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Forgive Yourself These Tiny Acts of Self-Destruction

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I really enjoyed the sections of this poem book that I related to. It had many different poems in the book that I highly related to and this is what I look for specifically in a poem book.
I also really enjoyed that the poem book had a range of lengths, some poems were short and some were long - I really like this as I find that it keeps me interested in the poem books for longer. 
Overall, I think it was a good poem book with some really insightful poems that are relatable. 

However, I also found that I felt that the poems about suicide specifically were slightly out there. From my perspective, it felt as if the author was trying to say that suicide is a choice, and I got the impression from two poems in the book that the author was implying that those who do commit suicide are ungrateful - due to other people dying of other causes. I don't agree with this and feel like it is slightly out there for an author talking about mental health to make statements that suicide is a choice, maybe this was just the way i interpreted the poems but this is how i perceived them and i did not like these two poems and this is what lowered my rating.
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This collection was another book of very hard hitting poetry, which examines a number of sometimes difficult subjects. Singer discussed a number of personal experiences and triggering subjects for him. With this in mind it made the poems more full of depth and more jarring.

There are a number of triggering subjects so if subjects like suicide, body image issues, loss of loved ones and more so if those subjects are too triggering for you go into this with caution. The poems are very heartfelt and definitely show a journey that hopefully lead towards acceptance and growth.

All in all it was a great collection that is sure to pull at the heartstrings and have great impact.
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this was really a personal book. don't know if enjoyable is the right word for it, but i felt a connection with a lot of poems, specially the last few. 

This is a book i'm going to read again sometime because i saw myself in a LOT of poems. my heart aches.
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Any time I see a Button Poetry book on here, I have to request it ASAP. Jared Singer is brilliant and I will definitely be purchasing my own copy. I cannot wait to read more from Singer.
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This lacked a poetry feel. Just felt like a celebrity who was trying their hand and something new unfortunately it just didn’t work for me.
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This book was amazing!  The author's writing made it feel like he really understood my personal struggles with some of the issues that were written about.  I think anyone that picks this one up will instantly love it!
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