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4.5 stars

A Lovely story set in the roaring twenties, evocative of the Jazz age.  Deborah was engaged to a young french officer killed in the first world war just 48 hours after they had agreed to marry.  She's devastated and after her parents also die suddenly sets up an employement agency.  Her brother is an ear, concious of his state in society and has been left her guardian until she's 30 or marries.  Deborah meets two very different men, Theo a sitting MP and Evan an Engineer and activist in the general strike.  I enjoyed this book and would heartily recommend it.  It reads more of a life history than a romance bu,t for those who are bothered it's a clean read, only kisses. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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4.5 Stars

A dramatic, emotional and immensely enjoyable saga, Margaret Kaine’s A Life of Secrets is a superb tale of class conflict, dangerous deceptions and forbidden love from a master storyteller.
Lady Deborah Claremont is not like most women of her class who idle their days away shopping, flirting and hoping to make a suitable match with an eligible bachelor. With a passion for social reform and justice, 

Deborah does what she can to champion and improve the lives of those less fortunate and has used part of her inheritance to set up an employment agency which aims to give a second chance to people who have been dealt a rough hand. Although Deborah is well aware of the fact that she is risking social ruin if her secret is revealed, giving up her good work is out of the question. However, when two men come into her life unexpectedly, keeping her secret life hidden begins to get harder and harder with each passing day…

With the General Strike looming, England is on the precipice of great change. Civil unrest is in the air as the working classes refuse to continue to work for next to no money in deplorable conditions while fighting tooth and nail to keep the wolf from the door and themselves and their families fed, clothed and safe. MP Theodore Field is moved by the plight of the working man but feels helpless while union firebrand Evan Morgan is prepared to move mountains in order to affect change. Both men come into Deborah’s orbit and she finds herself drawn to these two different men whilst always being conscious of the fact that she can never reveal her shocking and scandalous secret to them…

However, when Deborah finds herself entangled in a web of lies and deceptions, she must tread carefully in order to solve a dangerous mystery which will put her in jeopardy and which might end up costing her the happiness she thought long denied to her…

Margaret Kaine has got such a wonderfully engaging writing style that readers cannot help but be drawn in from the very first page of A Life of Secrets. Set in the 1920s, this romantic historical page-turner has at its heart a strong, sensitive and compassionate heroine whose generous spirit and kind heart is sure to endear her to readers everywhere. Deborah is a wonderful character it is impossible not to care about and her love triangle with Theo and Evan is sure to leave readers spellbound.

Margaret Kaine’s A Life of Secrets is a first class historical saga from one of the genre’s most gifted writers.
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An excellent story, full of emotions and engrossing. It's well written and the story keeps you hooked.I really enjoyed the story, the characters and the plot lines. Lady Deborah's character was portrayed as a strong independent woman, who voiced her opinions when it mattered the most. Due to her societal status and how she was raised, you had to respect that she knew when she had to hold her tongue and when she could speak her mind.A good book to pass the time with- well developed characters with an easy story to follow.
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A life of secrets starts off with Lady Deborah living with her brother and his wife in their family home.  Deborah is living two separate lives, one that is full of wealth and high society, another in which she helps find work for those less fortunate.  This second life is one that she must keep secret from her brother has he would never understand why she would want to risk her chances of finding herself a proper husband.  Her brother also has a terrible secret of his own, one that he is willing to hide at all costs.  

The story twists and turns, uncovering bits of the past, just enough to keep you guessing as to what will happen.  Will Lady Deborah be able to keep her secret from her controlling brother and will Deborah finally discover what really happened all those years ago?  

I really enjoyed the story, the characters and the plot lines.  Lady Deborah's character was portrayed as a strong independent woman, who voiced her opinions when it mattered the most.  Due to her societal status and how she was raised, you had to respect that she knew when she had to hold her tongue and when she could speak her mind. 

Thank you #netgalley for the #ARC and to the publisher.
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I'm rather late to the party on British royalty (The Crown, etc), their lives and scandals so I was excited to read this book and it didn't disappoint.  I really enjoyed the time period that it is set in and the writing engaging, thoughtful and descriptive.  It has a lot of secrets and mystery and also love and loss and hope.  It kept me turning the page.
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A Life of Secrets is exactly that. Lady Deborah Claremont is a woman who has carefully constructed a life post-tragedy that includes not only the duties of being part of the aristocracy but one that attempts, very successfully I might add, to provide work to those less fortunate. I love the way Kaine portrayed this dichotomy so flawlessly. Deborah needed to work. To have this secret side-life in order to balance out the ostentatious lifestyle she quickly bored of. Yet she knew her role in life and used that privilege wisely.

The other secrets that come to life are carefully crafted, with Kaine distributing hints to what is to come with chapters both in the year 1918 and in the present year of 1926. Deborah's life has many facets and her heart is clearly at the crux of most of her decisions. She is never the fool and has a great head on her shoulders. Her vile brother Gerard could learn a thing or two from his younger sister. For this point in time, I was happy to see a woman as independent as she could be and be sensible enough to find the right man for her who would not only support her views but fit into her lavish world effortlessly.

The love she lost is never far from her thoughts and the two men who now vie for her affection are well-written and offer a chance for our heroine to break free of her deeply-felt sadness. The choices made are the right ones as there is little angst or conflict in the story. And overall it kept my interest as I have a weakness for stories that take place in the early 20th century.

I wouldn't hesitate to read from this author again and am glad to have taken a chance on this book.

4 solid stars!
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Really enjoyed this book - provides an insight into a period of history that’s often overlooked. I really liked the main character Lady Deborah but I absolutely love this period of history. I thought the characters all had definitive roles to play and the intertwining of their experiences worked well.

This is a historical novel that had a little drama, a little mystery and a little romance! I found the mystery elements added a layer of complexity to the story that kept me interested and wanting to read on. 4* An enjoyable and interesting read.
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An excellent story, full of emotions and engrossing. It's well written and the story keeps you hooked.
I liked the well thought characters, the setting and the well crafted plot.
It's the first book I read by this author and won't surely be the last.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Set in post WWI London, this is the story of Debs, a member of the aristocracy who has found meaning in her work finding work for others but who is still healing from the death of her beloved during the war.  She's now involved with two men from very different places- Theodore who is an MP and Evan, a labor organizer.   The extent to which there was unrest during this period can not be understated; it fuels the story here.  Although the focus of this is the romance (which man?) and lingering secrets, you might learn a bit as well.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  Nice historical fiction.
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A Life of Secrets by Margaret Kaine is an intriguing story that pulls you into a world of mystery. We follow Deborah has she starts her own agency helping others find work. She falls in love for the second time but must keep her first love a secret.  This is the first book by this author I've read and I enjoyed her writing style. The characters are well-written with interesting backstories that are sure to keep you second-guessing until the very end. Overall, a fun fast-paced read that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
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Another wonderful story by Margaret Kaine. I've read other books she has written and am never disappointed. A Life of Secrets is a story that keeps you reading with likable characters and a good plot. 
Great reading.
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This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed your style of writing. it flowed well.

The book takes place in an interesting time. In 1926 things are changing, but some things are still the same like the difference between classes and how rigid the communication and relationship between the classes was. 

It also showcases the desperation of the lower working class. providing for your family was not something everyman of woman could do.

in this time Deborah is trying to navigate her life. I have to say that I did guess the secret early on.

I enjoyed this book.
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A deeply moving novel of abiding love, treachery and the secrets one day had to be revealed. A touching ending that leaves you in a puddle of emotions.
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Thank you to Net Galley and Allison & Busby for the chance to read and review this book. I really enjoyed this book-it kept my attention right from the beginning. The story takes place in London in 1926. Even though Lady Deborah Claremont is a member of the aristocracy, she has opened a staffing agency to help unemployed workers. She is keeping her wealthy roots a secret as well as a secret from the year 1918. Along the way, she meets two men-Theodore Field and Evan Morgan. She has feelings for both, but Theodore is more suited to her aristocratic roots. This is the story of how these secrets unravel and change Deborah's life. I highly recommend this book-it was very good!.
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It was a beautiful novel, with a strong cast of characters. I enjoyed the storyline very much and would definitely reccomend this book.
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4,75 stars.
I really liked this book!
We follow Deobrah who run her own agency and help others find work and her life in general. Who she falls in love with, what she hides and what has happend before. It was maybe some dull moments here and there but it can't always be super exiting, but i liked that Debs (as she is called) was headstrong, smart and stood up for what she believed in, sometimes she was naive -but a real character also has flaws and it made me like her that she worked about it! The only thing is, that the ending felt a bit rushed, but i really liked it anyway.
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"you look so seductive with your hair loose,so beautiful" That belonged to a life before the war.a young girl comes to Deborah's door looking for help.She is running from men trying to have their way with her and ruin her reputation.
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