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I wish I had a young child to try this one out on!  Lovely book. Sounds like it could work with the right kids!
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This is a very different book. It's more of an exercise book than a real story. 
Each page has a different 'exercise' to try (ie: breathing, stretching, etc.) that may help your child go to sleep. There are lyrical words to go with the soft, mostly blue tone illustrations. I could see this being a great tool for someone going through sleep training with the little one; or someone that wants to make a routine for bedtime and struggles to keep to it. Each page can be read one after another; or solo. So you can jump around the book at any given time. Or maybe do one page per night for however many pages there are. 
This is a hard book to review without actually trying out the exercises. Given I've not been sleeping well maybe I should try some of them! If they work for kiddos then they might work for adults too...? 
I definitely give this 5 stars for creativity and illustrations. The concept itself and if it works all that well is harder to judge. I am also not convinced there is anything 'new' to learn in here that those with kids who struggle to sleep haven't already tried before. It would make a very interesting book to gift to a new mom or someone whose little one is struggling to sleep. 

Please note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest and unbiased review.
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Stars before bedtime is all about the different constellations in the sky.  There are icons for exercises you can do for relaxation before bedtime throughout the book.  I found the stars and constellations in this book to be so cool, that while I was in Jamaica and out on the beach watching the Hanson concerts each night, I would try to see what constellations I could find.  I was able to spot Orion's belt on my own, but I also used the app "SkyView" to look for even more and was able to find my Zodiac constellation and many more.  If you have a child who is interested in the stars this may be a great book to use before bedtime and combined with the app may be a really cool "hands on" so to speak project for them!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review, I was not otherwise compensated.
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Stars Before Bedtime: A Mindful Fall-Asleep Book, written by Jessamy Hibberd and Claire Grace and illustrated by Hannah Tolson, is currently scheduled for release on March 3 2020. In this fast-paced world, relaxing and preparing for sleep can be difficult for children. This fact-filled book helps ease bedtime struggles with mindfulness, muscle relaxation, gentle yoga poses, visualization, and other exercises proven to help kids release stress and anxiety, clear their minds, get ready for bed, and fall asleep faster. With gentle, calming artwork and simple, melodic text, children explore the sky’s constellations and the mythical stories behind them as they get their minds and bodies ready for bed. Each exercise, called out by a moon symbol, is simple and easy to do. The pages are self-contained so you can start anywhere and complete as many, or as few, exercises as you like. Tips on mindfulness and extra resources for parents are included at the back of the book. Stargazers of all ages will love this journey through constellations.

Stars Before Bedtime: A Mindful Fall-Asleep Book is a interesting book, and a good tool for caregivers that are trying to encourage mindfulness at bedtime. I like that the pages include information about astronomy, particularly constellation, offering up facts and legends about the stars alongside yoga poses, breathing exercises, and other relaxation techniques. The illustrations were soothing, in calming blues and indistinct details. I did like that each page could be read independently, so a family could concentrate on one page, one exercise, a night or more. I also like the information at the back of the book for the adults. I think the book offers up exactly what it promises, and will please those that are looking for it.
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My little boy is a budding astronomer and he loved this! Such a cute book to read with your little ones. The relaxation exercises were met with mixed response. Some worked well and others just ended in fits of giggles - either outcome was great fun though and I would recommend this book for a night time read.
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This book is so cute!!! The illustrations are very nice, but the best part is the exercises suggested in the book, such as "close your eyes and picture a ship in your head," and "make your body look like a horse." All the exercises are associated with fun facts and stories, leading kids to follow exercises that sounds fun (but are actually more soothing and calming), and that's actually a very nice idea. However I do find the book a little bit too short, there are only like, eleven exercises? It would probably be more worth buying if there are about 20 to 30 exercises, in my opinion.
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*received for free from netgalley for honest* This is a really cute book and would be a great addition to bedtime routine for sure! not just for little kids either!
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This is a lovely little, book designed to be read before bedtime. Each page has a little bit about a constellation, it’s story and then an activity such as imagine you’re a powerful archer like Sagittarius before a few sentences about relaxing. The pictures are pretty. I would recommend this for young children.
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This book is geared towards much younger children and can be a very relaxing experience when reading children to sleep.
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This book is geared towards three-to-six year olds and the adult who reads them a bedtime story.  The author notes that, in the age of screens, it is more difficult for children to relax and get ready to go to sleep.  One possible solution is to look at this book with a child once they are ready for bed.

Using stories and imagery from the constellations and mythology, a number of short tales are told.  Alongside these are stretches, breathing exercises and other mindfulness activities to help a child become ready for sleep.

The author wisely suggests reading in any order and trying out activities even if you are not certain that your little one will engage.  To me, it seems worth the effort.

Many thanks to NetGalley  and the publisher for this for this beautifully illustrated title in exchange for an honest review.
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Sleeping can be difficult pursuit for kids in the age of distractions.
Reading to them is one of ways to help them sleep.
Books act as stimulants and hypnotics both.
This book tells little tales about stars and constellations.
And it helps kids to get familiar with things in sky and help in sleeping by staring on stars and night sky.
Artwork is good , not exceptional.
Star constellations and their names can be difficult to figure out for kids, but stories attached to them are interesting.
I like variety of books by Quarto publishers.
Every book is pleasantly different.
Thanks netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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What a fantastic way to engage kids (and their adults) in some relaxation exercises! I really enjoy the explanations of what the constellations are, and how the exercises AND information are woven into this (and my 7 year old also loved it).

The illustrations are beautiful, as well. I really feel like they match the overall tone of the book, with a style of art that feels relaxing to look at.
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This a wonderful book, perfect for children and there are many teens and adults who could benefit from it too! I loved how calming and relaxing it was. It focused on mindfulness to help them sleep, while also giving interesting background information about the night sky. I really enjoyed this book!
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My daughter loved this book. This was a great way for her to calm down and get ready to go to sleep. Would definitely recommend!
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Thank you NetGalley and Wide Eyed Editions for the electronic advanced copy for me to read and review.

tars Before Bedtime has amazing artwork.  It shows the stars that make up a constellation and an image of what it is to be.  I wish the pictures would help the child to be able to look at the sky and be able to find the constellation.  More children, and even adults, should look toward the sky.

To me the best part of the book, and most relatable part of the book was the calming exercises.  I think these would be the most used part of the book by me.  

The wording of the book seems very advanced to me, and would really only be comfortable to children that are stargazers already, that want to learn more about the stars.

3 out of 5
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I received a free digital review copy through NetGalley. This is a very niche book with a combination of yoga, bedtime, and constellations. It's good for kids who would enjoy those subjects and need help winding down at night.
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Without having a youngster to test this out on as an experiment, all I can do is report that this is a mix of stories from Greek myth – the ones relevant to a few of the more common stellar constellations – with what are kind of linked mindfulness and yoga-for-beginners exercises to guide the young to sleep.  So you have to hope that the child is OK with a constellation on the page, as opposed to putting six layers on and going outside only to find the street lights too bright to see any stars, and then engage with the breathing, posture or thought processes outlined on each page.  You do get a spread – so you can either do a couple each night for variety, or spend a fortnight trying them all to discover the knock-out punch that sends the intended audience to the Land of Nod.  I do think this might work – although you have to hope for a lack of inquisitiveness, both in seeing the astronomy in real life, and in working out what junkified hippie Greeks actually thought two stars together in a line actually meant a cosmic fox, and so on.
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Thank you netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

This book is so awesome. A mindful meditative, learning about astronomy, while practicing breathing book that I am so in love with.

The images are beautiful. While being a more subdued book it was still fun to read with my son.

This book helps to create a calm bedtime routine that encourages healthy bodies and minds. I don’t want this book, I NEED it!!
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Simple to follow and easy to browse, this book offers an interesting way to teach kids a little bit about astronomy, mythology, and meditative practices that even adults can learn from.
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Sleep is so important for everyone, especially youngsters.  It can be a stressful time with children conjuring up all ways to avoid it.  This book will be a godsend for parents as well as children.  It provides a calm and soothing routine to prepare for nighttime.   
The authors combined breathing and exercise routines while also learning about astronomy, constellations and mythology.  What a fascinating combination!  The breathing exercises are not only relaxing but fun at the same time.   I especially liked the references to mythology which is so intriguing to young minds and the star configurations that are drawn.  This book will help to make the prep for bedtime so enjoyable!
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