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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* Really cute little book, really love the art work, just so cute
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The illustrations are THE cutest!

I've never been a huge fan of wordless baby books. They can be kinda boring to read, however, this one is so adorable, the lack of words is forgiven. To be fair, I've yet to see how my baby (or any baby) reacts to the story and how well just the pictures go over, but I'm very interested to see!

If I had a complaint, it would be that this is too short!
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Gorgeous drawings of an expressive child. Feels incomplete or just a bit too short. Good for parents who want to start an important conversation with their preschooler, but not great on its own.
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Very cute, but hoped for a few more pages/stages. I'm in my second trimester, and my little guys thought it was pretty cool to see a mommy in a book with a belly like mine.
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This is a picture book without words. The illustrations show the coming of a new baby into the house. It's well drawn and will appeal to younger children, I'd say around toddler age, and you can use your own words to help them understand what's going to happen then leave them with the book to look through the pictures and absorb what's happening. 

At first I was a bit taken aback by the concept of a book without words, but I think in this setting it works extremely well. The age range it's targeting is not an age range that can read anyway, and it's not telling a story with words, but still conveying an experience with art in a very simple way for young children to understand.
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Precious little wordless board book about a big brother to be.  The pictures do an awesome job of conveying the wonder and joys of a new pregnancy and becoming a big brother.  The illustrations are bright and colorful. This book is bound to delight its toddler  " readers".

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
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An adorable book for a toddler who will be getting a new sibling.  It is absolutely adorable.

There are no words in this book and they are not needed.  It has the cutest illustrations about a boy who watches his mother’s belly grow.  He even puts a balloon under his shirt so he has a baby belly too.  When his brother is born, he gives him a ride in his wagon.

This book made me happy.  Every page conveys love – for the boy, his mother and the new baby.  The characters are perfect and the colors a wonderful blend.  I cannot convey how enjoyable this book is.  I will give it to all my friends expecting their second (or subsequent) child.

I received an ARC from Magination Press through NetGalley.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.  I am voluntarily submitting this review and am under no obligation to do so.
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Baby Belly is a unique and precious book without words. It artfully tells the story of becoming a big brother through beautifully crafted pictures. There is room for the reader or viewer (toddler and parents) to come up with their own story and words. The detailed pictures give the reader the opportunity to take their own storytelling in many directions. I found it very beautiful and age appropriate for the target audience. 

This would be a great book for expecting mothers and fathers to read with their little ones, but also for all young children to understand changes in family dynamics and how it's normal to maybe feel different things - excitement, jealousy, etc. This could spark a great dialogue between children and their parents about feelings. 

My one criticism would be that I think there needed to be two extra pictures between when the baby is born and when the last page photo exists. It felt a bit sudden and I can imagine the little ones taking this in need a bit more reassurance of the bond that is to come between siblings.
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A silent book with cute illustrations that can help whilst talking about the arrival of a new baby. 
In this story we follow a little boy who watches his mom’s belly becoming rounder and rounder and gets prepared to meet his little brother. It is ideal for explaining gently the good news, with our own words, using pictures as a support!
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This is an adorable picture book that shows having a baby from a first child's point of view. This book has no words, but the illustrations perfectly follow a little boy's journey and curiosity that come with having a baby brother.
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This is a wordless board book. The main character is a toddler who is white with blonde hair. The mother is also white with blonde hair. We do not see any other characters. We see the mother's belly start to grow throughout the short book, which prompts the toddler to stuff a balloon under their shirt. This is a typical response of children to show being pregnant, although the age of the child in this book seems like they're too young to think of that themself. In one spread we see the toddler in bed giving a suspicious side eye to a crib in their room. Then there is a baby in the crib and the toddler has lifter the shirt of the mother exposing a flat stomach. At the end of the book we see the toddler and baby playing. This is cute but there's just not a lot of substance to it. I like a wordless book that lends itself to many re-reads and I don't think this one does.
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It's really beautiful how this picture book is just that - a book with only pictures and no words, and it still succeeds in telling us a beatiful family story. This book could be great for children under a year, but also for toddlers and older children if you need to tell them you are having a new baby in the family.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I love this cute little picture book about a little boy trying to figure out why his mother's stomach is getting bigger and about changes happening.
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This book contains an overload of cuteness in it.  It is so sweet and begs to be shared with wee siblings that are soon to become a big brother or sister. 

It is from the series "Get Ready Board Books" and is a Spanish import.  

"Baby Belly" is a wordless short book that highlights the observations of an adorable, curious little boy who watches his mommy's tummy get bigger and bigger and bigger as the baby inside of her grows and grows and grows.  He's not quite sure what is causing the expansion.... maybe she has a balloon tucked in there?  The book is lovely because it gives a chance for a child and his mother ( and the other members of the family) to exchange what is truly happening inside of her.  There are many opportunities for questions and understanding of this magical event that will be exciting to all when the new baby finally arrives in their home. 

The illustrations are truly wonderful. Inspiring the "lookers" and "page-turner" to give a voice to them.  I would suggest that this book would be a perfect gift to pass on to a family who is awaiting the birth of a brand new baby.  Storywraps highly recommends this book!
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This was adorable. The lack of words fit perfectly with the curiosity of the toddler. This nine month journey was shown quickly and adorably. I loved the look on the toddlers face while they watched the baby bump grow and disappear.
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This is a very cute, short, wordless book. It features a child and a mother's growing "baby belly" - a child could tell the story using the pictures, or an adult could tell the story to the child. It could very easily be used to discuss a coming younger sibling, and the emotions that come with that.
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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A wordless picture book that is a great book to read with young one going to become a new brother or sister. The pictures are simple yet you can explore each page and the emotions the introduction of a new family member each evoke. Curiosity, jealously, discovery, happiness and joy. A wonderful quick read that has layers of exploration.
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I requested an advanced reading copy from NetGalley.

I loved the fact that this book is only illustrations and that the author did this on purpose so that you and your child could create your own story about the baby belly. My favourite illustration is the one on the cover, it is so cute.

I love giving books as present and this will be the book I choose, for anyone I know having a second child.

#BabyBelly #NetGalley
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I am a new mommy, so this cute little book grabbed my attention right away when I saw it on Netgalley. I loved watching the story unfold and found myself to giggle at the little boy's curiosity. I will definitely be keeping this book in mind for the future when my husband and I manage to grow another little miracle.
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It is a cute little silent story.
It shows curious young boy who watches her mother's belly increasing in size.
And he has no idea why this is happening.
It is a caption free story.
Even my 6 years old son, could easily understand it.
Illustrations are marvellous, cute and all depicting.
A good graphic book for little kids.
Art is the soul and strength of the book and it stands firm without support of captions.
Thanks netgalley and publisher for review copy.
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