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Anyone who was a teenager or older in the 90's probably watched In Living Color.  Now one of the stars, Tommy Davidson tells his truth, from the way his adopted mother found him in a trash can, to his time on the show, his family life as well as his addictions.  Mr. Davidson gives his truth, in a raw and honest way.  I especially appreciated the way his mother made sure he knew the African American part of him (She did a much better job than Lynn's sister did on that episode of Girlfriends).  He didn't seem to throw anyone under the bus, he just gave his honest truth.  The way he felt and the way things happened through his eyes.  I really enjoyed this book.
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Living in Color by Tommy Davidson with Tom Teicholz is honest and candid without being  sordid or mean-spirited. There are some revealing details and a few behind the scenes tidbits that will probably result in some bruised egos but nothing likely to cause any great scandal. 

Comedian Tommy Davidson came to prominence in the late '80s and early '90s during a time when stand-up comedy was experiencing an all time high due in part to major societal and cultural changes. He also had significant involvement in a television show that was at the forefront of a new movement, a movement of inclusion, one that gave notice of intent that changes were being made to the face of entertainment and that the face it reflected was no longer such a homogenized mix of predictability. Hip hop culture was breaking through to the mainstream and shaking things up.

The fact that Davidson was a young black man raised in a loving white family made him uniquely qualified to be a representative part of that cultural shift. 

I'm not really a major fan of Tommy Davidson. I'm not the opposite of that either - I have nothing at all against the man. I think he is very talented. It's just that seeing his name attached to something (movie, concert, TV show) doesn't immediately make it a "must see" for me. I picked up this book because I remember In Living Color as having a subversive, irreverent sensibility and thought it might be a fun read. It wasn't bad.

There is the linear stuff.  His origins from a baby that had literally been put out with the  garbage to his rise as a stand-up (sharing the same bill with both Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy on the same night!) on into television and film success with all the bumps and setbacks along the way. 

Then there are sort of random parts about this, that and the other. Some of the legends he met and worked with, struggles with addiction, anecdotes and whatnot. Sometimes the "grateful for everything" " glad my life is finally in order" stuff gets a little overplayed. I am truly happy for the man but it gets to the point where it's a bit like trying to escape from a recently converted missionary who is overcome with wanting you to share in their revelation. 

The book was interesting. I liked it ok. 

I suspect some will find it too tame (not gossipy enough) while others will take issue with some of the more racial content (racial NOT racist). If you want to be offended you probably will be. If you want to be disappointed you might be. If you're looking for an interesting story about a truly unique individual and the experiences he had making television shows and movies then this might just be the one for you.

There is rough language. F-bombs, racial jargon, etc. (Honestly, if Richard Pryor told you "You is a funny %#&*!?% " wouldn't you share it? I'd get a tattoo of it!)

***Thanks to NetGalley, Kensington Books, and authors Tommy Davidson; Tom Teicholz for providing me with a free digital copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.
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In Tommy Davidson's LIVING IN COLOR, Davidson recounts his unique family structure and how it was for him as a child.  He explains through the many talents of his young person how he enjoyed making people happy.  Davidson's growth from his early days in standup to the comedic powerhouse he has become is covered in detail.  Along the way, Davidson discusses how addiction, forgiveness, parenthood, and loyalty shaped the person he is now.
   There is an overarching feeling throughout the book that Davidson, without much bravado or arrogance, knew he was talented as a comedian from his early days in the business.  He respectfully refrains from trying to rank himself amongst other funny celebrities and in fact spends plenty of time praising their talent throughout the book.  Even people who Davidson has conflicted with, he still shows reverence to their comedic craft.  This book is told from a very real and gritty place.  Davidson constantly admits his faults and how they created setbacks and raising tension in the entertainment workplace he was in at a given time.  He does point a few fingers as to problems others created, but the maliciousness and anger are kept to a minimum.  There are some really great and unique stories from his years in the industry.
   Certainly for fans of Davidson and the In Living Color series, but really for anyone interested in reading about a one-of-a-kind life like the one Davidson has lived, you won't be disappointed with LIVING IN COLOR.  It was a real treat to read.
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This memoir from one of the funniest comedians of all time, Tommy Davidson, delves into not only his time on In Living Color, but deeper into his life. From his rather tragic childhood - being literally picked up out of the trash to his drive to comedy stardom, Davidson holds no punches.

Some of the other reviews mention language and racial issues....what did you think you were going to read? This isn't a fluff piece with funny backstage stories. This is the story of a man, living in American today. This is the story of a hard worker who still, even years after success, still has to deal with racial issues. Not wanting to read about something doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Tommy Davidson does an excellent job of being open about everything.

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and Tommy Davidson for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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In this book, Tommy Davidson talks about his life.  He talks about how he was adopted, his accomplishments, his career, racism and his struggle with addictions.  All in all i give this book  five stars.  

Here is why: First i love to read stories like this that are written by celebrities because it gives us a chance to see their true selves.  He was on in Living color from the start of it until it ended. i re watched some of the episodes and it was a good idea because i needed a laugh.  lastly, Whenever i read memoirs or autobiographies i always look for the pictures in them because i love to see how they grow up to where they are now. i have to say he has not changed his looks which is really good. 

I am glad I got the chance to receive this as an advanced copy . i recommend this book to anyone :)
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Super interesting book. His backstory is quite something. Must read. 

Thanks to author,publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book. While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.
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Whilst I was enjoying the love within the family and there being no division I feel the book turned racial fairly quickly. It took away from Tommy's story sadly.
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If you're a child of the late 70's like myself you're familiar with the show and the FLY GIRLS.
This book attempted to build upon that love by adding some personal insight and history behind the celebrities and their roles.
While I wish I could've enjoyed this more I just felt that it lacked substance.
I was also taken back with the women fighting over Richard Pryor and the like as he wasn't every woman's dream..
However, the show must go on and so I suppose this is just one entry ticket into that dream.
While I love Tommy and his story of being raised by a white woman I just wasn't feeling the emotion.
Thank you for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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