Parham Itan: Tales From Beyond Volume 1

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This started out in full color and I really wish it had stayed that way. But besides that two guys in the same school but different classes happen upon they flower faced destroyed that will remind readers of the demogorgon from Stranger Things.  The story is too drawn out.  It seems the same thing happens over and over again. It’s like they are trying to build up sexual tension underlain on all the graphic death, and mysterious disappearances.  I thought this book was fine, but will not be reading more of the series.
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Initial reaction on twitter: Me: This manga opens with a Call of Cthulhu quote. Should I expect weird shit?
Parham Itan: *has a random dude's face open into a flesh flower like it's Resident Evil*
Me: ... GOT IT.
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Addictive. I see a great sequel in the near future. I liked the main characters and how they interacted with the others, and the ending, although bittersweet, was good as well. There are many answers I want right now, so I have high expectations on the next volume.

Full review in my blog (Jan 13):
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Yamagishi and Sendo attend the same school but they don't have much to do with each other. Yamagishi is one of the school boxers and Sendo is a nerd from the year above.

One night after leaving the boxing gym Yamagishi runs into Sendo who is lugging a pile of books home from the library and so he stops to help him. The two of them are shocked and horrified to see one of the gardeners being consumed by a plant with tentacles. They are saved by a mysterious stranger who they later find dead in the school chapel. The next day they are convinced they dreamt it all, especially when they see the school gardener going about his business as usual.

Sendo refuses to forget about these strange occurrences and he convinces Yamagishi to accompany him to investigate the chapel where they found the stranger's dead body and this is the start of their weird adventure. When they go to the chapel they are surprised to find the stranger there and alive, and to their horror he isn't the only strange thing around.

The two young men discover they have entered an altenative reality with huge winged insects that are determined to kill them. They have to work with the stranger, who they discover is a paranormal investigator named Akisatoto, to battle the winged beasts and get home.

This is a well drawn manga horror/sci fi story which is actually quite gripping to read. The story is inspired by Lovecraftian horror and the Call of Cthulhu and it is fascinating to see these kinds of horror in a different cultural context and in manga format.

This is the first volume of the series and it ends on a cliff hanger although I didnt mind because the volume is full of action and the artwork is really good. There is lots to discover in future volumes. What is this strange world the young men have found themselves in and will they get home? How can they stop the winged beasts and horrors of this strange realm from crossing over into their school and who is the paranormal investigator?

There is lots to look forward to with this new series and it will be interesting to see what the next volume will bring. 

Copy provided by TokyoPop via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
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A horror manga with a Lovecraftian vibe, the characters are two dimensional at best, and the story is a rough cut-by-numbers of the usual pastiche that would be expected with any teen horror story. Unfortunately, the story really only shift into second gear at the end of the first volume, so people will need to read further on before qualifying this book.
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In Parham Itan: Tales from Beyond Volume 1, high school student boxer Yamagishi and smart nerd Sendo literally run into each other on the way back to their dorm. While walking together, they encounter a half-human half-man-eating-flower monster. But the next day, everything seems normal.

“What if nobody’s seen them before ‘cause they camoflage themselves? What if there’s actually tons of those critters walkin’ among us all the time? What if all those ghost stories and urban legends that sound made up are actually cover stories to hide their existence? What if we saw yesterday is the real world?”
What kind of horrors will they encounter while investigating the flower man?

Per the author, Parham Itan: Tales from Beyond Volume 1 is based on the Cthulhu legend from the tabletop RPG. The plot is more a thriller with paranormal elements than a straight-out horror manga. The artwork, especially of the flower man, is excellent. It succeeds in making the absurd idea of a man with a giant flower for a head into a truly frightening monster.

This story is the first volume in a hopefully long series. The main characters are introduced but there is room for many more explanations in future books in the series.

If you liked the author’s Monochrome Factor series, you will be thrilled with this series too. It has the same genre-fluidity in it. It has action, horror, comedy, and two disparate male leads that must work together without becoming yaoi. It is an enjoyable read. 4 stars!

Thanks to Toykopop, Diamond Book Distributors and Edelweiss+ for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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A review for this book will pop up in January 2020 on blog/goodreads.

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I was very excited to start reading this one, the cover looked quite exciting (though his neck/head position was a bit painful) and the blurb sounded right up my lane!

And boy, this was in the end pretty awesome. I wasn't a fan of all the characters, Sendo especially just got on my nerves. He didn't know when to stop being nosy, saw conspiracies EVERYWHERE, he complained a lot (I mean, hello everyone was fighting for their lives and yes I understand that you don't want to touch those damned wires but man up and do it), he is truly the weakest link in the party with that he was the first to be captured (and then had to be freed again by our awesome detective or whatever he is dude). And so on. I just wanted him eaten by one of the monsters. I am sorry. 

Yamagishi however? I did like him more! He seemed to actually have a brain in his head, not to mention that he is strong. I did feel sorry for him for what happened at the boxing stuff, I can imagine that he is feeling down by that. But hey look, your skills are still worth something, look at you kicking some serious creepy butt. I do wonder why his hair is half white and half black and why he has the scar on his head. I hope we find out more about that in the next volumes. I can't wait! 

The manga is pretty spooky and scary. Our duo is at school late at night when they see something weird happening. They run away but the next night they come back and that is the start of some really creepy stuff. I am still not entirely sure what is going on, but there are plant-faced humans walking around, bugs, dimensions get distorted, people get murdered. It was a bit confusing, but I did get a good grasp in the end, though I would like some more confirmation regarding stuff. 

Also booo cliffhanger! Who is that person! I want to know! 

So I had tons of fun reading this one, it has all the elements I love seeing in a manga right now (my mood is for spooky things). I also love the art that the manga is using, especially the battle scenes were just wonderful .

All in all, recommended! I can't wait for the next volume.
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Hmm, Parham Itan is quite solid actually. I'm not a fan of Cthulhu, so I cannot say if this was accurate in any way, but interesting if nothing else. Yamagishi and Sendo go to the same school, the other is a boxer and the other is a bookish alien loving nerd obsessed with conspiracies. They encounter this odd plant-faced monster that kills a man and they also meet this weird inspector that soon dies mysteriously. Except he didn't die and they all end up in another dimension mansion inhabited by bugs. Basically this first part doesn't really offer us anything else except the monsters and the looming mystery of what could happen next, but no explanation or anything. Thus the manga feels quite long as it doesn't really set the story and we don't get to know the characters all that well either. Still, there's always the possibility that this will turn out better along the run.

The art looks OK, nothing spectacular, but the monsters and the gore looks good surely. Interestingly so this is shoujo! I'm glad we get monster comics like this too. The panels are slightly stuffed, but the humor helps out and lightens everything up. I hope this gets better, but at least this is really new.
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Parham Itan is the first volume of a new series. It follows two high school students who accidentally come upon the reality that we are not alone. That there are things that go "bump" in the night and that something is definitely wrong with their school campus after dark.
It sets up the premise for the rest of the series, but fails to end at spot that is not awkward. With that being said, it does a good job of roping in the reader to get them excited for the next volume(s).
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Parham Itan was a fun, easy read. I enjoyed the premise and characters, and this first volume left me interested to know what would happen next. The artwork is good, as is the balance of images and text. I would definitely read on.
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2,5/5. Interesting concept, but just too casual of a story to get me in. I would have love a lot more fantastical creatures and imaginary stuff.
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