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As always, loved the world building and use of language. Cordova's work is fun, imaginative, and addicting.
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I enjoyed this whole series and I really hope that the author writes another! I would love to see a Lin adventure next! I also need to know what happened to Nova! I feel like the story isn't over and I need answers! I think that the author did a good job of weaving elements from all three books together to form a cohesive plot. I really like the non-binary rep we got to see with Lin. I did find myself in a bit of a slump in the middle of the book and not being drawn to continuing. I forced myself to read a little here and there and eventually things picked back up again. I think it was the introduction of all the new characters and a new realm and not enough of the original characters to keep my attention. Even Rose felt like someone completely different for awhile (which I get was an effect of the realm and her character growth) and that threw off my interest for a bit. I'm glad I stuck with it though but now I feel like I need more answers and really hope there is a 4th book in the works.
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Wayward witch was a breath of fresh air when it came to witches and brujas. I adore that this shows latinx witches and magic and family relationships. Cordova does a fantastic job of the characters and making them deep and complex.
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First of all, can I just talk abut how stunning this cover is? So stunning and minimalistic, color palate is top tier. I love the way the author develops familial relations, as well as weaves characters that rep LGBT, I love to see young adult stories surround diverse voices, something we need in today's literature. The Latinx culture, as well as magic was so well developed!
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Loved this story, didn't even realize it was book 3 in a series at first so it kept me from getting lost which was nice! Going to find the rest asap
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Ah! What a fantastic addition to the series! It's always refreshing to read a series so full of diverse and underrepresented characters. Being thrusted back into the fairy world in this installment was a change of pace and a welcome home, both in beauty and sinister undertones. Rose discovers that someone dear to her has lied to her, and the secrets hold more than anyone believed. 

I highly recommend this entire series to anyone who loves witchy reads!
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I loved this series and this was a great book in the series.  I don't want to call it the end because the way it is written there could certainly be a 4th or 5th book.
Just like the others in this series, the magic system and world building are fantastic.  The characters are dynamic and intriguing.  Just an excellent series.
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A SOLID end to this series. Cordova's writing is always so engaging and focused. There was a clear arc of character development and there was just so much NEW and DIVERSE in this series. An excellent end to an enchanting and exciting journey.
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*Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for review, all opinions are my own*

I know I late to review this book, but better late than never hahaha

I always had the feeling that out of the three books in the series this would be the one I would like the most.
And I was right, even giving the same rating as the second book I like this one a little more.
I didn't know what to expect from this story, other than knowing that we would be accompanying Rose, but I loved this book.
I loved how the author introduced us to a new world and new characters in such a wonderful way, that you become completely attached to the characters.
I loved the diversity this book brings in many areas.
But I admit that when I realized that this book wasn't going to have a romance I was kind of on the back foot but I still loved the book.
This is a story about family, power, and finding yourself.
I highly recommend this trilogy because in my view it only gets better with each book!
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Something I will say, Cordova does an amazing job delivering solid stories!

I loved the world building, the character development, the overall story.

Rose must find her power and figure out who she is.  

It's a fast paced story that brings hope and....wait for it...body positivity!  In a world where a lot of books, especially YA books have almost no body positivity this is amazing and I loved it.  

I can't wait to see what Cordova brings next!!
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The third book of the Brooklyn Brujas, covering the final sister in the family. I've really admired how Cordova was able to weave her culture throughout this modern fantasy world and keep the voices so distinctly different for each sister.
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This book was a great way to bring the story to a perfect close. It tied up most of the loose ends and brought together a family while highlighting the importance of acceptance, representation, and love. Perfect for anyone who looking for 
a fantasy witch series, Latinx books, dark fairy tales, young adult fantasy or books about sisters.
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Witches, the fae realm, and a curse that can destroy the world.

Rose is preparing to celebrate her Deathday and she can't wait for the day to pass. After finding out her powers are nothing normal, she is looking forward to some kind of normalcy in the world. However, when a spell goes wrong, Rose and her father get whisked away to the Kingdom of Adas and thrown into a battle against a powerful curse. With the help of wary allies, Rose must health the land and forgive her father in order to return to her family. 

Rose's story is as exciting as her sisters with more fae lore added to the story. The buildup to the description of the Deathday celebration happens quickly. Readers are quickly drawn into Rose's complications as the dutiful daughter and a unique witch. The plot has a quick pace with a ton of action and minor arcs within the story. Her interaction with other characters is insightful and meaningful. Her perspective on her sister's past actions will delight readers and draw them further into the Mortiz family. 

This story is full of mystery, action, a little romance, and many revealed secrets. Readers will enjoy the new landscape to an exciting story!
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Wonderful book filled with lots of representation.  Hooray!  We get to see various body types, people of all colors and preferences.  I love books set in lands I just don't much about, and this one was fun.  A wonderful series by a talented author.
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I have loved every book in this series so far and this third installment is no exception. Focusing on Rose, the youngest of the Mortiz sisters, we follow her on a mission to save the fairy realm of Adas, while trying to find out her father's secrets in the process. I really enjoyed returning to the fairy realm and Rose is a great protagonist to follow along with. Zoraida Cordova has such great grasp of character, and the Mortiz sisters are all so well defined, each having their own personality traits but retaining an essential family similarity. I thought that the expansion of the myths surrounding Adas and its relation to the Mortiz family were very interesting and there is still so much to explore in this world that I am hopeful for further installments. Please, please, give us a book about Nova!
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I love this book and am hoping so much for a spin off for Nova! It was so amazing and I hate that it is finished
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I had to remind myself throughout the book that Rose is supposed to be sixteen and is lead more by emotions than critical thinking. Which just makes it funnier that she was chosen to help save a magical island.
I had several questions running through my head the entire time: why was Rose chosen for the quest instead of Alex? Or both? Why does Rose’s personality seem so different from the other books? What is this stupid romance when Rose has way more chemistry with his sister instead?
A whole new band of characters were introduced and I’d love to hear more about them.That’s another problem with this series: you finally get to really know characters, get invested in their story, and then oop! No, we’re talking about entirely new people this time!
So, as a stand-alone book: I enjoyed Wayward Witches. As part three in a series: there was such a great setup for an exciting story following Bruja Born with the hunters and exploring the story’s universe. But now, we’re in a different realm. This whole series just felt disjointed, even though it’s about the same family.

Audiobook Review: I listened to the whole trilogy as audiobooks. I was disappointed to see Wayward Witch is narrated by the same person who did the first book. She does a good job, but there’s just something about the tone she uses for the sisters - They all sound like whiny brats, making it hard to root for them. I think that might be part of why I enjoyed Bruja Born the best – a different narrator.
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Wayward Witch is the third in Zoraida Cordova's Brooklyn Bruja series. In this book, she expands on the Moritz's family and the relationship between Rose and her father. The book begins at Rose's Deathday celebration, to celebrate her unique powers as she embraces her life as a bruja. By the end of the celebration, however, Rose and her father have been taken through a portal to the Kingdom of Adas, where Rose discovers that her father hadn't lost his memory after all, and that lie shakes Rose's world. 

I loved this book for the worldbuilding and characters that Rose discovers in the Kingdom of Adas. Cordova builds lush settings for her characters to inhabit. She also does an excellent job creating a believable relationship between Rose and her father. The Kingdom of Adas always feels off, just as Rose experiences it. This book was a quick read for me, but thoroughly satisfying as a fan of the Brooklyn Brojas series. I love the body positivity in this book. I love how Rose feels conflicted about her magic and her destiny. I think this is an excellent third book in this series and beautifully builds upon the first two books. I love recommending this series to teens in my community because I know they'll love it as much as I do.
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3.5 stars. Unfortunately I don’t feel like I have much to say on this book since I read it while in a reading slump. I was immediately pulled into the story and super excited to see where it would go, but then I put it down and didn’t pick it back up until about a month later. By that time I had forgotten the details of what I had read and character names but I pushed through anyways. I did enjoy it but not as much as the second book. I liked the father-daughter dynamics, but was very not on board with the romance.
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