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I am so a believer! My first and oldest cat died last year. Before he passed I told him to come back to me, to look for me, and I would look for him. Well, as fate would have it, a friend's cat had kittens. The one that came to me was, I am sure, my old cat! Looks much like him, same mannerisms, I swear our beloved pets return to us time and again. I loved this book, not so much because the information was new to me, but because I think it will comfort and give hope to others!
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I am so thankful for this book to come into my life. Thank you to the author Tammy Bilups and to the publisher for allowing me to review this outstanding book . I was so touched by it that I often needed to contemplate what I was reading before returning to it to continue each section. This is a book that searches your soul and your relationship with your animal companions.   You will be in tears in part and astounded at how this book opens your mind and your heart to understand our animals. 

As you read this book it touches you in profound ways and is quite enlightening.  You will find yourself searching your soul and past relationships with your pets especially during their end of life.  I have been through so many horrific euthanasia's that I was interested to read this part of the book.  My cat of 19 years passed recently and it took three euthanasia shots to kill her as she did not want to leave me.  To say it was devastating does not begin to describe that feeling.  That experience left me with unanswered soul searching questions that the author has answered here for me and brought me closure. So the author brought  me a lot of comfort here and I am grateful for that. 

This is a remarkable. body of work for everyone that loves their animals and has been loved by an animal.  I found this book as one who has had animals all my life and experienced as such much sorrow as well as unending joy of my animal companions.  I highly recommend this book for all who have loved animals and continue to love the animals  in our lives. 

 Tammy' guides us to open our hearts, to embrace them as  the special beings they are both emotional and spiritually.    She writes of how  our animals mirroring our own emotional wounds and appear in our our lives for a reason. I have experienced this with most of my animals that came into my life.  She teaches us to live in  peace with our best friends and to recognize their passing as a spiritual part of their lives and embrace the passing as part of their unique gift to us. Its such a beautiful  profound teaching and I have so much gratitude for this book and for the author. Thank you with gratitude to the publisher. Thank you Tammy .  I  very highly recommend this book . Cross posted review upon publication.
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A lovely book about the connection between our soul and our animal companions, and how we’ve agreed to a contract that helps us along the way to being better sentient beings. The book is easy to read and the stories about being connected to our animal friends are easy to comprehend and believe in but also helps us see what we are working on.
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This was not what I was expecting after reading the blurb. I tried to keep an open mind most of the time but found myself eye rolling or even laughing a few times. I’m ashamed of this but her wording just came off so new age “woo woo” a couple times. I picked this up because of a strong connection I’ve felt with my animals over the years my last one was exceptionally close. The author state that she can communicate with animals, okay, but the way she describes it was so hooky to me. There was talk of seeing angels, lights, visions of past life experiences from the animals. It could be real, I’m not all knowing but her wording was cheesy making it sounds ridiculous to me. 
her whole belief is that we develop a soul contract with our animals in past lives to connect and work on issues we both have, abuse, fear, introversion, abandonment etc. That when those issues are fixed the animal will move on, aka die and move on to another life where we will meet again. Reincarnation with a soul contract  ?
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My feelings on this book are mixed. It was easy to read and fairly enjoyable, yet their were components that irked me. 

With a lifetime of animal relationships, and over twenty years of working in veterinary medicine under my belt, many of the philosophies the author presents were not new to me. I have always believed animals find us, not the other way around. I've experienced and witnessed the divine relationship between humans and animals. I like how the author gives examples and encourages the reader to explore their own emotions and connections to animals. 

What I didn't like was how the information in this book is presented as facts yet it is strictly based on the author's experience. She calls upon her own experiences and those of her clients only. There are no outside anecdotes, quotes, or other information besides the authors. Sure there are her clients, but those are HER clients. Everything in this book is framed through only the author's perspective yet it is presented as if it is a known truth. 

The writing is straight forward, the author is good at explaining things. Though at times it felt redundant and overall the book was longer than it needed to be. I also know, from my veterinary knowledge, that there can be medical explanations for some of the behaviors pets exhibit. She only mentions that once, and it should have been emphasized elsewhere. 

I highly recommend this book for animal lovers looking to explore their experiences ad deepen their relationships with animals.
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I was so moved and inspired by the author and her work, I immediately read her previous book and am attempting to book a session with her.  Her premise is that some people find that the being who understands them most and best is a companion animal. And sometimes our companion animals mirror our physical and emotional achilles heels.. Often we can't say whether it is the animal's own, or whether they are trying to "take our pain" for us. She describes the myriad ways animals and people make soul contracts to come together and work through karma together in multiple lifetimes. Very informative and empathetic. Highly  recommended!!
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