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Merged is a new novel by the author duo, who also happen to be husband and wife, Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl. Merged is about a futuristic world where scientists have discovered how to "merge" one consciousness with another. Mostly, they want to put brilliant individuals of various disciplines into 16 year olds (Nobels) with a proclivity for their topics of expertise. The merged consciousness will be able to communicate with their Nobel in their dreams. The Nobel would then continue the work left behind by the deceased genius.

Lake and Orfyn are two Nobels, Chemistry and Art respectively. They begin to notice that not everything is as it seems with the organization that has started this experiment. When other Nobels begin to suffer negative effects from the merged consciousness, they begin to investigate and unravel the plans of adults with far more power than they have.

I really enjoyed reading Merged, and I thought the plot was well conceived and well executed. Chapters are told from 3 different Nobels points of view, and then also from the Darwinians (the organization running the experiment). It was really interesting to be able to have the insider information provided by the Darwinian chapters, especially as it coincided with what the Nobels were experiencing.

My only critique is that I want MORE. No spoilers, but that ending doesn't seem to wrap up the book well, and I desperately want to know what happens to Lake, Orfyn, and Stryker after the fact. If you are interested in science fiction, definitely go check out Merged!
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Merged is an incredible story unlike anything I’ve ever read. I love how advanced it is in science. It makes you wonder if one day science will be this advanced to accomplish something like this. & would the repercussions be the same if not similar to those described in the book. I found myself unable to put this down keeping me awake all night to find out what would happen. I want to read more by this author because I found the writing to be beautiful and on point
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I think this will be an appealing, new type of science fiction book for those who like something new and different.

I received an advance reader copy for a fair review.
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This was unlike any book or concept I have read. I was all in for a new sci-fi style book so I jumped at the chance for this,
Merging minds with your mentor. This whole book and the concept behind it had my creeped out the entire time. From memory loss to new personalities merge into yourself, what will it make you become? How does it work? What path will it lead you down? Merging the mind of a dying person with a young person. Keeping their ideas or future discoveries alive in a new person to go on to do great things, good in theory maybe?
These seven teenagers gathered at Darwin Corp to be implanted with some of the greatest minds around. I mean it's run by a corporation and has so many moral concerns, what could go wrong? Will it be only things related to the company or will the actual gifted teens being implanted start to have changes of hearts? The book is complicated as we merge all these things together and a good look at the consequences of something like this. If you love YA sci fi fiction and thinking about what things are out there waiting to be tried, this book is for you.
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