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This exhaustive and lengthy new biography of the legendary Yogi Berra is for the true fan. It offers complete information on Yogi's childhood, careers as player, manager and coach, and life after the game.

Filled with anecdotes and recaps of the double digit World Series that Yogi was involved with, it is chock full of information and glimpses into the personalities of the baseball world. Yogi himself comes across as being a good man, modest but with a firm sense of his own worth, and certainly a touchstone of normalcy in the big-ego big-talent world of the New York Yankees. 

Those wanting to read about the glory years of the Yankees, his close friendships with Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford, and his famous 14 year feud with George Steinbrenner will find all the details here.

In my advance review copy, the last few chapters were a bit fuzzy, in particular when talking about his museum and learning center. The insertion of an odd anecdote about the selling off of Yogi and his wife's personal items without the knowledge of some family members was a sour note, but Yogi's posthumous honor as a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner was poignant and sweet.

Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Lawrence Peter Berra, better known to the American public as Yogi, may be one of the most misunderstood professional athletes in all of sports. To millions, non-baseball fans and even some sporadic followers of the National Pastime, Berra is a lovable, somewhat comical figure who has uttered some of the most memorable aphorisms of our times, to wit: 'Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded' or 'It ain't over till it's over.' But to folks who care about baseball, Berra is one of the best catchers to ever squat behind home plate, a Hall of Famer who appeared in 14 World Series for the New York Yankees, 10 of them resulting in championships. He won three Most Valuable Players awards and was named an All-Star 15 times. This is the Yogi that Jon Pessah brings to life, from his childhood on the heavily Italian Hill neighborhood of St. Louis to his days with the Bronx Bombers, his memorable managerial stints and his all-consuming love for his family, especially his wife Carmen. He founded the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in Montclair, N.J. Berra is an American Icon, and Pessah will help the reader understand why that it true.
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Yogi Berra is one of the first names that people associate with the New York Yankees, but he was never meant to be a famous baseball player.  The author's book is well-researched and details how one of the greatest players of all time was able to prove the father that said he wasn't supposed to play professional baseball along with the people that taunted him about his speech and appearance wrong.  I never realized that Yogi was an underdog and loved reading about how someone so beloved was able to have such success and stay humble after achieving it.
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Outstanding baseball history about a baseball legend known more what his malaprop off the field than his baseball skills. Read my full review at
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I loved this book! It is a well documented, play by play account of Yogi Berra's career. The excitement of playing for the Yankees in 10 World Series jumps off the pages and brings key moments to life as if you were there. The writing is excellent, filled with anecdotes, remembrances, and heart breaks. An excellent read whether you are a baseball fan or not!  Highly Recommended.
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