries were a bonus.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this read, the mystery combined with the sweet romance made this a great escape this holiday season. I loved the descriptions of all the pieces in the house and how the characters developed through the story.
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This winter romance is a disappointment on all fronts. The romance is iffy at best-- the characters fall in love but have only a few light scenes of physical chemistry, so there's no reason to believe it when they decide to throw themselves into love. They don't spend enough time together, especially on screen, to develop affection. What time they do spend together, they act like moody, bipolar teenagers. The hero's backstory, which is supposed to be sad and explain why he's angry about his inheritance and at women in general, doesn't get nearly the exploration it needs. It's a brief sketch instead of deep dive into his history.

Only recommended for readers who don't feel like it's Christmas unless they read a holiday romance every day starting on Thanksgiving.
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When You Find Love is a well written romance.  Good plot and setting.  I believe that the author is new to me and I definitely will be reading more of her books.  I received an arc from the publisher and Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.
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This was a fun, quirky romance. It was quick, sweet, and a little bit of Christmas but not too much. I wouldn’t say it’s a Christmas romance. I also appreciated that it was more closed door  than I originally expected from the initial chapters.
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When You Find Love is a beautiful romance filled with Christmas magic. It’s an interesting story with a few surprises, a family curse which serves to cleverly interweave Scottish history and customs with the American way of life making this the perfect Christmas romance. So grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy Holt and Caitlin story . .
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When you Find Love.. but in reality Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you. 

Holt unexpectedly inherits his great-aunt's estate in the Hampton but he deeply refuses to accept it. He couldn't imagine why she was giving it to him knowing the way she treated his mother in the past. He later decided why not sell it to easily get rid of it and use the money for his business. However his aunt specifically indicated in her will that he has to live in it for three months before he could do it. Enter Caitlyn, the Scottish appraiser hired to check the estate's property.

It's the first time I read from this author and I find the characters were uniquely fantastic.

Holt was indifferent at first, but still you can't help but like him. I found myself swept away with this book loosing all track of time. It was light hearted but with a hint of mystery and twist that I would not spill. Honestly the book cover kind of turned me off at first probably since I got used to hand-illustrated and admittedly highly Instagrammable covers hype this year. But this is a lovely romance that will bring a smile to your face. It's absolutely magical and charming Christmas read.
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A very interesting and lovely story from Willa. It is as though i'm living through the story. What a great writer.
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Holt has inherited a mansion which he doesn't want. Caitlin is an Scottish appraiser who has come to value the contents of the house. Little by little they are drawn to each other, but Holt has just gotten out of a messy relationship and Caitlin will soon  be returning to home to Scotland.  As Caitlin goes through the contents of the mansion she finds that there may be a curse on Holt's family and also that Holt's father, who he thought dead, may be alive. This is a sweet, clean holiday read.
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Ever since he was little, Holt despised his aunt and her grand estate in the Hamptons. When a lawyer reads Holt his aunt’s bequest, Holt refuses. But his business needs capitol and he’s sure he can sell off the estate and all its priceless antiques to raise the capitol. He packs up and moves in. What he doesn’t expect is the alluring Scottish antiques appraiser to capture his heart. Can he keep her at arms length, or will she be the key to unlock his heart’s desire?


When You Find Love is a beautiful romance filled with combative personalities, a family curse and a love that can’t be quenched. The whole cataloguing of the estate fed my Antiques Roadshow obsession and I commend Willa Blair on her descriptive narration. It transported me to the past and the present while being able to dive into the mystery. Holt and Caitlin are opposites when they first meet but as the story goes on, we discover they’re more alike than either of them will admit. Character-driven plot with supernatural undertones make this a must-read. There’s a few twists I didn’t expect which only added depth to the story. The ending was so fantastic, I didn’t want it to end. If you love fantasy romance, you’ll be smitten with When You Find Love.


Favorite Character/Quote: Caitlin. From the moment she appears in the story, I connected with her. Her Scottish brogue and mannerisms delighted me but it’s her love of history and finding treasure in attics I adored most about her. She’s spirited and the perfect match for Holt.


My Rating: 5 stars
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