Robyn Hood: Outlaw

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Very different from my normal reads which made me super excited to try something out. It falls in line with superhero /Vigilant style .  The story is very much what you expect with awesome characters, locations and well written.
It is entering story that fans of Robin Hood will love to get their hands on and hopeful other looking for something new and different  to read.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of Robyn Hood: Outlaw
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ARC Copy...Decent, although it was hard to pin down any reference to the original robin hood mythos although Robyn Hood herself being a gender flip of the outlaw.
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Robyn Hood: Outlaw is my first foray into the Robyn Hood character from Zenescope. Sassy and butt-kicking, Robyn is my favorite kind of heroine. The story is action-packed and keeps your attention and Robyn is a character you want to revisit. When one of Robyn's only friends is near death and the blame is laid at Robyn's door, nothing will keep her from finding the truth and the cure. Fast-paced with beautiful colors and nice art, the story is pleasing to the mind and the eye. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
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And again we get an independent comic that instead of trying something new and original just more or less reinvented a Green Arrow has a woman. Disappointing by the lack of originality!
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Robyn Hood certainly earns his breakout character status. She's certainly expanded herself beyond her fairy tale inspired origins. Nowadays she's more like a street level superhero, complete with people who have powers in this story. It's a semi-usual story that involves characters like her. Framed for attempted murder, a political conspiracy, all with a hint of magic. Robyn hides out in an underground society to help her poisoned friend. Along the way she meets some quirky characters with unique abilities. This isn't the merry men though, some of them have secrets. Even the conspirators are just pawns for an even bigger enemy, likely Robyn's version of Merlyn (Green Arrow Villain).

The action and movement really keep the reader hooked. Nine-panel grid are certainly becoming more common but this series reminds readers why it's so good. As an intro, this definitely makes readers want to stick around for more. Overall it's a 4.5.
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I have to recognize that 'superhero' comic books are not my cup of tea. All those vigilante types or creatures with superpowers from this or another planet didn't call my attention when I was younger, even if I read some "Ironman" or "The Fantastic Four" (lent by a schoolmate). I was more into novels, and a little bit into manga and European comic books like "Asterix". Nowadays I don't read many comic books either, but I am interested in them and I am always open to try something new.

And here we come to "Robyn Hood: Outlaw" of which the first that called my attention was it cover. It looks cool, I thought. Well, I started reading it. Ah, nice, I thought, even if not particularly original: we are thrown into the story when our heroine comes home and discovers her friend almost dead in her apartment. It's a trap! Robyn Hood has to run away from the police and clear her name. And save her friend, now in the hospital. And mix with some maybe shady types. Etc., etc. Haven't we seen this before?

Yes, we have, but curiously or not, I found "Robyn Hood: Outlaw" a very well done work, with interesting characters, nice pace, and a well done plot that, even if not particularly original, never becomes boring and uninteresting. Also the art work is top notch, and it brings the story nicely to life. From the first page we are thrown into the story, and the reader will discover that accompanying our protagonist is lots of fun, with new plot development after new plot development that brings the comic to many different places in a brisk place. This could be one of its downsides, actually, because sometimes we jump from a place to another, or from a new character to another new one in too few pages, all too brusque, without given us time to settle down or digest what we are reading.

Minor quibbles, though. "Robyn Hood: Outlaw" is a very entertaining, well done, nicely depicted comic book. I will be waiting for more adventures (or find previous ones) of Robyn Hood.
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I read the ARC provided to me by Netgalley.

I'm not an avid comic book reader, but I do enjoy the occasional superhero adventure and I'm not hard to please. I love comic books with lead female superheroes, and that's why I picked up this one. It felt like something I would enjoy, and I did, but I also felt it fell short in a few ways.

The story was intriguing, and there were things that I hadn't encountered before, like Tatter's powers. However, the rest of the team felt like an alternate universe version of some of Marvel's characters. 

I liked the main character enough to want to read on and see how it would end. But the narrative lacked rhythm and some challenges Robyn encountered felt so rushed that even though I understood their intended purpose, I felt they didn't succeed it. I think that this story deserved more pages, so as to give the reader more time to get to know the characters and better understand the dynamics of the group, feel Robyn's frustration for the new situations got into and get a better feeling of the life underground. Maybe then, the plot twists would have had more impact.

The art was very nice.

Overall, it was a decent effort and I would like to see what happens next.
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This looked like a cheapo female Green Arrow, but turned out to be a bit more.  Coming to this title entirely fresh, I don't know but that it does too much to change her character, for this story arc quickly introduces magic into her world, where it doesn't seem to have been the focus before now, and quickly takes Robyn to a place she certainly didn't expect to belong, or even know about.  So while there are flaws with this – a very jumpy narrative that never seems to conclude any of the many threats it presents, a slightly uneven spread of wordy pages and silent splash pages that don't have the impact to deserve that status, a lot of derivative side characters that just HAVE to bicker, and a heroine who is ridiculously untouchable in combat – this isn't too bad.  It seems to be a good jumping on for any other books Robyn features in, too.  Perhaps three and a half stars, if I'm feeling generous.
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If you look sassy female main characters that tend to be independent, mysterious pasts, and incredible combat skills; Robyn Hood: Outlaw is for you. This graphic novel features a main character that is just that. She comes home to find someone she trusts severely injured and it appears someone is very set on trying to kill her. Now she must move quickly to find the cure for her friend as well as get to the bottom of who and why someone is trying to kill her.

In a way, this reminds me of Black Canary and Green Arrow. I feel like if they had kids, Robyn would be it
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A spinoff series from the same people that created Grimm's Fairy Tales, Robyn Hood is a modern day interpretation of the character as told in that storytelling universe. The plot is somewhat formulaic, but for a action-focused motif, it serves it source material well. The original series's fan service does dig its steely fingers into the narrative in this graphic novel,  but does not succumb to the sheer T&A of GFA as a whole. You don't have to read the source material to understand what is going on, but it doesn't hurt to at least be aware of some of the callbacks.
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Robyn Hood: Outlaw is a 6 comic series featuring the dark hero.  The graphical content was well done, and the story was intriguing.  There is much to the back story and future that this doesn't show us but makes us seek to want to find the additional books in this series.
It's an interesting story that sets up the character as a good but not fully good vigilante.  
Check it out if looking for a new hero or heroin to follow.
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Unbale to review because the comic book is not downladable. There are problems with downloading this but I will be happy to review the book if the file is replaced.
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