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Thank you NetGalley, Citadel Press and Barby Keel for the ARC to review. This was an easy read and great story. I have a Yorkie who is my heart and soul. He flows me everywhere and reminds me of Gabby. So I know how Bar by feels about Gabby. I love the fact that she has devoted her whole life to saving animals. All the best to her and her staff. Almost read.
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This is a beautiful story about Barby Keel and her dog Gabby.  When Barby got Gabby, Gabby was a frightened eight-year old dog who had never been outside, was not house trained, did not know how to play with other dogs and could not bark (and these are the major shortfalls, though there are other, smaller ones).  Barby runs a shelter for animals in Britain.  The shelter takes in all animals people do not want or cannot keep and rehomes them, whenever and wherever possible.  With Gabby, Barby was smitten from first sight and thus made her home Gabby’s, trying to make her a” regular dog” through lots of painstakingly difficult work and encouragement. Along the way, Barby was diagnosed with and underwent treatments for breast cancer. During this ordeal, Gabby stayed with her as always, providing Barby much needed comfort and support. As Barby worked through this difficult diagnosis and treatment, so also did Gabby work through her “growing into a dog” period. In addition to Barby’s and Gabby’s story, this is a memoir of Barby’s life, her refuge for animals and the outstanding work they do there.

This is definitely a book for animal lovers of all kinds, but especially dog lovers.  It was heartening to watch Gabby transform from the frightened little dog she was on arrival to the proud, confident, loyal dog she became with Barby’s help and encouragement. I truly admire Barby all she has done, is doing and will do for animals people reject for whatever reason. It gives one a good feeling, today, when good feelings may not be found easily, to read about something so interesting, helpful and wonderful.  I encourage all dog lovers as well as other animal lovers to read this truly magnificent story. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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this book was heart warming story about a dog who had to learn how to be a dog again after being rehomed and also the authors journey through a serious illness. found the book to be an easy going read and delighful too and dog lovers would enjoy this book of bonding with animals.
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Through this book I got to learn about Barby Keel, one very special woman, the kind that lives to save animals, and not only cats and dogs but all kinds of animals! 

She already had two dogs of her own when Gabby is brought to her and she falls in love with her. This is the story of how little Gabby not only learned how to be a dog, but also how she was not only rescued by Barby but also how she rescued Barby herself when she went through some dark times.

The writing was touching, reminding me a little of James Herriot by its authenticity. You can feel that Barby really cares about animal, and you can sense her attachment to the little Gabby.

It's a relatively short book, an easy, definitely recommended read for any animal lover. Added bonus, no real tearjerking moments in the books...
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A sweet and poignant story that made me smile and moved me.
I liked the style of writing, the descriptions and  found this book an engrossing and enjoyable read.
I loved Gabby and I loved Ms Keel story.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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This book, while introducing Gabby, is a great deal more about the sanctuary located in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, England that Barby Keel created out of her love of animals.

After some spotlighting of the origins, growth, size, and population of the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary, including the fleshing of a number of volunteers, we meet little Gabby, a Lhasa Apso/Yorkshire mix. Too adorable not to keep and love, too traumatized and lost to rehome, Barby keeps the eight-year-old and begins the long arduous task of teaching the dog to be a dog; not the least of which was to merely romp and play with other dogs, much less be house trained, which was a MAJOR accomplishment. 

Along with the slow progress of Gabby was a description of the people who for whatever reason, surrender their animals, abandon, or mistreat them. In addition, there are those wild creatures who have met accidents and most need some veterinary care and meds as well as safe areas, proper food, water, and shelter. An enormous undertaking!

The discovery of Barby's breast cancer focuses sharply on her chosen path of treatment, the post-surgery depression, and the extended timeline of recovery. The novel obviously credits the love of the dog and the hope that Barby receives from Gabby's progress as the turning point in Barby's healing, but it seemed to side-track the story of Gabby as it became more autobiographical in nature.

The book appeals globally for the donations that keep the sanctuary afloat and points out the massive strides in the importance and success of the facility. There were times when I found the dialogue a bit unnatural and the repetitive theme became a little heavy. We covered that. Then we covered it again.

I received this digital download from the publisher and NetGalley and appreciated the opportunity to read and review. Recommended for those interested in animal outreach and rescue. 3.5/5 rounded up

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This book brings light to an amazing animal shelter in the U.K. A place where no animal is turned away. A true story written by the owner of the animal shelter, you learn how life is running a shelter. Feel the soft furry friends, see the peacock roaming the grounds. 

This book opens our eyes to how we can help animals, both big and small. Imagine a bird with a broken wing. She takes them in and has them treated, releasing when healed. 

The community comes together to support this animal shelter. You can too. With the purchase of your book, you are supporting it. All proceeds go to the animal shelter. I hope you find it in your heart to pick up a copy for yourself and give as gifts.

A wonderful book. Moving.
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The world needs more people like Barby Keel and her animal sanctuary volunteers. In Keel's Gabby: The Little Dog That Had to Learn to Bark, the novel chronicles Barby's 'tail' to save Gabby, a rescue dog unable to bark, play or even go outside. While Barby attempts to bring the frightened animal out of her shell, Gabby's love and devotion rescues Barby during a life-threatening situation. 

As an animal rescue volunteer throughout the years at Brooklyn's BARC (Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition-no-kill shelter) and centers overseas, this story hits home. It demonstrates that one person can make a difference and the world a better place.
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I'm reading a series of books about dogs for a reading challenge. And I requested this book for exactly that reason. When I started this book, I was emotional with all the doggos I  read in different books. I was expecting a story that will make me bawl my eyes out. But surprisingly, this book is heartwarming and pleasant. I totally recommend this book to all the animals loving people.
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I loved this book. It was really inspiring and I couldn't stop smiling. When i first selected this book to read i thought it was going to be a tearjerker like Marley and me but it wasn't.  it was uplifting instead.   It shows how people should love animals more. Too many become neglected these days.  I always thought about volunteering at the local humane society, after reading this book I am going to start. i give this five stars. Thank you netgalley for giving me this advanced copy.
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This book is titled Gabby, but is more about author Barby Keel and her animal sanctuary in Bexhill, England. Gabby was a Lhasa Apso/Yorkshire mix that came to the shelter at age eight. She’d never been outside, didn’t know how to bark or play, wasn’t housebroken; just didn’t know how to be a dog.
Gabby’s previous owners were elderly, but they had other normal, healthy dogs. How Gabby could have been kept untrained all those years is unknown. Barby kept Gabby herself and, slowly, Gabby came out of her shell.
Much of the book focuses on the sanctuary and Barby’s bout with cancer, her fears of what would happen to the sanctuary without her, and her post-surgery depression. She credits Gabby with helping her recovery.
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I'm in love with this book! It's the best book I've read centered around an animal in a long time. Gabby is the sweetest rescue dog ever! Barby, Gabby's owner, has such a beautiful connection with Gabby. You can see how much Barby and Gabby need each other. This story was so relatable to me because I too have a close bonded relationship with my rescue dog. Just overall a beautiful story and big thank you to Barby for sharing it!

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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A beautiful story of the power of love and commitment between humans and animals.
Poor Gabby couldn't bark yet with enough tending loving care managed to overcome such obstacles to live a fulfilling life.
Meanwhile, Barby had her own trials and tribulations to endure and couldn't have succeeded without Gabby by her side.
It's a lovely reminder that dog's are a man's (or woman's) best friend.
Never forget that they have extra senses that can feel emotions, hear pain, and comfort those who needed comforting.
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This was the best book I’ve completed reading with animals for a long time! Gabby the sweet rescue dog needs her owner Barby as much as Barby needs each other. The story was relatable and gives an insight and depth to anyone who fosters, rescues and supports animals. Most of the time, animals know us and love us better than most people and vice versa. 

Such a great story!!! Thank you to Barby for sharing such a powerful story, the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I’ll be recommending this to all my animal love friends.
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This book was so good! Gabby is a sweet story about a very special little dog that will touch your heart. The author also tells about the time and work that it takes to run an animal sanctuary.. This is a book everybody needs to read. If you have never worked with unwanted or abused animals it will open your eyes.  Thank you Kensington Books via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
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A very quick read about life on an animal sanctuary and a strange little dog who doesn’t know how to be a dog. Gabby is a charming tale, if a bit repetitive at times. The author’s work is admirable, and the reader gets a good idea of the time and effort that goes into running a sanctuary where unwanted animals are brought on a daily basis. Keel’s passion and zeal are front and center, which adds authenticity to the narrative. A very good pickup for animals lovers.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington Books for the ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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