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Action packed, sexy, thrilling and emotional journey filled with dangerous and engaging charters, witty dialog, heart racing twists and thrilling passion. Was a great read from beginning to end and an edge of your seat emotional roller coaster.
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It's been a while since I have read a paranormal romantic suspense book.  Wolf Under Fire is the first in a new series featuring the Special Threat Assessment Team (STAT).  I think this is a spin-off series from this author's SWAT series.   While I was able to follow along, I feel like  I would have benefited from reading the previous series to feel fully immersed in the world.  Here paranormal creatures are real and some are dangerous.  I did like the twist in how people become werewolves.  That was unique.  I also liked the characters in the story.  I enjoyed watching the team figure out how to work together.  If you are a fan of shifters and paranormal creatures, I'd recommend trying this one out.
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An explosive new series that pits a newly created team sent in to rescue a child and stop a powerful villain from his twisty plot was an intense and sizzling opener of a story.

Wolf Under Fire is the first in the Special Threat Assessment Team series that spins off of SWAT- Special Wolf Alpha Team.  A reader could jump in here and not be lost, but there are references back to the events in Wolf Rebel, SWAT #10.

The story opens when human STAT operative, Jestina Ridley is sent to London with her team to help rescue a kidnapped child.  They are sent in because there seems to be a supernatural behind the kidnapping.  No sooner is she in place than her team is attacked and she can verify the supernatural.  She is just a little hostile toward the new team sent out especially when she discovers that three werewolves are part of the team. Jake Huang, alpha werewolf and former SEAL team member and ex cop, is the new team leader and he gets under her skin from the moment they meet.  They have a job to do and she needs to get past her trust issues when it comes to supernaturals particularly when Jake saves her life at risk to his own even after he is aware that she judged him before even giving him a chance.

Jake isn’t sure about this new venture working for STAT especially when he ends up with a team of individuals who seem anything but team players particularly the veteran human operative, Jes, who barely disguises her disgust at what he is.  They have to come together as a team because a kidnapping mission goes sideways fast when the team is pitted against seemingly unstoppable mysterious supernaturals who have an agenda behind their kidnapping.  With so much on the line, why is Jes dominating his thoughts and her attraction so strong?

Wolf Under Fire was exciting from the opening scene and never lagged or lost my interest.  I do love when a spin off series packs the punch of the strongest in the previous series.  I loved how this book explored a world of special operations with a strong supernatural twist while bringing together a sensational heroine and hero for a romance and a whole team of friends that I want all their stories.  

Jake was a side character in the book, Wolf Rebel, and he stood out so I was glad he became the first STAT team to get his story.  He was strong and a good leader, but also was patient through the hurt he felt when Jes reacted to him being a werewolf.  Now, to be fair to Jes, she attempted to keep it professional and, considering what she was thinking, her reaction was moderate.  She earned full respect when she analyzed and realized that she was treating Jake and the other werewolves as bad guys just because she had encountered bad shifters and she really knew nothing about shifters and particularly werewolves.  She became a team player and was willing to learn.

One of my favorite things about the SWAT series was the team camaraderie so I was glad to see it here for Jake, Jes, and the four others who seemed like a motley crew until the dangerous work and situation brought them together.  I can’t wait to see what comes next for the team and the next member to get their story.

As to the action side of the plot, shazam, it was sizzling cloak and dagger that kept me on the edge of my seat and some really great adrenaline action scenes.

In summary, Wolf Under Fire was abso-fab and fueled me up for more hot paranormal romance from the series.  Definitely recommend.
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Wolf Under Fire,  by Paige Tyler, is the first book in the STAT: Special Threat Assessment Team series. With fast-paced action and enjoyable characters. This story was a pleasure to read.
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This is a promising start to a new series. I missed the team from the series that we know and love, so it took me some time to get past that. Once I did that, I liked it. I
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Jestina Ridley is in London working on a kidnapping case of 14-year-old Olivia Phillips, who is the daughter of a high-ranking member of MI5 (the British Security Service). She works for STAT, a government agency that deals with cases involving supernatural creatures. She was following a lead which ends up costing the lives of her two teammates to a supernatural creature she had never seen before. Her boss, McKay, is having her become a member of a mixed team of humans and supernatural creatures. This team is going to be a trial run to see just how well it could work out, maybe better than just a human force.

Jake Huang, a former Navy SEAL, cop, and a werewolf, had been chosen to be the pack/team leader as he has the most experience leading a team besides Jes, and Jes doesn’t know as much as he does about how to work with other supernatural creatures. He meets the rest of his team: A female Alpha werewolf named Harley Grant, a male omega werewolf named Caleb Lynch, along with a human named Forrest Albright and a woman with a cool ability named Mistal Swanson.

The author has some great new ideas and changes to the ‘normal’ ideals of a werewolf and an ability that I think is been overlooked for a long time. The author has her werewolf’s eyes change color based on what type they are: gold for Alpha, blue for Beta, and green for Omega. Also, their Omegas are completely different from others I have read about. They are considered loners, and much closer to their animal side which can cause them to have control issues. Betas rely on their Alpha’s to protect them, although they will protect themselves if it is an extreme issue. This author’s werewolves are born with a genetic abnormality that causes them to change into their were form after trauma.

Each character has their own personalities, which actually seems to make the team better. Jake is a strong man, full of compassion, the ability to make choices quickly, and had that special something that pulled people together. As an Alpha, he felt the need to protect his people–even Caleb who could be a trial. Jes is a wonderful woman that anyone would be proud to have on their team. She has nerves of steel, the ability like Jake to take in a situation and make a quick decision. She does have her faults. She doesn’t trust people easily as she has lost many teammates.

The plot is full of suspense, action, shoot-outs, evil plots, and strange supernatural creatures that are supposed to not exist. I liked just how matter-of-fact the werewolves find it to kill, especially if they are threatening someone they consider theirs. Also, the way they fight is much different as they actually use and prefer guns to teeth and claws if they can help it. The end was rather explosive, and I loved it. The romance between Jes and Jake was sweet and hot, I love the soulmate angle and just how protective they both were. It was rather fun watching them squirm whenever they were apart, not wanting to lose the other. I adore just how protective Jake was through the story. He hates to let her out of his sight. Unfortunately, their romance had to take a back seat to the mission. In the end they became a strong family, ready and willing to take on the world.

I loved this plot and the variants that the author added about werewolves and other abilities and creatures. It was interesting watching the team build themselves into a pack, ready and willing to kill whoever tried to hurt one of theirs. The action was incredibly done, and I was drawn along for the ride, feeling their adrenaline and shame when their missions kept falling apart. Recommended.
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Paige Tyler is a new author for me.  So I gave this book a try, but was a little slow for me so did not finish the book. 
 Will give this author another try on another book. 
.  .
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Former Navy SEAL turned alpha werewolf Jake Huang was just hired to lead a team for STAT, the Special Threat Assessment Team, a covert government agency assigned to supernatural cases around the world. He meets his new pack, his team that includes other werewolves as well as human agents, and immediately gets sent on his first assignment.

Agent Jestina Riley is the lone survivor of a supernatural attack on her STAT team. She suspects a werewolf was responsible, so she’s not thrilled when Jake is sent in to help her complete her mission. Jake, on the other hand, is immediately attracted to Jes and starts to think she’s The One, his fated mate. He’ll have to teach her the truth about werewolves before he can win her over, all while trying to find a supernatural kidnapper.

The STAT series is a spinoff of Paige Tyler’s SWAT series. Both Jake and Caleb, another member of the STAT team, are introduced in that series. But I’m a few books behind in SWAT and didn’t feel like I missed anything jumping in to Wolf Under Fire.

One thing that made this book feel different from SWAT is that not all of the team members are werewolves. Tyler gets to introduce some interesting new supernatural types to her world, like Misty the technopath. We finally find out that vampires exist in this world, though we don’t meet any yet. It also allows Tyler to show just how different her werewolves are. For example, it takes Misty three minutes to run the same distance that Jake covers in thirty seconds.

Tyler’s books always feel like action movies to me. The latest is no exception. Wolf Under Fire is action-packed, full of car chases and shoot outs and explosions. It’s like a supernatural Mission:mpossible. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m also excited about expanding the SWAT world, seeing new locations and new kinds of supes. I look forward to seeing where the series takes us next.
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Oh my! Now I am going to have to go back and read the other series! This is Jake and Jestina’s story and the beginning to a new series! Can Werewolves and humans work together as a team? Better yet can they become a pack? When Jestina’s team is killed while investigating a kidnapping! Jake and and a few others are sent in to help figure out what supernaturals caused the deaths! Jestina believes it was a Werewolf! So what happens when werewolves are sent to help?

I read and reviewed this advanced complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley
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“Wolf Under Fire” begins the ‘STAT: Special Threat Assessment Team’ series, which is a spin-off of the ‘SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team’ series with an intense, intriguing story that moves this world deeper into the existence of more paranormal creatures than the werewolves we’ve come to know. It also moves us to England as Jake takes the lead with his own pack and this new assignment.

Even though we readers know that Jes is Jake’s ‘The One’ – it’s going to take a while for those feelings they’re both experiencing to move forward since Jes has so much mistrust of Jake as a werewolf as she believes one of his kind is responsible for the attack on her teammates. Watching them ferret out clues, work the case, and give in to their attraction eventually made this a slow burn romance, for me, with a huge dose of suspense and supernatural activity.

Although this is an established world, we are moving to a different location with far more different types of paranormal activity so there is a bit of worldbuilding on the UK side. I wasn’t surprised by it and accepted the additional information as the base for the rest of the stories to come. “Wolf Under Fire” is fast-paced suspense with touches of romance and a lot of paranormal discovery going on. I was easily caught up and didn’t want the story to end. Jes and Jake work well together as partners and as mates, the villains are vile, and the new people we meet are intriguing and I cannot wait to learn more about them. I enjoyed myself very much in this new spin-off — and if you’ve enjoyed the ‘SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team’ series then you’ll definitely want to get in at the beginning of this series.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Character Development: My favorite character by far was Caleb, the Omega. My follow-up is Misty the techno-psychic (if I am labeling it correctly). Of course you may have noticed that these are two background characters, but that says something about an author. That she does a great job of developing both the main and background characters.

Romance: Slow burn, or should I put it as simmer to boil? The point being that their is very evident chemistry between Jes and Jake, but it is not fast-paced. It is worth the wait though! Burn, baby, sizzle worthy. 

Overall: I enjoyed this book as Paige did a really great job of balancing between the very interesting plot and the romance that was growing between the two main characters. If you are a reader that enjoys action, murder, and tracking down bad guys this book is for you. Even more if you love shifter romance.
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The start of another great suspenseful paranormal romance series, "Wolf Under Fire" is Jake and Jestina's story. It has everything thing you would expect and more from a Paige Tyler book. Former Navy Seal Jake leads the Special Threat Assessment Team, and I must say, he is one hot alpha. As the sexy werewolf and his team investigates what appears to be supernatural killings in London, the last thing Jake expects is to find 'the one' with Jestina. A woman that doesn't exactly trust supernaturals. With page turning action, suspense, danger, and a bit of romance, I found it difficult to put it down until the last page had been read. **I was gifted "Wolf Under Fire" via Netgalley and leave my review voluntarily based on my reading** 5 Stars!
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A good start to the Special Threat Assessment Team, Wolf under Fire is a spin-off of Paige Tyler successful SWAT series. I liked the premise, the story and the characters and look forward to reading more of this series.
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This was a great start to a new series. It is a spin off from the S.W.A.T series. Jes' STAT teammates are killed by a paranormal that she has never seen before, It moves faster than anything she has ever seen. When she is put on a new team, she meets Jake. There is an attraction but they are looking for killers. I loved watching a new pack form and how they relate to each other. This was a great steamy and suspenseful book by Paige! I can't wait to read the Omega's book...he is one crazy werewolf!
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Wolf Under Fire is the first book in Paige Tyler’s new Special Threat Assessment Team/STAT series.  It’s a spin-off of her Special Wolf Alpha Team/SWAT series which I love a lot.  The STAT team is an international task force created to address supernatural threats.  The best thing is that the team itself is composed of supernatural beings that had never met until now. 

Jestina “Jes” Ridley and her original team of humans are assaulted in London while investigating some kidnappings.  This forces her to call in help from alpha werewolf Jake Huang who is a former Navy SEAL and the newest member of the team.  The team also includes two other werewolves and a supernatural who has the ability to mentally connect with technology.  Jes isn’t exactly thrilled to work with werewolves and unfortunately, it shows.  Oddly enough, her attraction to Jake makes it difficult to hold onto her disdain for werewolves.  Plus, this is what she signed up for.  Jake has his own issues as he struggles to adjust to his new role on the team and being away from his newly “adopted” twin daughters who are also werewolves. 

Wolf Under Fire was very exciting from beginning to end.  There were a lot of moving parts regarding the investigation which introduced a new supernatural that you will have to read to believe.  Paige Tyler never disappoints as she continues to play off traditional supernatural creatures to create her own versions.  The STAT team had a lot of depth and I wanted to get to know all of them.  They came together as a team when it counted and really became a family.  Jake and Jes had good chemistry plus there is another couple that’s also introduced.  I can’t give away a lot about the book itself because I think it would ruin the excitement.  Once you start to read, it all comes together like a good action/adventure movie ala Mission Impossible.  I can’t wait to read the next book.  I can only imagine what new supernatural creature gets introduced next.
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Paige Tyler starts this spin-off series with action and emotion. I love her stories because there is lots of action, the women are just as brave and tough as the men and her paranormal elements keep the story unpredictable. I am never bored reading one of her stories. She keeps me on the edge of my seat and the romance is always hot. I like how her paranormal creatures are coming out of the woodwork. We meet some in this story I've never encountered before.

Jestina Ridley is in London with her team to investigate deaths that are definitely of supernatural origin. She's been tracking these kind of cases for a while. When all of her team is killed by werewolves her boss McKay forms a new team she's not to comfortable with. It's composed of 3 werewolves and 2 humans. Jake Huang is the team leader, a former Navy Seal and cop who turned werewolf 4 years ago. The other two werewolves are Harley Grant, a female alpha and Caleb Lynch, a laid back omega. She doesn't know the differences between werewolves and having them on a team is unsettling. Human Forrest Albright looks like straight issue FBI and Mistal Swanson appears fully human but she is a technopath. She can infiltrate any tech and become one with the data. Their first op is to investigate Lord Arran Darby a former deep cover MI6 agent who is a rich jet setter who appears to have gone rogue. Jes quickly realizes not all werewolves are the same and that her team is a good fit. It was quite an adventure seeing these new team members use their gifts and learn to trust each other.

I voluntarily read and reviewed and advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is an amazing start to a new series!  Jake and Jes are a dynamic pair perfectly in sync with each other.  I thought this story was an interesting rollercoaster of action, suspense and romance.  If you love the SWAT series this is similar but very different, and I like that.  I am already so in love with this team and cannot wait for the next book!
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Jes wasn't sure how she felt about her new teammates.  She didn't know much about them or their kind and she believed that one of their kind had something to do with what happened to her previous teammates.  Jake knew there was something special about Jes from the moment he saw her picture but he didn't know how he was going to get her to trust him and the others in order for the team to work together to find the supernaturals kidnapping kids. This is a great start to the new series.
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My thoughts

Rating: 5

Would I recommended it> Yes. in fact I've already to some of my friends and others that are in a facebook group with me about this one and the other series that go with it.

Would I read more of this series? Yes

Would I read more by this author? yes

A great start to her series that links to her other S.W.A.T series and after reading this one I'm looking forward to more her books as well as more from this series, every time I pick one of this up there's new characters to meet and fall in love with, but I do have to say that it took me a while to like Jestina, it was how she acted towards Jake's and his team, but the more I read and saw her start to change how she acted and I started to like her, does that mean she became one my favorite characters no but nobody could make that list like Jake. With that said I want to thank the publishers for letting me read and review it as well as NetGalley .
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This is like Mission Impossible with shifters. Heavy on the action, light on everything else. Some implausible things happen, but they are still fun and the author did a good job of keeping the action exciting. Jestina, a human and a STAT agent, had her team torn apart by something vicious. Jake, a wolf shifter and a new member of STAT, has been tasked with leading the newly put together team that will help Jestina find out what in the heck is going on. There’s some missing kids they are trying to find, but that’s just a small part in something much bigger and more dangerous going on. I liked Jake; he’s a nice guy. Jestina starts off hard to like because she’s so rude, but she does get better. The connection between Jake and Jestina did have some passion and their personalities fit well together; there’s some super sweet moments too. The wolf shifter stuff was great; loved how fierce they are. I liked the idea of having a sort of misfits group coming together to form a new team; I especially liked Misty’s power, she can do some super cool psychic stuff with electronics.

Lots of entertaining action with plenty of interesting elements to keep you reading. Excited to read the next book in this series! I hope it’s the omega wolf finding his mate; he really needs that type of connection to help keep his wolf in check, should be an awesome read!
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