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Concussion Rescue

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This is such an important book to read to be ready for when you or a loved one suffers a concussion!  Accidents happen, and in the hours/days/weeks that follow, you will know what to do.  Although people are better now than in the past about recognizing concussions and treating them, it is still inconsistent.  Much better to be prepared with the facts in advance yourself!
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"Concussion Rescue" explains what to do after a person has had a mild to severe concussion. Amen Clinics has studied the best way to deal with brain injuries, and this book explains what they do and what you can do. The author started by explaining the different tests they do on a client, how they would treat problems that are found (from traditional pills to herbs and more alternative methods), and the scientific studies behind why they do these things.

He then talked about how to treat a concussion that has just happened. He talked about supplements and other things to keep in a first aid kit to use when someone has a concussion and what to do in the days and weeks after the concussion occurred. He also talked about things you can do months after a concussion has occurred. He talked about sleep, brain exercises, physical exercise, diet, correcting structural problems and hormone imbalance, and using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This book was written for both practitioners and for the common person, and it's written so that anyone can understand and apply his advice. He's sharing this information in hopes that concussions will be immediately treated with this latest information. I'd recommend this book to anyone who works in professions where concussions are frequent and to people who are still dealing with concussion symptoms and need help.
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Very interesting, especially if you have some sort of previous knowledge or if you have a relative who suffered a concussion and you want to have a glimpse of what it is happening. I am happy to be in the first class of person and I really appreciate some insights and some easy tips.

Molto interessante, specialmente con una base di conoscenze precedenti o se in presenza di amici o parenti che hanno subito un trauma cranico, e io per fortuna appartengo alla prima classe di persone. Ci sono ottime informazioni ed alcuni facili  "trucchi" per aiutare il paziente.

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