Hart's Hollow Farm

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Complementary copy given for honest and opinion. Another great story by Janet Dailey. She never disappoints. This book takes you through loss and finally coming home. It is a sweet wholesome read for the gentle romance lovers.
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I voluntarily offered to review this book with no obligations and my opinions are honest!
This was a great book !
Kristen is helping Emma with her farm.
Mitch thinks that his grandmother Emma is going senile.
Read the book, and watch the clash of the titans! LOL
Loved the characters + the storytelling !
It has all the ingredients that you need for a great book!
I can't wait for the next book in this series.
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After having been a fan of Janet Dailey's for decades (yes, truly!) I have come to expect nothing but the best from her. I don't remember ever having read this particular title, but unfortunately it did not meet my expectations. It was sweet no doubt but it did not touch any heart strings like some of her other books have.

I read Texas Forever not too long ago, and THAT one is first rate romance.

Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for the ARC. This is my honest review.
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Hart’s Hollow Farm
Janet Dailey
January 28, 2020

Hart’s Hollow Farm is book #4 in Dailey’s Americana series.  It is my first book of Janet Dailey’s to read.  I saw a reader’s comment about it coming out soon.  She noted that the book was coming out the next day.  I was able to read the NetGalley copy.  It was good to read and review such a pleasant family story.  It tells the tale of Emmy Hart and her family.  It begins with the current plot of Emmy and her farm that has gone down hill from the years of neglect.  Her husband Joe passed several years earlier.  Their son David could not keep up with the farm due to his alcohol addiction.  His son MItch and daughter Carrie lived a sad, difficult life through the years of Emmy trying to show love for David.  At the end of his senior year, Mitch went off to college to study architecture.  He swore he would never come back to the farm.  Carrie took the road of drugs instead of alcohol. She had two children, Dylan and Sophi but was not strong enough or mentally capable of taking care of them.  
This latest chapter of the Americana series begins with Kristen Daniels heading down a hot, barren road searching for the entrance to Hart’s Farm.  She saw an ad placed at a local store looking for help at the farm.  She needed to speak with Emmy Hart about filling the job.  Kristen had lost her position at another farm when the owners went bankrupt.  
The sky was turning dark and nasty.  She had hoped to arrive before the rains began to fall.  
Pulling up the large house she could see that once upon a time the house had been a beautiful home that was well taken care of.  She had hoped that Emmy would welcome her into the job so she could have a place to sleep and food to eat.  After pulling up she heard a car’s engine rumbling down the lane.  When it pulled up the man behind the wheel called out the window to tell her to pull her car around.  They couldn’t get caught in the clay if the rains began.  She couldn’t hear him and when he got out of the car, lightning flashed and thunder blasted the sky.  The water rushed into the clay circle in front of the house.  There was no pulling out now.  She was trapped until the water subsided.  
As I had not read about family members in the first books of the series I felt I had to pay close attention to keep up to the storyline.  It was an easy plot to become involved in.  I enjoyed Daily’s family journal.  When I read from an author who is new to me that enjoy, I generally wonder how I missed reading her stories.  Hart’s Hollow Farm was a wonderful story.  It brought in the sadness as well as the joys that a family endures over the years.  I encourage readers to find Janet Daily and read her Americana series.  Hart’s Hollow Farm was published on January 28, 2020 by Zebra of Kensington Publishing.  It is now available on the sales shelves for your reading pleasure.
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Loved this book.It makes you long for summer in the sweet Southern heat and the promise of new life in the fields
.Kristen Daniels has been through heartbreak with the loss of her daughter.She comes to Harts Hollow Farm looking for a job.
Seventy three year old Emmy needs help on her farm and faces opposition from her very handsome grandson Mitch who wants to sell the farm.Emmy is also raising two young great grandchildren by herself. 
It’s inevitable that Mitch and Kristen fall in love with each other.
This beautiful romance is filled with love and healing and forgiveness.
Thankyou Netgalley for this ARC
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A story about loving a farm that needs help and a woman who is not ready to give up her history... This a beautifully written tale that pulls at the heartstrings. 

***thank you to the publishers**
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Heartwarming, sexy, fun, feelgood hometown romance filled with engaging charters, intriguing twists, witty banter and undeniable passion. Was a great read from beginning to end.
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A nice story about a family trying to save their farm and a young woman with no family of her own that helps them. 3 stars.
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Mitch is going back to Hart’s Hollow Farm to talk Emmy into selling her property. He has nothing but bad memories, thanks to his father. Emmy isn’t going to go down without a fight and has just hired someone to help her. Kristen is running and doesn’t stay anywhere for too long. When they all meet for the first time, things start to change. 
  Emmy is hiding a secret about her health. Mitch’s young children are living with Emmy and Kristen vows to not get too close, she can’t stand more heartbreak.  Mitch agrees to stay a little longer to help. Help what or who is the question. 
  An emotionally charged book. I cried, laughed and was hopeful at different times while reading the book. If you want a book about family, second chances and hope, you need to read this book. 
  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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Not so much a romance between two people but a woman and the Hart family.  Kristen needed love, to move on and to feel alive.  Mitch needed to stop being angry at the past and let go of the grudge.  But the Hart family needed faith in each other and the community.  Just reading their story gives me a stronger appreciation for farmers and small towns.  Although I had some concerns about Emmy's health and the logistics of a few things seemed off, it was a heartwarming feel good story.  It's listed as book 4, however each book is independent of the others.  My review was provided voluntarily after reading an early copy.
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Very touching story of two women that are bound by loss, and help each other through tough times with the aid of one of the women's grandson.  You have an older woman in danger of losing her farm, which is her main connection to her deceased husband. To help make ends meet, she places an ad that is answered by a young woman that lost her son to cancer. Together, they help each other heal and deal with the loss that they were having trouble getting over. 

Kristen, Emmy and Mitch are beautifully written, with true depth of character. They take the reader on an emotional roller coaster as they each have loss, heartache, or a troubling past to get over so they can be put on a happier path. 

All in all, this is a story of how family, both blood and by choice, can help you on the path to healing, and how strong bonds can be forged and help everyone find light.
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Sniff, sniff. A few tears were shed throughout. A sweet, convenient possible romance. Several heart-breaking issues, such as loss of home, loss of mind, and human loss. Interesting watching the personal growth of the various characters. Farming has progressed to being highly technical. Quite the tractor!
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What a great story of family, forgiveness, and fresh starts! Mitch could never understand how his grandmother allowed his alcoholic father back into the family homestead to wreak havoc time and time again. He and his sister Carrie suffered and he escaped. Now he's returned after his sister's death intending to sell the house, put Emmy his grandmother in a home, and foster his niece and nephew.

Life has other plans in store as Emmy's hired Kristin to help plant and refurbish the farm. Her personality shines even after losing her 5 yr old daughter to cancer. Her outlook and determination factor into changes in everyone around her. A great story that I recommend! 

I received a free ARC eBook from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Two damaged people come together to help a woman slowly fading away in this novel from a writer who knows how to pull at the heart.  Kristen lost her daughter, and so much more, to cancer. She's hoping for fresh start. Emmy Hart is hoping that Kristen can help her get her farm- Hart's Hollow- back to a good place.  Mitch is Emmy's grandson and he's got some real issue from his childhood.  He wants Emmy to sell the farm.  This touches on some very serious issues, including dementia and abuse, but does so lightly.  The romance between Mitch and Kristen is a slow burn (and a clean one).  You know, don't you, that things are going to work out but that's ok.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A nice read for a lazy day.
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Hart’s Hollow Farm by Janet Dailey was enjoyable and very well written.  It was like reading a snapshot in time concerning an older women Emma, who may lose her farm.  The story includes her grandson Mitch, a newly hired helper on the farm Kristen, and two great grand-children from her deceased grand- daughter.   Hart’s Hollow farm may be lost due to a possible highway bypass plan.  This team works together to try to save the farm.  All involved have issues, but they pull together to solve the problem.  Mitch and Kristen fall in love.  The story moves at a slow and steady pace.  You will have to read this heartfelt story to see how it all works out.  Janet Dailey is an incredible author and this book will not disappoint you.
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“Hart's Hollow Farm” by Janet Dailey
This is a clean contemporary romance story that manages to pack the exploration of an enormous amount of emotions into one growing season.  If you feel the emotions of the character’s lives that you share in a story.. you will want to keep the tissues handy.  Yes, I received an ARC of this story from the publisher via NetGalley. And this review is my honest opinion.  If you like clean, honest, real world stories filled with more heart-ache than you would ever want in your own life… then this is a story for you.  I cried buckets and loved every moment of this story… maybe because a chunk of my life was as a ‘farm girl’’… maybe because I have witnessed the devastating heart-ache of Alzheimer’s disease… maybe because I have lost a daughter.. maybe because my childhood home became a section of an interstate highway and the fields became pavement.  
Maybe you will connect with this story, too, and your eyes will also spring a leak or two.  Happy Reading ! !
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I loved this story by Janet Dailey. This story center around Emma Hart whose  farm the town wants to buy to make a bypass due to town traffic. She has her daughter's children and a grandson Mitch who comes home but for different reasons the she thinks and Kristen who answers her ad for help. GREAT READ. Read this to see if things come together or if she sells the farm.
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This was a wonder book. 
This is about Kristen, who comes to Harts Hallow Farm, looking for work for a few months, to get some money to move on to the next job. Kristen is trying to run from her painful past, and forget the great loss she’s suffered. And Mitch.. who comes back home to Harts Hallow, hoping that he will be able to talk some sense into his grandmother Emmy, and get her to sell the farm. But things do always work out how we want them too. 
This was a wonderful story. And I enjoyed it greatly. The characters were written well, and you felt what they were feeling and had you hoping for their happiness. This story talks about Alzheimer’s disease, and losing ones memories to this awful disease. I’ll have to admit, those parts had me tearing up. As my own grandmother suffered from this. And it’s sad to watch a loved one, who is so strong, like Emmy in a bid story, slowly lose themselves. This book is definitely worth reading.
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Kristen Daniels is looking for a job. She’s trying to stay ahead of the memories that seem to always come to the surface. Mitch Hart doesn’t want to return and face the memories on Hart Hollow Farm from his childhood. He wants to get his grandmother to sell and return to his life. Emmy Hart is stubborn and determined to make the family farm a success again. Will they come together to make a success of Hart’s Hollow Farm? Can the past be overcome when the memories are strong?
Kristen Daniels is looking for Hart’s Hollow Farm and wondering if she maybe lost. A stranger comes along and gives her a word of advice. Arriving at her destination she comes across a showdown between the owner Emmy Hart and the man sent by her grandson to talk about selling the farm that’s in the way of a highway expansion. Emmy is being stubborn and when the man starts to become a nuisance Kristen steps in to help her hopefully new boss out. A storm is rolling in and Kristen is asked to stay. She’s leery of taking the job especially when it’s realized there are two children at the house. Mitch Hart has bad memories of his father’s treatment of him and his sister as children. He wants to get in and head back to New York and his life. Unfortunately, Emmy is having nothing to do with his ideas. She’s determined to bring Hart Hollow farm to the success it once was. Kristen is given the job. Between her and Mitch they work together to make Emmy’s vision to come true, they’re attraction to each other grows. Mitch’s feelings for Kristen and the farm change as they start to grow closer and getting to know each other. Kristen tries to keep her distance from the children but is unsuccessful. Mitch wants to take his niece and nephew away from Emmy. Kristen doesn’t let him get away with his plans. A visit to a neighbor results in an old feud being brought to the forefront another later a truce is reached, and friendship renewed. A meeting about the proposed highway bypass has the locals taking sides that benefit them. Mitch doesn’t think that Kristen and Emmy can turn the farm around in time. Kristen tries to keep her distance from them all but she begins to love them all. Emmy’s health is called into question and an episode when they go to town for ice cream results in a scene. Mitch begins to love being back at home on the farm and his feelings for Kristen grow. They work together to bringing the farm back into shape and making it a success. Mitch is regretting taking the extended leave from work. They start falling in love with each other. Kristen is keeping a secret from the family about her past. A birthday party for Emmy has Kristen pulling away because of Emmy’s reaction to her gift. Mitch asks for Kristen’s help about forgiving the past. Mitch asks Kristen’s help to come up with another alternative for the highway situation. Kristen and Mitch share a passionate night. Kristen is planning to leave because her job is coming to an end and she’s gotten to close to them all. Before she can leave Emmy goes missing after a bad night. They search for Emmy and find her in the middle of a field looking for her late husband. Kristen revels her painful past to Emmy. A meeting reveals the plans that Mitch, and Kristen have for the farm and the nearby town. Kristen is asked to stay, and feelings are revealed. A look five years in the future reveals what has happened on Hart Hollow Farm.
Janet Dailey continues her New Americana series with Hart’s Hollow Farm. The story of how family is all important and that you must put the past behind you to find love and forgiveness. You must try to find a balance between the past and a happy future. Emotions are a Janet Dailey hallmark and pulls you into the story and wanting you coming back for more.
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New Americana Series #4

Let's move to Hart's Hollow Farm where Emmy Hart is owner.
She placed an ad for a Jane of all trades...   Kristen sees ad
goes looking for farm and spending her last dollar to get there,

Her interview:
You gonna steal from me? 
- Lie to me?
-Murder me?
Then you are hired!  (Love this interview)

More characters are introduced and you will feel a part of this farm and this town.
I so enjoy Janet Dailey's books, and this a series I look forward to more books!
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