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KI-6: Killers by B. Clay Moore is a cool retro assassin spy story that is sure entertain.


Five deadly assassins are recruited by their former sensei, each with a unique power and fighting in shadow wars for covert agencies across the worlds. Agencies that now want them dead. Their sensei, the mysterious and mystical Jonin, is calling them back to hunt for the greatest prize. The secret to immortality. But the assassins have a world of government and criminals to fight through and maybe, even one another.


KI-6: Killers is retro cool. The persona, the artwork, the dialogue all reminds me of an ultra cool late '70s movie. It is full of action and personality and the end result is one of the more satisfying adventure comics to come about in some time. I loved it and look forward to a continue of the comic series!
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'KI-6:Killers' by B. Clay Moore with art by Fernando Dagnino is a graphic novel about a bunch of former MI-6 agents with unusual powers.

5 assasins with unique powers and different designations, like Ninja-I, etc. are being targeted by assassins.  This leads them to their master who sends them out individually on a mission to retrieve an unusual artifact.  They eventually team up and are offered an opportunity to continue working together. 

I thought it was an interesting concept, and it kept me reading.  The end felt a bit like a letdown, but maybe future stories will improve.  The art was really what kept me involved in this.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Valiant, Diamond Book Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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A group of former MI-6 trained operatives come together after an offer by their Sensei to restore something that they had lost. All they had to do was survive the bands of assassins following them and gather the tears of the Burning Monk. So will they cooperate, or will they kill each other in order to be the only victor?
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This spins out of Ninja-K, where we found out Ninjak was actually the eleventh ninja (or Ninja K) to work for MI-6.  Assassins have been sent out after the previous ninjas in the MI-6 program.  Shortly thereafter they are all contacted by their former master to go after an artifact that can give immortal life.  This starts off very strong but the later issues feel a bit rushed to pack everything in 5 issues.  the whole thing appears to be a lead in to a new team in the Valiant universe, KI-6.
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This was a DNF.  I just could not get into it.  It was so bloody right off the bat.  That would have been okay if the words were matching the gore, but they weren’t.  It was confusing.  I just was not interested and gave up after 20 pages.
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I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy this title but I was hoping for something a bit more ridiculous I guess. I think this tried to take itself too seriously and it just ended up being boring for me instead and I ended up skimming the second half. For a similar title that takes it up a few notches I would recommend Kyle Starks' Assassination Nation.
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KI-6: Killers by B. Clay Moore is a free NetGalley e-comicbook that I read in early December.

The 'KI-6' is portrayed as running parallel to (maybe even in the opposite direction of) MI-6, due to its members being assigned secret hits & assassinations and being referred to as 'Ninjas,' who can utter an invocation in Japanese and manifest an inner destructive force. As such, these Ninjas are tasked with coming together from different parts of the globe, then finding and retrieving hidden polar jewels. The bright colors of the arctic and the shimmer and gleam of their powers pop excellently against the deep browns and reds of garments, nighttime, and fire, but the storyline is kinda typical and mishmashed in comparison.
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Very poor selection of boring characters (one of whom speaks such a stupid type of gibberish you'd happily put a bullet through his head) all tasked with the same underground bit of work, meaning they're either with each other, or against each other.  And seeing as this is just weak fight scene after weakly written argument, you can guess which the authors tended to choose.  After finding the last few titles of Valiant generally getting to a really decent standard, this lame duff-em-up is right back at the bottom of the quality charts.  One and a half stars.
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I've been following some of B. Clay Moore's work for a while starting with Hawaiian Dick. He's not the greatest writer but he is growing with Valiant in his works like Savage. Killers meanwhile is his idea of getting into the meat of the Valiant universe. The actions, powers, and the quest leading up to the finale are all great but it has a few flaws. The problem with most action series is that the battles and thrill rides take away most of the story. Gunshots and explosions are more like distractions than anything else.

The reader sees the motivations of most of the characters but their final decision near the end feels kind of last minute. Practically none of them including Mona have any time to develop or recheck their motives. The mercenaries attacking the ninjas don't just waste people's time, they waste good story telling moments. This is a very rushed series that hopefully gets a bigger and more satisfying followup.
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